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Lily Kiswani

I have been a Gynecologist for 35 years, qualifying from the prestigious KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College. I have worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE for many years, at a major referral hospital. 

I learned the techniques of Laparoscopic Surgery in Belgium, in 1992, when this was a very new modality, not only in India, but worldwide. To my knowledge, I then became the first lady Laparoscopic Surgeon in India.

In 2007, I was introduced to Integrative or Anti-Aging Medicine. I began applying the knowledge of Bio-Identical hormones in my Gyn practice. I found that my surgery rate began to decline. Even though I was doing Minimally Invasive Surgery, I didn't need to resort to even this, or many cases. I then realised that Integrative Medicine offered something which Modern Medicine could not. I learnt about all the other aspects of Integrative medicine and now I practice it full time. 

I help reverse chronic illness such as 


High Bp


Hormonal conditions such as PCOD, Thyroid

Auto Immune conditions such as Psoriasis

Gastric issues such as chronic acidity, IBS

Mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Dementia, Alzheimers

and many more.

At the end of my treatment, the patient is free of all drugs, free of the risk of complications, free of the costs of lifelong treatment and even free of all doctors (including me!).

Previous Experience

Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Karuna Hospital, Borivli, Mumbai, as Head of Dept, Obs and Gyn.

Integrative Medicine since 11 years.



Diabetes reversed

Good evening everyone! 

Happy news! Just wanted to share with you all. 

I have approached lily madam in the march(if I’m not wrong) for my father’s health condition. He was diabetic. His Hba1c is 11.3 which was beyond control for regular person who is on a medication.

She thoroughly studied the situation and condition and gave her recommendations in terms of blood tests. We did the same and she provided the diet, supplements and lifestyle changes need to be changed. 

Within 4 months(by August), his hba1c came down to 8.9. 

We were confident that he was going to be very much okay with his diabetes, if I put him on a weight training and if he can lose weight. 

He didn’t even touch alcohol since March, didn’t eat anything junk, no processed sugar in any form(except few home made Ghee sweets on occasions like festivals), and in some uncontrollable situation, Rice. 

His blood glucose used to be fluctuating between 110-170 on fasting. I was worried and lily madam told that it was all about stress. 

I tried my best to incorporate some positivity in his life. Some way or the other, it worked. 

Day before yesterday, we did a blood test and his hba1c is 5.97 which is considered as non-diabetic. 

With proper lifestyle changes, diet, mindset and consistency, we can change our health. 

We need weight training, diet, mindset to change anything. Yes, we tend to feel stressed, irritated and worried but it is okay and we tend to see results. 

Try to eat well and lose your body fat. You will see wonders. Please try to meditate as well. 

Thank you lily madam for your co-operation. I used to ask numerous questions regarding his health and she used to give it patiently and that’s the kind of reception we need in healthcare. I hope every doctor in this millennial required. 

Keep working towards your goal. You are going to achieve it. 

All the best! ????????


I have co-authored a Textbook : Endoscopic Gynecologic Surgery, available on Amazon :

I have conducted workshops on Endoscopic Surgery, teaching Gynecologists from all over India, under the aegis of Bombay Obstetrics and Gynecology Society and for my own organisation, Gynevision.

I have presented papers and videos at National and International Medical Conferences.

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24 May 19

Chitra Arun

Thank you Doctor for sharing valuable inputs on various issues.

Thank you Mystic Lotus 

24 May 19

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Doc for cmg online on MLotus and giving us valuable info. Appreciate Yr knowledge sharing.