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Shilpa Menon

My name is Shilpa. I happened on Earth in the month of May in 1987. My whole childhood has been a 'beautiful' experience of sexual and emotional abuse, separation, rejection, loneliness, multiple love affairs, contraction of sexual dis-ease and immense psychological pain. Beautiful because it all makes sense 'now' even though it didn't make any sense then. And I am in love with my life fully for I love what I have been chosen to do on 'Earth' and for its people. 

I am a Channel, Empath and an Intuitive Energy Feeler. And now an Emotional Intelligence Coach too. For I love passing on to the 'learners' what I have learnt via experiencing life on a much deeper level than a lot many others who exist on or live at.

My gifts of feeling deeply allow me to read a person's emotional energy and state of mind they are in that moment to give them a guided access to correcting the negative 'thoughts' that arise within them, making what they really are seeking (goals) easier to get or reach. 

'Thoughts' is how our creation begins and thoughts are nothing but our spoken 'WORDS'. So the whole power of creation lies in our 'WORDS'. Yet we are hardly aware of this on actual grounds or in hard core reality. That's why 'affirmations' work. 

The day I said 'I AM' I became whatever followed that 'I AM'. Whether my name, my roles, my personality. So did for you. 

So my whole 'work' is related to :

1) Teaching, guiding or Coaching a person to transforming their own thoughts to produce results like never before. 

2) Helping them break destructive habits or addiction ruining their life for addiction is nothing but a pattern of specific thoughts running constantly in mind on a loop. 

3) Understanding the root of their own behavior and the actions they choose to take. 

4) Helping them 'find' their own answers to the questions they have asked for a long time. 

5) Create tonnes of mental peace, love, energy, money, joy and various other qualities required to live in peace, fulfillment and satisfaction within their own heart. 

6) Getting free from physical dis-eases of kind related to deep emotional issues like cancers, arthritis, joint pains, muscle pains, chronic aches, digestion etc. 

7) Getting over differences with their parents, spouse, children, friends and people they love.

8) Finding the Ability to powerfully deal with pressures, demands, choices which seem distressing and highly confusing. 

And a lot more can be created as we are limitless. 

'I' value authenticity, honesty, commitment, kindness and compassion in my clients and people around me. I choose not to work with people who are unwilling to pay for beautifying their own life, tell the truth, be open to love and acceptance by people or are simply disinterested to change or believe in other people needing to change in order to live their own life happily no matter how much they are ready to pay me. For I value my work and what it can do for you and it has no value if it can't help produce good positive results. 

People who believe in blaming others for their own emotions and life experiences can never produce good favorable results. Hence are not eligible for working with me at all. So pls don't get in touch with me for your life. 

I do God's work and he is the only one 'I' choose to listen to. Rest is just fluff and unimportant for me. 


Licensed and certified Life Transformation Coach

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31 Jul 19

Nazreen Vakharia

Dear Shilpa,

A huge, heartfelt thank you for walking me to a new level of self-awareness. I now understand the transformational effect of acknowledging sub-conscious and conscious shame and guilt and releasing these emotions. Thank you for helping me start my journey of healing relationships and practicing authenticity in all that I do. I feel different – lighter, free-er, more powerful.  Love and God-bless!



06 May 19

Meher P. Pavri

Shilpa, thank u very much. I wrote yr name as Sheela by mistake. I'm so sorry

06 May 19

Meher P Pavri

It was a very good con we had with Sheela today on the whtsapp group on Mystic Lotus today. She gv a very good insight to us on desire and manifestation. ????

Thank u Sheela. Looking fwd to many such insights

24 Dec 18

Chhaya Bheda


God bless you. U are a kind soul. And Ur technique to make a person see their blocks, is really good. Thank you mystic lotus group for the opportunity to work with Shilpa, on my limiting belief . Very next day I had gone to a party, and I saw the shift in my being. Thank you very much 



21 Dec 18

Pravin Lalka

Shilpa ji,

I resonated with the subject,  but couldn't participate because of work load on the table. Though I peaked in between, I enjoyed the way you were explaining to the audience. 

Best of luck and blessings. 

21 Dec 18

Sandhya Nitin

I'm very grateful for the way Shilpa helped me get to the source of my worries and sort my feelings of anxiety and fear. The way she guides one to seek the truth for oneself is very insightful and intuitive. After the session, I feel truly free, as if some burden is not mine to carry anymore!!

20 Dec 18

Vanee Jaising

Extremely deep n insightful. Totally resonated with me. 

20 Dec 18

Vanee Jaising

Extremely deep n insightful. Totally resonated with me. 

19 Dec 18


Shilpa is awesome.

