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R. Sridhar

Namaste! I am a Personal Energy Coach and former Senior Editor at The Times of India. Through my firm, Energenie Academy, I conduct workshops in the art and science of Personal Energy Management, a course that I have created and developed over the past 15 years - since 2004.


Personal Energy Management (PEM) is the must-know art and science of understanding your energy patterns, and about knowing the techniques to increase, protect, control and manage it. Mastering this skill helps tremendously in facing the enormous pressure one faces every day in terms of career, peer pressure and relationships. 

 So, whether you are a homemaker, student, a CEO of a company or a professional in any industry, your energy needs to be managed. Else, the energy starts to manage you. Your energy levels fluctuate every moment depending on your response to a situation, our interaction with people, the emotional baggage we carry, the self-esteem we possess, our health status, and our personality characteristics.


PEM can heal you on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, simply because you start to understand your body and mind better. You begin to connect the dots, understand how breath creates your frequency, and how that frequency is creating your world. If you want to change your reality, it’s simple, just change the way you breathe.

1) How to manage stress by changing your frequency 
2) How to use the earth's energy to heal yourself.  
3) Tools to understand our personal energy in terms of physics, chemistry and maths  
4) Sureshot ways to find your larger purpose in life and how to communicate with the Universe.
5) The bubble technique, energy circle technique and much more
6) Techniques to analyse and heal your chakras. 
7) Techiques to transfer thoughts clairvoyantly
8) Tools to analyse and heal the energy in your home


I do these workshops in the form of 1-hr, 5-hr and 9-hr sessions for individuals, corporates, students and teachers.

I also do a one-on-one, 2-month session called Total Energy Makeover.

For corporates, I customize it according to the needs of the company.


People have experienced healed relationships; women who have been trying to conceive for a long time have been successful by ‘speaking to their baby in the energy form’; students have got clarity about the career paths they need to take; participants with chronic pain have got healed by ‘talking to their body’, and much much more.


Did you know that many issues of the abdomen - like gynaecological ailments, digestion disorders, pain et al, as also emotional issues like fear and insecurity can be swiftly corrected by just treating the navel? Try this: When you feel overwhelmed, simply lie down on the floor stomach down with your bare navel touching the ground. Do this for five minutes and you will feel better.


I have written two books on this subject – a paperback, and an ebook on Kindle (follow this link to check it out: https://amzn.to/2JTtChf).  

I would love to have a conversation with you on this subject and invite you to join me on my energy journey!

Previous Experience

I have been studying metaphysics, quantum physics, palmistry, numerology, physiognomy, graphology, caricature and dowsing since 1987 to understand the human body and human behaviour better.

I became a therapist in 1995, practicing Reiki, Pranic Healing and Transcendental Meditation. In 2000, I became a Reiki Master and Teacher, and started taking classes in Mumbai.

I created and conceived this course Personal Energy Management in 2014 to explain all healing modalities in terms of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Energy is after all electromagnetism and till we don’t understand the human body as an electromagnetic object, our understanding of healing will be limited.


1) Youth For People Award for Connect-Ticket

2) Press coverage in The Times of India, DNA, New Woman, Life Positive


1. Reiki Master and Teacher under the Usui System of Reiki Healing - 1995

2. Pranic Healing  - 1996

3. Personal Energy Management - 2014

Reviews & Testimonials

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02 Jun 19


I was introduced to Sridhar way back in 2016 by a very close friend of mine and then I attended his PEM session. 

He is my Guru to introduce me on this energy of our life. He build the foundation step to know myself better , handle myself better and of course people and situations around . 

I have attended his PEM level II and the experience has been phenomenal. His understanding of energy and plotting the day in our daily life is amazing. His tips are so simple that one may wonder if that's true. If you conciously apply them in life, one would experience self realisation and live an extremely mindful life. 


Please do register and be the part of the change that you have always intended to see in self. The key lies in taking one decision of stepping in the PEM. 




Sridhar is one of the best in his field .

02 Jun 19

Pramod Sisodia

Sridhar is an amazing person, a great healer and energy expert.. What we gain from his workshop is phenomenal and there are so many take away that even if we apply a few tips in life, life becomes easy and Bliss.

He has solution for everything and anything . He is so humble and helpful that he becomes friend for life. 

I learned a lot from him and he is always available for help. 

A small tip given by him changes life and he has solutions and issues which looks big and unsurmountable to us gets resolved in few days..


Blessed to have met him thru PEM and CT.. 

GRATEFUL for his guidance..


Pramod Sisodia

28 May 19

Deepak Sahijwala

He does magic with your energy. I have seen a complete transformation in my daughter and niece after they attended one of his workshops.

Would definitely recommend it for anybody who wants to bring out the best in themselves.

28 May 19

Dr. Sudha Srikanth

Meeting up with Sridhar at the Scribido Campus workshop, Pune as a country- facilitator was the first stroke of ‘energy ‘ connect. We stayed in touch and I was too keen to organise a PEM session at Thane, which materialised 3 days ago.

Sridhar facilitated the session in a very calm and poised manner, a down to earth connect, humble to the core. I really loved it when he said, ‘Prove me wrong!’ Yes, we all are filled with energy but at times get drained. How can we safeguard our energy and thus optimise our potential, was the gist of the session. I am indeed intrigued and have been kindled to understand this topic more. Kudos to Sridhar for introducing such a relevant and meaningful topic. This is indeed divine grace????????

