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My healing journey began in 2013 when a bad bout of pneumonia followed by a long battle of suffering caused by Nacrotising Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) on her left hand. This included a  long hospital stay,  few surgeries and a left hand with barely any sensation, loss of muscles, nerves and tissues and a graft covering half her hand. It was a struggle to survive each moment.
In 2014 i came across an angel card reader and  along with the guidance of the reading i embarked upon a journey of self-healing slowly and steadily.There was no turning back.
Early 2015 i began my journey as an Angel Card Reader.  Guiding and helping people along the way. 2015 also marked the beginning of her Soul Communication Journey after learning how to do the Shamanic Journey. This started my communication with my own soul and the experience to be open to communicate and help other souls too, even the departed ones.
After experiencing life changing benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy I began my own journey to be a hypnotherapist in 2015. 
As all these modalities were helping me come out of everything that I was going through internally after the life threatening disease experience, yet there was a deep desire, almost a need to learn a healing which can be done by using hands. She chose to learn Vortex healing®.
2018, marked the year of learning level 1 & level 2 of vortex healing® which is foundational training and magical structures from Netherlands. Vortex brought in a major transformation again in life after both levels, and made me much more stronger & courageous to stand by my choices and decisions, taking full responsibility of both.
 To have a better understanding of human interaction I attended a Transactional Analysis  Workshop, which equipped me to gain a better perspective of the basics of communication and also the play of the underlying emotions involved.The year ended with learning a miraculously easy and fastest modality to help people clear their blocks - The B& C Mircale Method©
My journey of learning is on-going and ever-growing as the burning desire to help others who aren't being in their natural state of happiness and not living the life that all of us are meant to live.
My aim is to help a million people align with their true selves and heal themselves.
“The journey always starts with the first step of looking within, to create a change that one desires. Awaken within to see the change in you and around you. The way you are unique, everyone is unique; the way no one can change you, you cannot change anyone" my mantra has kept me steadfast and moving on my role as a Life Therapist.

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09 Jul 20

Babita Narayan

I had taken healings on all the four days for different issues from Komaljee  through mystic lotus and it was truly amazing.Thank you and Gratitude.

13 Apr 20


komal ji's session was magical - effortlessly Brushing away pain n exhaustion. 

25 Feb 20

Fatima Pattanayak

Komal through her healing helped with my knee pain. 

09 Jul 19

Neeru Sadh

The Healing of the past lives has brought the much required change in my marriage. I am happy to notice the small changes that started after the therapy. My husband has become more suppotive, caring and thoughtful. The relationship is becoming happier and harmonious. I feel happy and secure to see the changes.

Thank you Komal for the wonderful therapy.

09 Jul 19

Surili Gupta

Thank you so much for the session done for me! Your sessions helped me clear the blockages and release a lot. Future pacing helped to focus, plan and visualize my future. Ever since i got the sessions done, lots have opened up for me. My relationships have become more positive and contributing. I can also feel abundance in many ways inspite of the limitations. I feel more positive and motivated.

Love and hugs.

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