She chats/ talks to the person and makes him realize almost instantly,  the blocks from where the lack, pain or problem originates.

Super work.God bless you


18 Nov 18

Shridevi P

I would really like to thank Shilpa for helping me know my inner self .The shift in feelings and energy I experienced was immediate and amazing while I was discussing with her.I became more conscious of my thoughts and feelings.

01 Sep 18

Chhaya Bheda

Today I had the opportunity to talk to Shilpa. Not only was she committed to bring about a shift in my life. ..but also got me to be committed to my life. And I am ever so thankful for that push. The way she worked with me and the insight she had, provided a space for me to explore, (and lot of things did get revealed). Though I realise there is still a lot to be done.....the steps taken today were definitely a great start. And I will be working on the things that came up.

God bless you Shilpa. Keep up the good work. 

01 Sep 18

Smriti Bajaj

Shilpa knows how to get down to the root of all things....she is direct and to the point....she is simply great...thank you for the help.

31 Aug 18


What began as a casual conversation regarding work (about Mystic Lotus and what this platform has to offer) quickly turned to amazement at what Shilpa had to offer to people and as part of Team Mystic Lotus I got to witness that first hand on our Golden White Light Group. And thereafter I had the enormous privilege of getting her insights for me when we were again only  casually talking about something else altogether. My hats off to Shilpa for accepting she journeys each day for herself which allows her to be the person who can and does contribute to your life.

31 Aug 18

Manisha handa

I must say that shilpa is highly commendable in her shadow work and she has gain expertise in methods of self healing..she is doing a great great job and her efforts to remove the blocks and gives a great insight of using one's own intellect in order to reach the conclusions is far more than wholeheartedly blessings are with u for your credible work..Thanks a ton

30 Aug 18

Kanchan Bhambhani

So loved your ability to speak the truth and get the truth out .You speaking speaks volumes of your expertise 


30 Aug 18

Sheetal Patel

shilpa is really good with her shadow work ! She pins down core issues and even subtle blocks with so much ease of course due to her great expertise !!!! Real good work . 

30 Aug 18

Sangeet Babani

It was a bang on emotional baggage release with Shilpas help today ! A baggage which I have been carrying since childhood, a negative emotion of abandonment which I have been carrying ever since, which now I realise is the cause of my weight! After battling with Shilpa holding my front for 1 good hour she made me realise that - I WAS FIGHTING ME ! MY TRUE NATURE WAS LOVE ALONE! 

GOSH ! How liberated and light I feel now !




29 Aug 18

Annou Kryss Sharma

I was fortunate to work on a belief which I had been holding onto since my childhood. It was amazing to see Shilpa come to the core belief within few minutes of interaction.

Shilpa's approach is direct, simple but transforming. It made me realize that I was stuck since I held onto as my truth but there was another angle to it too... awareness of which has freed and liberated me. 

Thank you so much Shilpa for your wonderful facilitation. 

29 Aug 18


Am really amazed by the way you work and get people to the root cause in a matter of minutes. Really wonderful work, it displays your spiritual evolution. Just by being a mute spectator and by reading the posts on and off too learnt quite a few things to help me in my journey. Thank you, wish you the best and hope and pray that you reach as many people as possible.

29 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Bhavna for being bare yr soul. Thank u Shilpa for that amazing session. There is a Bhavna in me too. I could identify with her and her struggle so well. I was choking half d time. I would like to think The session was somehow for me too. Thank u both. Gods Grace and love to heal u Bhavna. And d rest of us.

Mystic lotus, u r d best.

Shilpa, I hope to be a better person now becoz of what u set me thinking from yesterday. God bless

28 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri

Today Shilpa taught me an invaluable lesson on taking my power back by not giving power to my fears. And also how not to reinforce d mistakes of d past. Thank u Shilpa, my work on self begins now

28 Aug 18


I observed the session in the ML group. U ask tough questions and smoke out the maybe responses. Perhaps suggest some ways for folks u are talking with to explore some aspects at home to close off the energy. 

28 Aug 18


Shilpa is a lovely person and also a great healer. She helped me uncover the deeply buried issues of my life that were causing me discomfort. The entire session with her was so smooth and comfortable, that sharing became very easy and in no time we were at the root cause of my weight issues. Will surely put her suggestions to practice right away!

27 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri


From the ML golden whitr light 2 group chat today


U affirm my belif that by saying 'trust inGod' is akin to escapism and avoiding tkg action. I believe God helps those who help themselves  .

I also liked d concept of identifying valid outcome' that helps 

I also like the 'when we r in alignment with the Universe time doent bother us 

I am going to ponder on all of the above.???????? Thanks Shilpa



27 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri


From the ML golden whitr light 2 group chat today


U affirm my belif that by saying 'trust inGod' is akin to escapism and avoiding tkg action. I believe God helps those who help themselves  .

