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13 Years

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Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, English

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Harshada Samant


Let me introduce myself here before I tell you what I do and what is possible for you when you enter my world.

I'm Harshada Samant(short name - Harsha), an ‘Intuitive Guide and Master Energy Healer and I am thrilled to have you here. This virtual space is a reflection of my expertise, knowledge, skills, passion, and unique experience of life on this planet.

I am a double Capricorn and Leo Moon.

In Human Design, I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator with all defined centers except the head and ajna, making me multi-passionate, with diverse interests and abundant energy.

I am here to facilitate people unleashing their power, tapping into their intuition, and embodying their energetic blueprint (talents & gifts) to manifest an abundant life.

By guiding my clients to unlock their unique human & soul design, heal their deepest wounds, overcome limiting beliefs, and release their resistance, they learn how to embody the energetics to become a match to their desire.

This is the work, I do with you and not on you. So we are here together on the journey. I am holding the space for you to move past your old version to create a new you,  that is aligned with your heart’s desire.












Previous Experience

Throughout my extensive experience, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals to manifest their deepest desires – from securing their dream jobs and attaining financial abundance to attracting the love of their life, experiencing profound physical healing, recovering from insomnia, separating from an abusive spouse with ease and so on.

I work with my clients using a powerful combination of advanced modalities such as Akashic level Soul clearing, healing, and activation, subconscious reprogramming, womb clearing, masculine and feminine balancing and alignment, energy center cleansing and enhancement, potent chord-cutting rituals, and other transformative techniques

The result? Breakthroughs and liberation from old patterns that have held my clients back. Together, we co-create the path to attract the life they truly desire and deserve.

Some of the Client’s success stories:-

1. The employer waived off an earlier loan and also granted my client a new loan for the car breakdown. My client also manifested a brand new iPhone for a fraction of its original cost, which was mistakenly ordered by her sister.

2. A 58-year-old whose mobility was impacted due to entanglement of nerves in his legs healed in just a few sessions.

3. Remote Healing Breakthrough - Speedy recovery without surgery of a patient, who was suddenly impacted by neck alignment, that jeopardized his day-to-day functioning and was suggested operation by the surgeon.

4. An elderly relative who was missing for 5 days was found within 12 hours of her reaching out to me for the work.

5. My coaching client enrolled three paid clients for her brand new coaching course within just 10 days of our work.

6. Yet another one, who has been searching for answers got clarity and direction on her coaching niche within just a few weeks of working together.

7. And still another coach, who had visibility fear showed up live on her instagram just after our session and booked a few clients for her short program. This boosted her confidence and then we worked on her 3-months long course container.



Contact @ +91 96198 03944

E mail : samantharsha@yahoo.com


Certifications and the Modalities, I use to work with my clients

Quantum Creation Oracle - Creation Code Readings

Soul Purpose Practitioner

Channelling (Reading and Healing)

Access Consciousness internationally certified Access Bars Facilitator and practitioner

Access Body Process Practitioner

 Access Facelift Practitioner

Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner

Angel Card Reading, Doreen Virtue

Star Magic Healing


 Certified Vision Board Coach

 Sacred Success Coaching (Human Design and Gene Keys)

 Akashic Reading and Soul Alignment

Chakra Healing Balancing

DNA Re-programming

Change Belief Practitioner

Reviews & Testimonials

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17 Jan 20


Wish to thank Harshada for a lovely free reading. I was even happier that i received this free reading as a birthday gift. The first ting about her firstly is her warmth and her genuine interest to help others.  The reading was very intuitive. It helped me understand some deep things about myself that i have not been willing to recognise. I was looking for some professional answers too and her reading sorted my confusion. God bless you and thank you ????

26 Dec 19

Lavanya Arsiwala

I had the pleasure of getting a reading done by Harshada , ...she is very accurate and also gives solutions to the problems, which is the best part. Thank you Harshada , I surely will be back for more ??

22 Dec 19

Kamal Moos

An amazing reader indeed.Harshanda thanks for giving your precious time and helping me out with your amazing guidance. Truely appreciate your knowledge. May almighty prosper you in this amazing field you have chosen to help people like us in need .God bless.




