Dimple Goutham

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9 Years

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Hindi, Tamil, English

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Monday to Sunday 10 am to 7pm 

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Dimple Goutham

Prana healthcare centre

Ayurveda and Panchakarma detoxification centre.

Prana Healthcare centre is a preventive and curative healthcare centre. We have a team of 5 Senior Ayurveda Doctors now, along with 4 Therapists from India and USA. The centre specialises in accurtae diagnosis, medication and disease cure. A patient can avail the benefit of 550+ Medicines from Vaidyaratnama Oushadhasala, our medical partner from Thrissur, Kerala. 

Diseases treated at the centre

Muscuoloskeletal disorders: Joint disorders, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Oseto-arthritis, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid-arthirtis, Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, Spondylytis, Slip disc, back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, sports injury, knee pain

Lifestyle disorders: Obesity, Blood pressure, Diabetes, Piles, Acidity, Ulcers, Anemia, gastric problems

Neruological disorders: Paralysis, facial palsy, multiple scelerosis, migraine 

Bronchial disorders: Asthma, Sinusitis, Allergies

Skin disorders: Psoriasis, eczema, rashes

Psychological disorders: Depression, stress, anxeity, insomnia, early symptoms of parkinson disease 

Gynaecological disorders or menstrual disorders, infertility issues 

Rejuvenation, Detoxification, Skincare and Haircare


All our Doctors are certified MD or BAMS, or BAM, or DAM

Our therapists are trained in Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments with a cumaltive of 140 years of experience. 

Our Medical partner - Founders of Vaidyaratnam ousdhadasala have received Padmashri and Padmavibhushan awards for their contribution to medical healtcare. The company has received multiple accolades from the Governemnt of Kerala and India.