27 May 19

Sudha Ramaswamy

                                           To him is the world of Energy - R Sridhar


I have personally experienced the huge magnitude in difference that engulfed me, suffusing my existence like an enormous wave of healing energy with the ‘Energy Healing’ brought to me by Sridhar and his global ‘Connect Ticket’ group some years ago. And this, while he was sitting in Mumbai, India and me sitting far away in the West African country of Nigeria. Can energy travel across the seven seas and so fast at that? And actually, heal for even more?

Yes. It can heal and do lots more if you ask me. This is speaking from my personal experience with Sridhar’s energy healing when I underwent a massive armed robbery attack on me at Nigeria with around ten armed robbers wielding guns at me in the darkness of 12 pm in the most dangerous of all places. An incident that took away from me not just our Honda car but also a whole lot of precious treasures as in highly prized, valuable paintings and even more that lay in suitcases in the boot of our car. An attack that had me reeling under shock, traumatized and lieing in bed for days without being able to move or even move on in life.

Yes, energy can travel across the universe when harnessed, channelized and sent across from one to another. In truth, it seems that there’s none else in this world who has understood, churned and demystified the world of Energy as much as Sridhar. For I would call him the only expert so far on ‘Energy Management’ and ‘Personal Energy Management’.

Did you know that ‘Energy’, a rather over used yet under rated word has far stronger and greater implications with much more to it than anyone could probably think of? Energy, which is such a crucial essential in our existential lives and just how? So, what essentially is Energy? What are the various ways of understanding Energy? How can you change your life patterns through Energy? How do you know as to what’s best for you? How do you gauge whether some one’s energy is doing good or doing bad for you? Do you know that you are managing energy all the time? Are you a bad energy manager? Are you a victim of circumstances or do you steer your life as you would wish to?

In a universe made up of frequencies, there are certain things which are beyond the scope of wisdom that can either work for you or go against you.  Sridhar is the unique Energy coach and expert, who can take you through the art and science of monitoring your energy. Facilitating you, so as to take you to an understanding as to how you can be in control of the energy movement in your body. Sridhar’s Energy Management and Energy Healing techniques bring to you a host of benefits.  

From increased confidence, maintaining a sense of equilibrium when dealing with difficult situations and being able to speak up for yourself to becoming strong and independent and much more.   How do you attract people - the right people? You can learn how to converse with the universe and understand universal laws and more.

Besides learning how to heal relationships or heal yourself or even others, you’ll be in a position to safe guard and conserve your energy and more significantly know how to utilize energy in a proper way. Not forgetting to mention the huge shift in thinking that you’ll experience that’ll make you understand and look at everything in terms of ‘Energy’ and ‘Energy Movements’.

Whatever be the problem, whether it’s financial, emotional, dealing with relationships, managing stress, improving your health or even boosting your energy to bring in a necessary vital change into your life. Or, to lead a really fulfilled life, for that matter. Sridhar, the skilled Energy Coach with years of enriching experience in Energy Healing and Energy Management is the only Master, who can help you crack the many issues in your life.

What 's more? Sridhar’s energy healing workshops have given me insights into many different aspects and dimensions of Energy and Energy Healing. Each one bringing with it, its own distinctly unique experiential learning.

Here’s a one of his kind Guru, blessed with that unique and extraordinary divine magic in him that’s sure to heal you, restore your life and bring to you a lasting positive change.  There’s a whole world to explore and experience with Sridhar’s ‘Personal Energy Management’.


24 May 19


Sridhar's sessions are brilliant, as he has an uncanny ability to make complex concepts easy. He helps you tap the energy around us with easy, simple tools. I have known him for more than a decade where I also worked with him in the same organization. He is one of the finest humans, who operates from kindness. I reccomend his PEM sessions to all those who believe in energy and all those who don't. Esp wonderful for kids. 

24 May 19

Paayal Talvwaarr

"Write a letter to your unborn child,” said R Sridhar, personal energy coach, when I narrated the incident about my ectopic pregnancy. I was taken aback when he suggested that. For days, I mulled over the thought. Why? What’s the point? Should I?

Finally, I wrote the letter to OMKabir - that’s what I had decided to name the baby if it was a boy. I wrote, and wrote, tears scrolling down my face and I wept a lot, the pen ink wetting the paper. With a deep breath, I tore the letter to pieces and sighed heavily but feeling lighter in the head.

 I didn’t understand it then but months later, I realised that Sridhar (Sriji, as I address him) was trying to change my energy pattern – a stagnant pattern of energy to a receiving energy pattern.

And that’s what Sriji does best – the tools and techniques imparted in the workshop change your frequency and you begin to lead a life full of awareness. You look at life with a transformed and different perspective.

 The PEM workshop is a result of his knowledge and deep study into the subject of personal energy management where he has played an integral role in shaping scores of lives including mine. The energy tips I heard at the workshop were something I had never heard before! I repeated a few of the workshops (the repeaters are not charged, btw!) and learnt new insights each time – the more I applied the techniques, the better my life became!

The above suggestion was given to me post the workshop during a conversation. So his support extends even post the workshop is over. The more you wish to recalibrate your life, the more energy insights you will receive. He actually walks with you till you reach a point of transformation.

I was into the profession of teaching way back then. Today I am in the space of holistic healing myself. His energy tips not only guide me but have become the guiding path for my clients too!

Gratitude to R Sridhar  :)

- Paayal Talvwaarr, Content Writer, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.

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