22 Dec 19

Kalpana D

Excellent rlangel reading ...Harshada Samant was supposedly to read my cards for twenty minutes but once she started she was super generous with time ...it seemed like Jermain focus was to make sure I understood the reading and gave me ample time to process and ask questions. a quality that most professionals in this field. She had also followed up with me ...once again shoes she cares. I bless her and wish her many successes. She is really good!I look forward to many more sessions with this charming young lady ! 



21 Dec 19

Rosy Nair

"Thank you so much Harshada Samant?. You provided my angel card reading with such insightful, accuracy.  Your gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life.  You encouraged my participation to gain a deeper exploration into the meaning of the cards. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through your thoughtful explanation, as well as appreciate the necessary position I am in at this time in my life.  I was given many pearls of wisdom with my angel card reading and one I will continue to listen to is "Cancel Clear Delete". I acknowledge that Harshada has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experienced her intuitive gift.You are wonderful and I TRULY appreciate your insight and advice. It opened my eyes to many "truths" that needed some tweaking. Today is a new beginning ;) THANK YOU!"

20 Dec 19


It was a beautiful session with Harshada today.. In between her tight schedule she did my session amazingly. Within a few minutes she could understand and guide what needs to be done. Thanks Harshada. God bless you. 

20 Dec 19

Anjana sharma

I had an amazing experience with Harshda..She is really helpful and polite..

She answered all my queries in a very nice way and cleared all my confusion and helped me to take a correct decesion..

I would suggest everyone to take a session from her..

Thanks a lot Dear Harshda..God bless you..

20 Dec 19

Anjana sharma

I had an amazing experience with Harshda..She is really helpful and polite..

She answered all my queries in a very nice way and cleared all my confusion and helped me to take a correct decesion..

I would suggest everyone to take a session from her..

Thanks a lot Dear Harshda..God bless you..

20 Dec 19

Jigisha mehta

I had a reading with harshada,and ro my wonder she is an extreme helpful,patient n polite lady,ready to help n push us to help ourselves by giving knowledge about how ro go further.had a very nice experience,would suggest others to have a helping guidance for sure with her.thank you harshada.grateful to you,cant thank enough.

19 Dec 19

Santana Dasgupta

I had a wonderful session with Harshada last week. Since i was bit busy with my year end activity could not write anything. She is such a wonderful personality though i had session over the call but in her voice anybody can make out. She is very clear and listen everything very patiently. I really got the positive vibes from her. As a mentor she is having all the qualities and found sound knowledge in her area and very clear about the message. I would really love talking to her again in future.

19 Dec 19


Had a session with Harshada yesterday. A wonderful person. Super knowledgeable. A sweet person with a sweet voice. After speaking to her I fel really positive and calm. The insecurity which was holding me back has now gone. God bless u always with these powers.

18 Dec 19



Lovely to connect with Harshada over the telephone for a reading. She was kind and quick in giving me an overview of how to achieve what I want... Eye opening session. 

Extremely grateful for her time. Thank you & gratitude?????

18 Dec 19


She is a very humble and generous person. A true giver .A person full of human understanding. A kind listener. A gift to the society. Harshada Samant did my angel reading with so much accuracy. Gave her maximum time. She has complete knowledge of her field .A very good human being .I really appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. I will keep in touch with her for my future problems too. She is amazing and wonderful day. I wish her all the best 

18 Dec 19

Sumegha Bapat

Got the free angel reading from Harshada yesterday. Her warmth as well as the way to go about other things is amazing. Thankyou so much Harshada.

18 Dec 19

Belaa Sanghvi

I had a wonderful angel reading done by Harshada. I appreciate her generosity of giving much more then i asked for as a general part of it & not making me feel that she has given much. Very accurate reading done! Thank you very much Harshada for being such a gracious giver!

18 Dec 19

Rashmi Kotak

Harshada is Amazing,she  provided me a free Angel reading, must say she is too good. She offered easy solutions to my queries, 

Has an enchanting voice which is still ringing in my ears.

Has varied experience in many fields.Must say She is God gifted..

God bless you.Harshada may you help many more souls

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