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11 Years

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, English

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1 am to 6 pm  Flexible 

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Fatema Zavery

My journey into Myself , started,around 2010,A process of  discoveing myself, was blessed to meet  many Mastersand teachers who  guided me, in to variouse modalities of healing. understanding My script, where I had created emotional blockages in my life, releasing them, I freed my self , into peace and love which is the essence of all human beings. 

I understand the pattern and where its coming from, able to help and release it through different technique.  

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Since 2013




certified The Journey practioner, EFT, NLP,Matrix reimprinting, 

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09 Sep 18


After healing with Fatema, my mummy's health is improving....she was able to walk at the hospital completely without any help (wheelchair). Also her weight has improved to 46.90 kgs. We will continue with the EFT / Journey sessions as Fatema feels right.

09 Sep 18


I was at my wits end as to how to get my husband the counselling help he needed he was severely depressed and not interested in anything refused to read or watch tv or even go out.  Granted that he had suffered serious health issues for a period of 7 years but now that his health had improved he was so pessimistic and depressed I was desperate to get him help. A friend then gave us the contact details for Fatima Zaveri and she was a Godsend. Fatima has been so patient and has helped my husband to such an extent that I can hardly believe this is the same person who was so utterly dejected and kept saying he was waiting only for death. He still has some way to go yet however had it not been for Fatima I really don’t believe he would have climbed out of that slough of despondency

08 Sep 18


The Journey I did with Fatema for parts integration was a powerful piece of work. I was in a difficult space, there was mental stress  and physical discomfort as well. I was torn between two Waring beliefs within me - one was the confident, self assured and competent part. The other the doubtful, critical and harsh voice. The work I did helped me acknowledge the two parts, accept that they both were a part of me and hold them together. I immediately felt at peace and the spilt within melted away.

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