I also liked d concept of identifying valid outcome' that helps 

I also like the 'when we r in alignment with the Universe time doent bother us 

I am going to ponder on all of the above.???????? Thanks Shilpa



27 Jul 18

Nandini Roy

Shilpa is an honest and a candid communicator.  She helped me gain an insight into my blocks. It was great speaking to her as it helped me to look through my illusions! 

09 Jul 18

Pratiksha khurana

I loved the talk i had with you... It was very motivational conversation...i really felt realxed and more confident and more positive...i am really grateful for that thank you

08 Jul 18

Sanjana Gupta

I had a short acquaintance with shilpa on phone few minutes she was able to take out my fears my hidden obstuctions and felt so relaxed ..She is magical ..I hope we will work together for a new me...

10 May 18


Thank you shipa ji as u guided me with truth when I needed most .I would love to seek your services in future as required .thank you for magical healing which happened in ur presence .u were gods medium for me .????

23 Apr 18


I was stuck in a rut & not making any progress, stunted. Shilpa reached out to me & offered guidance, allowing me to think my way through the process in order to find my own answers from within, helping me to recognize that I was blaming others instead of accepting responsibility for my own actions & the consequences of them.  Shilpa did this out of the goodness of her heart & for no other reason. I am very thankful for her help & direction as my life has began moving forward again because I’ve been able to forgive myself & not have false hope or resentment. Love & Light ???????

15 Apr 18


I met Shilpa through a Whatsapp spiritual group. I was excited when she offered an intuitive reading to few of us in the group. The biggest surprise was that she gave almost a precise reading by simply knowing my first name and also patiently guided me towards finding solution to the problem i was facing at that moment. She has great potential and im astounded by her intuitive powers. May the Almighty keep on blessing her in future too.

13 Apr 18

Sumathi Balakrishna

Thank you for sorting out my problems and Well visualized my problems and gave an solution to it which gave me a peaceful mind. 

13 Apr 18


It was a prompt reply on the questions asked.It was a great experience.

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Shilpa Menon 25 Apr 2018 01:37 PM

 Rightful Action - 'Dharma' 


There is nothing more important than 'Dharma' for a soul. 'Karma' is intention,  thoughts and actions. 'Dharma' is a notch higher, for it means 'rightful action'. There is no confusion in that regard. 


Now, 'rightful' doesn't mean 'righteous'. It's law based unlike righteous. It's born out of understanding of who you are in reality hence is full of clarity. And fetches far more severe consequences (karmic effects) than plain karma. 


For e.g. Kindness is our Dharma. It's inherent. Yet if you are not acting kindly out of ignorance or blindness of mind it doesn't mean you will be exempted from bearing the consequences of being unkind. 


Another example is let's say you need to give an exam. For getting good marks you need to study a lot and to pass you need to atleast study. But you had some pain and you didn't study at all and you gave the exam. Will you be exempted from failing because you had pain and didn't study? Either you should have studied despite the pain or you should have taken something for the pain and then studied. Just sitting and being in pain and then not studying too using pain as an excuse is not valid. 


But 'WE' all are in pain(mental/emotional) and don't do anything about it and are constantly using ignorance as an excuse to not face the consequences of our action/non action. This does not work. 

To be concise most of us are bearing consequences of ignoring our 'dharma'. Pain is a valid reason yet not good enough reason to behave in a 'Non-God' like manner. We are sparkles of him.  His nature is inherent. Yet due to being under the influence of illusion/matrix/Maya we are separated from our inherent nature. 


This veil of ignorance needs to be dissolved in order to live in bliss, which is again inherent in us due to God being bliss himself. This can be achieved to an extent by working with someone who has understood about who we are in reality or by process of going within by ourselves. And after that by the grace of the Master who has felt, seen and connected with God or in other words has achieved God as a constant source or become him. 


This is one reason why when I work with clients I help them go within and connect to their own self rather than set them right through various modalities. I prefer promoting self healing, development of intuition and connection and understanding of who we truly are rather than heal them to earn more money, or make them achieve goals related to better relationships through control, spells, reiki, affirmations etc. 


Anyone or any healing done that makes us more grounded in non reality or illusion and takes us further away from God or our real Father is not true healing and will fetch non preferred consequences for the one claiming to be a healer more than the one who came to him/her for healing. 


I just serve him for I know he is the only truth. And all my needs on this earth will be fulfilled through him. But pls be aware this path is not easy for this is a path of permanent everything that can't be bought by even the world's richest or even universe's richest.