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Tarot Card Reading, From: 2021-04-16 To: 2021-04-19, 3pm to 5pm,

English, Hindi

Tarot Cards,Tarot Healer


Cost : INR 9600

Tarot Card Reading is very easy to learn and use tool that can make your life simpler and easier. It eases the process of taking decisions and helps improve our life in several ways.


Online Tarot Card Reading workshop is happening from 16-19 April. This comprehensive course will empower you to become a skilled tarot card reader. 


1. In depth meaning of Cards and How to do reading 2. Numerology and Tarot Cards  3. Astrology and Tarot Cards 4. Timing of events 5. Remedies 6. Tarot Healing 7. 20+spreads 8. How to develop intuition 9. Shielding and cord cutting 10. Elements and Tarot 11. Tarot Spells 12. Kundali reading with Tarot 13. Attunement 14. How to handle various kinds of reading 15. Professional Tarot Card Reading 16. Connect with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

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Who should attend

Anyone who wants to be able to interpret Tarot Cards and do readings successfully

Event Benefits

1. Better Decisions and Choices 2. Improve your life 3. Gain clarity and awareness 4. Find your purpose 5. Help Others 6. Connect with your spirit guides and Guardian Angels 7. Develop a source of income by doing professional readings



Pre-requisites to attending


Terms and Conditions


8 hours learning plus 2 hour practice sessions

About the Organiser

I'm Sunainaa, an intuitive and transformational soul healer and coach. I empower my clients to awaken their dormant powers and embrace their brilliance through love, healing, intuitive wisdom,

Material to be brought by attendees

Rider Waite Tarot Deck