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Pratik Anil Acharya alias Chhayashastri

Pratik Anilkumar Babubhai Acharya (Chhayashastri) is a renowned shadow reader, spiritual guru (teacher) and healer. He belongs to the thirteenth generation of a respected sun-worshipping, Brahmin Chhayashastri family dating back to the Aryas, which has inherited wisdom from their priestly forefathers. 

The Acharya family has successfully predicted and guided millions of people not only for the present, but has also helped them peep into their past and thrown light on what the future holds for them.

Chhayashastriji started his journey when he was just 3 years old. After 20 years of continuous education, puja and practice under austere guidance, he mastered the Shastra. Along with shadow reading, Chhayashastriji focuses on energizing and balancing the chakras while healing. 

About Shadow Reading

'YOUR SHADOW CAN PREDICT YOUR WHOLE LIFE' - Shadow reading is based on the principle that the sun's energies affect our entire existence. It is a mathematical method that measures a person's shadow and predicts the future based on closely held ancient knowledge.

A shadow reading session begins with measuring a person’s shadows in three postures under bright sunlight and determining the effects of the sun on their life. Following the calculations, the predictions and facts that surround the person's karmic journeys are narrated and recorded. The predictions can be related to health, relationships, partner, kids, friends, career, spiritual quests, and karmas. Shadow reading also involves dissolving of bad karmas and energy balancing along with the opening and releasing of blockages, if any, of the body chakras while energizing and balancing them.

The knowledge of shadow reading is also known to be helpful in situations related to business activities, conceiving a child, spiritual progress and other areas of one’s life.


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27 Jan 20

Nimesh Jadhav


I'm writing my honest experience, consulting was great, helpful also prediction was satisfying & accurate, their knowledge helped me to overcome my problems & its pleasure to be under guidance of Mr. Pratik Acharyaji. I would be glad to share my feedback and have already recommended this to my friends & family. Thank you so much!!!!

15 Jan 20

Gautam shah

I got to know astrologer Shastriji through a family member.I vouch for his predictions,his timing is bang on,remedies he gives are doable.I like his positive approach and I'm grateful to him for the guidance.

15 Jan 20


I have personally have consulted pratik for my family and me . Totally impressed with his accuracy of his reading . I have recommended to many of my friends . They were also very impressed by the accuracy of the reading .

15 Jan 20


Pratikji uses his deep understanding of astrology and a good sense of practical experience when he consults making it truly enriching.

15 Jan 20

Pooja Mehta

I live in canada and I consulted shastriji 4 years ago during my trip to India and when i was going through a rough time and a downfall in life and I have seen a tremendous change in my life these past 4 years because of Shastrijis right and timely guidelines. I would highly recommend Shastriji If you are looking for some guidelines related to your life. 

14 Jan 20


Shastriji's astrology reading of person is to the tee. Would say 95 % correct. I testify his knowledge of astrology. Would surely recommend to all.

14 Jan 20

Vivek singh


Mr. shastri uses his deep understanding of astrology and a good sense of practical experience when he consults making it truly enriching. 

14 Jan 20

Niket Doshi

I'm following them n know them from last 20 years.At the 1st i also didnt belived or wished to go but after my 1st session i still remember it i has changed everything.It has changed my perspective everything for me.I would highly recommended it.

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Pratik Anil Acharya alias Chhayashastri 25 Jul 2020 11:54 AM

                          Om Namah shivay
Human in disguise...
2020 a year in disguise! It feels like the universe we use to know and the world we are living in is completely different. Around the world, there are physical, mental, or financial hardships with no foreseen solution. The insight to future states that difficult phase will commence from June 2020 to December 2021 for everyone all over the world.

To lead in smooth life we may need to pass the hurdles of hardships in areas like:-

Not just one or two there would be multiple segments that will suffer a lot. The key factor that could accelerate growth is the financial segment and sadly crisis in Finances is seen. 1/3rd of population approx has already lost the jobs and GDP growth rate of India has glide down to 3.1%

Lack of labor, material, or finance has even hampered Real Estate industries however there is an additional burden of incomplete projects and unsold inventories in the Real estate segment this year. The drop in prices itself reflects the weaker story of the real estate segment.

Not just Virus there is also news of the earthquake, floods, and other unforeseen events due to which loss can occur like wind, fire, or water. E.g. Assam floods.

Damages are not just physical, Mental health will be highly affected (Depression cases are rampantly increasing throughout the world for various reasons). Relationships will also go through the stake of suffering.

The axe of negativity will also be faced by top governing bodies resulting in political instability, world political crisis, and unhappiness that will arise from the government by everyone. Around the world, there will be seeds of hatred and the war-like situation will arise. This will result in a shrinking of the Global economy.

These below mentioned remedies will help tide us over difficult times.

Worship Lord Sun

Do Pranayama Daily

Do Suryanamaskar Daily

Take bath 2 times a day

Stay united and Spread the love.