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Jennifer Mistry

My name is Jennifer Mistry, for the Last 25 years I have been on the Spiritual path, and have spent time purifying Soul Heart Mind and Body, aligning and Harmonizing from within.

I am a Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, Goddess Kwan Yin (Bodhisattva of Compassion) Lineage holder. For healing I am certified to offer Crown Chakra Healing & Blessings. I am a Soul Mind Body Healing Transmission Practitioner, Calligraphy Healing Practitioner,  Pranic Healer, Crystal Healer, Psycotherepy, Spiritual Healing, Divine Communicator, Councillor, Numerologist, Councelling in Parenting (Specializing in parents and children), Akashic Record reading, Tarot Reader and more.... 

Purpose of Life is to serve. To serve others is to make them happier & healthier.

I belive in unconditional service to Humanity and Mother Earth & Animals.

All honor fees are flexible



Certified Pranic Healer

Certified Crystal Healer

Master Teacher Certified by Tao Academy

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05 Nov 18

G. S.

Today I have a good paying Job and am very Happy. A year ago I was very miserable. I was having no job and had no partner. My parents believed in arrange marriage and I had seen a Boy whom I had liked and the boy too had liked me. Yet the response from the boys side was very Luke warm. From my side i became very miserable and was only wanting to marry this person. I was very obsessed. I felt as if it was a Karmic connection. I was feeling very strongly entrapped and had no way out. Master Jennifer did an Akashik Record reading which helped me understand my very strong feelings for this person. Then Master Jennifer gave me a blessing and I felt very Light. Then Master Jennifer taught me Forgiveness Practice and other Practices which allowed me to do a Karmic completion with this person. As Of today i am feeling free from those entanglement. I am happy atlast and do look forward to settle down in marriage. Thank you God.

05 Nov 18

S. G.

My name is S. G. Last year my sister and I had major propblems. There was constant fights in my family with my brother sister and sister in law. I felt very targeted. I had belging problem and had fibrosis in my Uterus. Due to which I bled continouosly for six months. I had become home bound frustrated and wanted to end my life. Then my cousin's wife told us about Master Jennifer and we consulted her, She did Akashik record readingd for my present situation. After the reading i knew the reason for my present situation. Master Jennifer then gave me a Blessing and also taught me simple healing techniques, Forgiveness Practice, chanting of different Masntras whish helped me to transform my soul blockages. After one and a half months my belching stopped my bleeding stopped and my relationship with all at home improvedaround 85%. Today I have started my self employment business again and very grateful. 



05 Nov 18

Dr Sunita

My name is Dr Sunita and last moth I was feeling very tired and drained due to my hectic schedule. I was very very tired, I requested

Master Jennifer to give me Chakra healing. She gave me Chakra Healing and Psychotherapy healing and she even cut my negative Psychic chords.

She even gave me a few soul operations where needed. Immediately when the healing started I felt very rested enegetic and fresh. I am very grateful.


05 Nov 18


I attended a work shop of Finance with Master Jennifer where she gave us many financial blessings and practices. I used all the wisdome and deligently Practiced and I have started earning 5 times more of my previous earnings. I am very grateful. 

05 Nov 18

Tanaaz Ghatalia

One Morning around 2 years back, I found a heaviness in my chest and very difficult to breath. I called Master Jennifer whom I call Jenny Mom but she was not available. So I called my Yoga teacher and he rushed home to help. there was no improvement and and i felt i was slowly choking. Then My Yoga teacher who is also a student of Jenni Mom Called her and she immediately came as she was in the same vicinity. When she came she saw My whole body stiffen and had totally arched. I could not breathe and was also shouting and at Jenny Mom. I had clenched my teeth and looked as if possessed. .( all this was told to me, later by the Yoga Teacher) Jenny Mom gave me 15 Soul Operations and Mother Kwan Yin Crown Chakra Blessings and I returned to normalcy. Then My husband came and we still went to Breach Candy Hospital as an outdoor patient. Jenny Mom accompanied us. There the Doctor found all was normal. thank you Divine and Thank you Jenny Mom

05 Nov 18

Namrata Agrawal

 Namrata: Sometimes the way we feel divine presence in our lives is so subtle and faint that we are left puzzled and we doubt our own connection or  the attune that we share with the Divine...

I would like to deeply  express my gratitude towards Master Jennifer, ( I fondly call her Jennifer aunty), for teaching me to believe in the Divine presence in my life... And that is the  foundation  of  my soul journey.  from there my connect with divine strengthens because everytime we doubt we loose the connection
I have been a very blessed and fortunate person...but everytime I experience deep pain I turn to Jennifer aunty for her guidance and support... I had begin to experience shooting pain in my lower back which travelled all the way to my heel. When ever she gave healing the pain left but if I lifted some thing heavy or over exerted the Pain returned.  Thiswent on for around 3 months. Then Jennifer Aunty explained that the Soul Blockage was there and guided me to chant a certain prayer several times in the day for a certain number of days along with the forgiveness practice ..I followed her guidance and did the chanting .. the pain disappeared in 20 days and has never returned since.
Jennifer aunty's guidance  has helped me to help my son get over the unruly behaviour that he would display at unpredictable times...

 My family had been seeking a suitable match for my sister in law for some time... But for no specific reason nothing was working out ... We seeked guidance from Jennifer aunty ...she did a akashic reading and suggested a healing for finding true love ... After which within a few months she met the person she was to marry and spend the rest of her life
 She is happily married now and mother to a adorable toddler

05 Nov 18

Dr Sunita

My name is Dr Sunita and live in Mumbai. Last May 2018, I fell down whilst taking morning walk. I hurt my chest and rib cage. For a few days i ignored and thought that the pain will decrease. I did all my activities in due course. After a week the pain intensified. I requested Master Jennifer to give healing. Master Jennifer offered me Soul Operation. After the Soul operation the pain was as it is, there was no shift. Next day when I got up i was very surprised , the PAIN had DISAPPEARED, totally gone. Then i received a call  from Master Jennifer as she was concerned and I was happy to report that I was Pain free. With the grace of Divine there was no trace of pain. I am very grateful to Divine and Master Jennifer who is a certified Master Healer and Teacher of the Tao Academy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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