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Chitra A

Chief Administrator at ShriTantra School of MahaShakti Vigyan

I am a post graduate (MSc. IT) and a certified Law of Attraction Trainer. I started my career as a management professional handling digital marketing and end to end operations and training for  leading mind power training companies. In the process I learned about my hidden passion for inspiring people to bring consciousness and awareness in all areas of their lives. I started helping people to reach their full potential by counseling them.

I specialise in one/one counseling helping people to solve any issues that are stopping them to lead a happy life.

I also conduct workshops on :-

       Attracting wealth and abundance

      Bring about a shift in frequencies

      Law of Attraction

      Life transformtion

      Angels - Our guardians

Always curious to know the science behind soul's journey, the divine source, vibrations and how they all affect human body, I am constantly digging deep into the world of meta physics.

Learning different healing modalities, face reading, writing blogs, counseling and training are few of of my other passions.

Joined ShriTantra School of MahaShakti Vigyan as a Chief Administrator,  as wanted to be a part of its pure and serene mission of spreading satvik knowledge of Tantra. Its a dream come true to be a part of such an esteemed organisation where all enlightened souls come together to extract the spiritual essence from India in its purest form and present it to the world. 

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Certified Law of Attraction Trainer


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27 Aug 18


Thank u Chitra for Helping me to Bring Clarity in a lot of my self created issues and Confusions. Her Voice Has a magic and speaking with her just Heals you.i don't even come to realise and the Burden is off My shoulder.. Her intuitions are Bang ON and the way she's taken me through the sessions has been amazing.. The issues which normally are carried guilt ,,blockages etc turn out into Nothing minutes we have Laughed away all of those tensions. ..She's a dear frIend  to me now and has been very supportive in shaping me up... She has a Pure heart. .Chitra is a positive helpful soul and she's full of life ..... She radiates the same to everyone who comes in contact with her.. .Thank u Chitra..

27 Aug 18

Dolly Sandhu

Thank you so much ,Chitra- I ‘m happy, I ‘m alive , I ‘m content and I know myself better. Your open heart, intuition and skills are all that made a difference in my life. When I first met Chitra for my depressive moods and mood swings, she had not only help me with these in one-on-one sessions but had also given me tools to work on myself at home too. I saw a significant change in how I felt and my issues just started diminishing away. I was so impressed by her amazing work that I have referred a number of my friends and  relatives to her since then. All had amazing feedback regarding her. Her USPs are good listening and deep understanding. One can really trust her with all her abilities. Chitra is one of the best energy healers who gets to the root of the problem and eradicates it completely. What could I have done without you. I have also attended her live and online workshops which made my journey with her all the more beautiful. I ‘m blessed and grateful to have found you. Thank you.