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Bhupender B. Sanil


I am Bhupender

I work with Ancient Healing Samvahan Vidya.This is one of the oldest energy medicine of the world. It is as Ancient as the Indian civilization. the ageless Yogi master  of Himalaya MahaAvtar Babaji  is the master of of this healing science. It it is a hands-on healing technique where we use vibrations frequencies and energy of universe  to support your journey of healing. We help you  release every experience and emotions you are caring in your body and life , that is is not supporting joy, love and celebration of life.

Our intention is to create a safe and friendly environment for our clients towards their journey of empowerment in mind, heart , body and life.

Previous Experience

I am a graduate Diamond from Gemological institute of America.My previous job has involved extensive traveling around the world , interacting with people from various culture .All this experience adds to understanding my client from around the world and making them realize that they are a priceless diamond in making.


My work is based on my spiritual practice in my own life .This intensified at the age of 16, learning from various masters of the lineage of Samvahan Vidya.

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30 May 19


Prior to meeting Bhupender in 2015, my anxiety was manifesting into physical ailments and breaking my spirit.

His intuitive care and calming nature guided me to a place of healing within, finding solace in meaningful breathing and transformative vibrations through chanting.

Continue to bring light and blissful catharsis to others with your soul work Bhupender.

30 May 19


I had the opportunity to meet Bhupender and I have been healed by him. What I appreciate the most of him is his good aptitude and presence on supporting people in order that they get better and evolve spiritually.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Namaste ??????????????

29 May 19


I had the opportunity to receive care in Switzerland by Bhupender. Here is my testimony:

This was an unique and extraordinary experience where I went in different depth and level of consciousness and feeling.

Throughout his presence, touch, sounds I have been in different states of conscious where I was able to release physical tension, connect to my heart and my soul.

This great combination of massage, meditation, chanting, gives an amazing way for the body to experience his true root of life and connect to the heart and the soul to finally reach the path of healing.

I am very thankful for this chance of meeting Bhupender.


27 May 19

Annemarie Tolman

The session was so good. There was a phenomenal healing energy present that I was able to detect even though we were continents apart. My business and life started flowing more easy after the session! Thanks so much! 

18 May 19

Omkar Avinash Patil


Mr. Bhupendra is a very charismatic healer, and I want to thank him for his courage, integrity and sharing spirit !

With his extremely open heart and directness he gained my trust and appreciation.

I could feel the healing very intensely and the results were often immediate.

I would suggest to anyone who has the courage to explore more inside or need instant healing help to contact him.


18 May 19

Shenoy S.D

Human Well-being is all about Right Balance of Pancha-Bhoota or Pancha Maha-Bhoota,five Great Elements i.e five Physical elements (Space,Air,Fire,Water&Earth) Samvahan brings in that harmony in our physical body ,starts that feel good and self healing process.

I know Bhupendar from last 18 years I have a personal experience with regards to his Samvahan healing I was loosing touch with  myself, my mind and body which was not in tune with my surrounding with 2 session with him I could feel the calmness and rejuvenation back , or the way nowdays millennials say I got my Zing back .

Thanks Bhupi .

18 May 19


Bhupendraji is an extremely positive and creative, his energy is so powerful to feel a relief of your burden after you have spent time or even spoke with him. His healing powers have allowed me to move on in my life and look for the good in everything. I would highly recommend seeing him as he takes time to understand what you need for progression.

18 May 19

Mohan Yadav

Atma Namaste,

I getting a samhavahan therapy from Bhupendraji. He not work only physical level, mental and physchic level also. Now a day any physical illness is relate to anyone emotional issue of personal life. Bhupendraji is good experienced in this therapy, as he given me a treatment, l feel better and enthusiast. Also my pain is start reducing day by day. 

So I thanks to Mahavtar Babaji for his great blessing.

And thanks to Bhupendraji for his greatness.

Thanks & Warm Regards for samvahan spiritual journey of him.

18 May 19

Poonam Iyer

Bhupendra has really helped me in transforming my life. I owe him a lot on this. His is a healer with hands of Midas touch. He helped me to cure my blocked energies surpassing all the stress levels I was experiencing in my life. It’s been almost a decade I haven’t touched painkillers. He is a person a who can help you overcome all the pain and stress anyone is encountering with stress, depression and anxiety with ease.Try getting healed with Samvahan healing, Highly recommended.. Gold bless you Bhupendra .!!! ???????????? Thanks for everything, love and light ????????

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