Sunaina Agrawal


Ascension with Oracle Cards, From: 2021-05-08 To: 2021-05-09, 2pm to 5pm,

English, Hindi

Oracle Card Reading,Angel Healing


Cost : INR 5100

Ascension with Oracle Cards


A beautiful workshop channelled by me where you learn how to ascend higher on your spiritual journey, do readings, conduct healings, meditations and manifestations all using a deck of Oracle/ Angel Cards. 


Join me on this transformational two-day journey! 


Course inclusions:

All about Oracle Cards, how to do professional readings and channel messages through the cards, enhancing your Spirituality and Ascension process, conducting meditations and healings using the cards, various kinds of healing techniques using the cards, using crystals with the cards, manifesting wishes using the oracle cards, preparing a health guide for yourself and others using Oracle Cards, chakra healing, crystal healing, astrological healing, relationship healing and a lot more!


Inclusions: Class experience on zoom, class recordings, certification and WhatsApp Support Group.


3 hour classes of 2 days each (8 and 9 May) on Zoom. Energy Exchange: Rs 5100/ USD 78 


Clarity call and other details: +91 96633 81043



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Who should attend

1. If you're attracted to Tarot, Astrology, Angel Cards 

2. If angels attract you.  

3. You want to learn healing in a fun and easy way

4. You want to receive divine guidance and messages for your daily upliftment

5. You want to raise your Spirituality

6. You want to move from negativity to positivity














Event Benefits

Inner sense of peace, fulfillment, upliftment, happiness. Raises intuition and Spirituality. Inner and outer healing

Pre-requisites to attending


Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

I'm Sunainaa, an intuitive and transformational soul healer and coach. I empower my clients to awaken their dormant powers and embrace their brilliance through love, healing, intuitive wisdom,

Material to be brought by attendees

Get your own deck of Angel cards or Oracle Cards, notebook and pen