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Theta HealingĀ® Advanced DNA Online Workshop, From: 2021-04-09 To: 2021-04-12, 2pm to 6.30 pm, Bengaluru (Bangalore)

English, Hindi

Theta Healing


Cost : INR 29400

Theta Healing ® Advanced DNA 


Amazing course for those who want to learn advanced Theta healing techniques. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to raise kundalini, awareness, psychic senses, work on their blocks as a healer, get rid of negative repetitive patterns and get empowered to live a life in alignment with their soul desires. The course will help you raise your intuitive abilities further and empower you with a wide range of tools to assist you in your healing work.


What is covered in this course amongst others:


?? Review of Basic DNA and belief work

?? Learn how to identify causes of diseases and other problems and release them easily via detailed belief work

?? Repairing a broken soul (trauma and chronic diseases work)

?? Space clearing n healing of houses/ offices

?? Learning to communicate with nature

?? Learning how you can work with different planes of existence

?? Working on rejection, resentment and regret to clear up negative emotions

?? Working with crystals

?? Identifying Portals and Vortices and how to deal with them

?? Connecting and communicating with Ancestors

?? Learning how to clear negative beliefs, vows, curses and commitments from past lives or from ancestors

?? Clearing free floating memories

?? Womb healing

?? Making non organic material like cars, electronics, books, furniture work for you by programming them with intent 

?? Talking to your higher self / higher self of others to receive messages and heal people who are unable to speak/ in coma etc

?? Receiving 100s of downloads everyday to aid in your ascension


Online on Zoom from 9-12 March

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA


Connect on: +91 9663381043/ for clarity call and details



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Bangalore East

Who should attend

Anyone who has done Basic DNA Course and wants to increase their knowledge and ability as a healer

Event Benefits

Deeper Belief Work, Extra tools and techniques to aid your healing work, Ascension, Knowledge, 

Pre-requisites to attending

Basic DNA Practitioner

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

I'm Sunainaa, an intuitive and transformational soul healer and coach. I empower my clients to awaken their dormant powers and embrace their brilliance through love, healing, intuitive wisdom,

Material to be brought by attendees

Book, pen, paper, stable internet connection