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4 Years

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Hindi, English

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All days 2 pm till 9 pm.

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Surbhi Chawla

Surbhi Chawla is a Life Coach and counsels people on a personal basis. Surbhi is also a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness, where a set of tools changes and shifts people's lives in what they have not been able to change till now. She is also professionally acclaimed to do healing sessions, called the "Symphony of Possibilities", that is again certified by Access Consciousness.

Surbhi strongly believes that the magic is never outside of us. The tools are here to just facilitate to reach inside of us as the magic is US! - ONLY IF WE MAKE A CHOICE. With her life coaching, counselling and Access sessions, Surbhi’s clients have experienced major shifts in varied aspects of life like relationships, financial, emotional and physical concerns.  

Having been a part of the Corporate world for around 20 years, Surbhi always felt a void not sure what it was. Her spiritual journey began in the year 2011 when a book fell off a shelf, literally asking her to read. She soon experienced the unexpected, Jesus Christ showed up in not only her dreams but in reality. The Christ energies were so strong that she felt as if she was floating in the air for a few days. Since then, she has been seeking for more, on what she is here to do and be in this world. 

Books of Joyce Meyer, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper have played an extensive role in shaping Surbhi’s pathway. In 2017, she stumbled into Access Consciousness which changed her existence, not just because Access had the magic but because she made a choice to leap from her present and challenge the status quo. 

In 2020, when the world has been evolving in its own way, Surbhi decided to leave her cushy job with an MNC and take her healing career to the next level by focussing on it full time. Working with Surbhi with her unique life experiences, fresh perspectives and vibrant energy is sure to lead you to what you are looking for.

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27 Sep 20



I was unsure what to expect at first, Surbhi being an experienced practioner is easy going , friendly, kind  and dedicated  to helping those who want change. 

I got to sit and talk with her for 30 minutes before the hands on Bars session, so she could get a sense of what I wanted to change.

The room felt electric with relaxing wind chime sounds in background .

I was curious , relieved and excited to experience BARS 
Surbhi  made me comfortable and then began to do the energy pulls  followed by activating and holding the different sets of Bars one at a time.

I had a sensation of deep relaxation , harmony and ease  as I could experience energy field  shifting. As session continued  I remember asking questions and feeling an emotional release .

The Access tools allow us the chance to intentionally keep  certain energies and clear others. After seeing benefits I also recommended Surbhi to family and friends


27 Sep 20


I met Surbhi at a time of a lot of transition. I had just closed my studio and ironically Surbhi was one of my last clients. We got talking and one thing led to another which got me to not only taking a session from her, but learning a lot from her.  She taught me to expand my awareness and clear blocks and she makes it look effortless. I am thoroughly grateful that I met her and a lot of what she taught me has helped me navigate what could have been a challenging year with...  Ease joy and glory...  How does it get any better than this :)))

27 Sep 20


I would like to thank you Surbhi for the most amazing facilitation session we had...

By the way I would like share my experience with everyone.
Surbhi is so energetic that she immediately lifts up your energies as well....had some amazing “ah-ha” moments and within that one hour the turmoil in my mind was relaxed and I felt totally changed with a renewed energy in me.
Her questions and usage of stories are very thought provoking.
If you are in a state of an emotional turmoil...Surbhi is the best person to talk to and you will come out of the session as a totally different person.

Kamayni Sachdeva

27 Sep 20


From Portugal

Energies with Surbhi

It's so funny cause it was something I felt so much in my body since the beginning when the energies started to flow.. it was super light and I felt my body pulsing, more alive. I was sitting on the couch, and after a while I fell asleep, would listen to a few parts at times, and most of the time I was asleep.

This was the fourth time I heard it I guess, the first time, live online, I was translating to portuguese at the same time, and still felt so much. And remember that same day at night and the day after feeling something so different.. great sensations.. i couldn't really explain what it was, but felt some shift going on!


Facilitation with Surbhi

I have been really lucky to have Surbhi facilitating me in a regular basis, through phone sessions or Zoom classes. It allowed me to look at some things I was not aware of at the time and to unlock a lot of stuck energies in my body and being.

I ended up having the possibility to experience the Foundation class with Surbhi, and that one for me was really something. We could go in such a deep level, dive into really massive things that were stuck with me for such a long time, which at that moment I was not even aware they existed. I cried so much, I laughed so much, we had so much fun, and at the same time we looked at and cleared so many profound things I couldn't ever imagine would show up in the class. Was truly amazing. For me that experience was a live changer. I am truly grateful for who she is, and for meeting her and having her as a friend!

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