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Meenu Mehrotra

I am a writer, poet, blogger, author of 6 books focusing on relationships/ love.

My spiritual journey began 13 years back and I have added my life expriences, various certifications, (learning & unlearning via) myriad soul connection courses/ spirtual classes to my healing practice  including  my writing experience of 30 years.

Healing for me, is a calling and I feel complete healing involves physical, mental, emotional & spiritual realms . All have to be addressed although the physical manisfestation is always a result of mental & emotional dsyfunction or  when its time for spiritual ascension.

Helping, empowering, motivating people, showing them the light is a way of life for me & something I am called to do as part of my soul's journey.

I am presently studying  Energy Anatomy & that forms the major chunk of my healing sessions too.

I am also a Certified Archetypal Consultant

Category- Spiritual

Archetypes are universal patterns of power that you have been using all your life to organize your thoughts & emotions as well as the means thru which you assess every person you meet. They are your intimate companions, guardians & allies that provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations & actions.

Archetypes is the symbolic language of the universe. They are power systems/ energetic forces; that are a part of you & they manage the flow of power thru our psyche

Our basic Sacred Contract (Sacred Contracts are soul documents, life assignments that are encoded within your psyche & soul in the symbolic language of archetypes) comprises of 12 Archetypes that influence our day to day life including relationships, career, finances, fear patterns, creativity & personal development.  Other Archetypal patterns influence us at various times but generally a person tends to function within a cluster of 12 dominant patterns.

Identifying archetypal patterns helps you understand the source & nature of your feelings & passions. They help you understand your intellectual & emotional yearnings ‘coz what we don’t understand, we can never act on them & yet they never go away.

Archetypes are relevant because they help us

  • tap into our unexplored power – (read) our shadows which become hostile when ignored or  misunderstood- which leads to inexplicable fear patterns/ painful conflict between mind & heart
  • Understand ourselves more deeply – without self understanding, we can’t understand others.
  •  Develop our soul stamina which translates to higher self esteem
  •  extraordinarily improve the quality of our relationships –personal, professional & with self
  • Release of toxic beliefs

I am here to help you understand & find your 12 archetypes & cast them in a Natal chart in each astrological house & help you understand your sacred contract with each Archetype.


Certified NLP Practitioner- The National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming , USA

Certified Angel Card Reader- Doreen Virtue, USA

Certified Archetypal Consultant- CMED, USA

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27 Aug 19

Purva Sharma

I want to thank you Meenu for the life changing advice & therapy that you did for me. It has changed the way I think, and the way I was managing my relationships at work. I was having a really difficult time managing one of my superiors at work & after doing a session with you, I realized & understood his & mine personality types; was able to break the pattern of getting sucked into similar kind of situations & relationships again & again. I learnt how to deal with it, acknowledged what it was and was abletofix it. It has made a world of difference how my relationships are today, how I feel today, how I have been able to let go of my fears & apprehensions. I was just not able to speak up before but now I am able to speak up, be clear, understand what my nature is & be able to project exactly who I am without thinking or pretending in the hope that its permissible or would be liked … it has opened me up; it has improved my work, my productivity, and my health…it has been life changing.”
“On the personal front, Meenu has helped me deal with issues that have come up with the loss of my first husband by helping me let go of the past, moving on, how to release & create that space within me to enjoy my life fully today-that really, really helped me. I have been doing the simple spiritual exercises that you have told me and on a daily basis I really feel a weight lifted off me & it has improved my health that was really suffering for the past almost 2 years. Thank you so much.

27 Aug 19

Ms. Manisha Kahai Intuitive Life Coach & Tarot Reader

I was introduced to the concept of Archetypes by Meenu. It intrigued me & I wanted to learn and understand more about myself. I was lucky to have Meenu teach me. She’s very passionate & thorough. Learning about Archetypes has been an eye opener. It has made me recognize my strengths, weaknesses & patterns. Thank you Meenu and God bless you.