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Nehaa Goyal

A few years back, while working as as an AGM in media, I had an epiphany. 

In a career spanning 15 years I had climbed the corporate ladder and aced in the hospitality sector and media- print and radio. 

While at the top of my corporate game when I decided to quit my job. The society and culture dictates that we need job security. It’s hardwired into us to put our nose to the ground and keep towing the line. The epiphany- well, one day after a work week, I told myself, this isn’t my calling. 

I had been interested in the occult sciences and have been intuitively drawn to it from a long time. So that day I decided to follow my soul’s journey. 

Walking this divine path for a few years now as an Empowerment Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, DNA Astrologer. 

Today I help people in Empowering themselves, breaking their Karmic Patterns, Creating awareness about themselves and thus increasing their productivity, finances and having balanced relationship with self and others. I believe ' Awareness is Empowerment'

Glad to have had the courage to break stereotypes and respected my inner voice.

Previous Experience

I have worked with multiple souls so far to make them meet their Highest Potential. I bring together the realism of the requirements of Corporate World and Indivisuals Empowerment


Tarot, NLP, DNA Astrology

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02 Jun 22

Geeta Arora

Neha mam knowledge is astounding, she explained exactly the same what I faced and going through. I was speechless when I was over the call and ran through with my overwhelmed emotions, it's the universe sign that I found her when I genuinely need someone to guide me and show me some light to the right path..I feel the positivity while I talked with her and will work on the remedies to reep the benefits. So much gratitude to you mam you are the best. I have never find anyone who helped me to find the answers of my un-asked questions which genuinely helped to work in the right direction. Gratitude, Gratitude and lots of Gratitude to you mam. I am so grateful to found you in my life. ????????????????????????

16 Apr 22


Neha Ji is an excellent astrologer. I had a fabulous session with her. My doubt and questions were answered by her accurately. She is very patient and highly approachable. I fell in love with the way she presented everything in detail but still kept it simple. I would really love to stay connected with her forever. She is an amazing person with a vibrant personality. She really gets you out from your patterns and helps you to progress in your life. Love you Neha Ji??. Keep spreading your positive and happy energy everywhere Neha Ji ????.

12 Apr 22

Neelesh Kumar Boddu

My readings were very insightful and enlightening. Some elements validated what I was intuiting and some provided new perspectives and deeper insights to my personal journey. They serve as a reference to guide me on my path and as a time marker on this plane. I'm grateful for the experience with Neha didi. 

30 Mar 22


Nehaa's readings give so much of clarity and an understanding to events in ur life .

Very accurate and precise 


27 Mar 22


It's been quite some time since I've met Nehaa. I took my first reading with her in a not so balanced time of my life and believe you me, right after the reading I felt instantly felt empowered. That was the very beginning of me starting to work on my inner self. I have consulted Nehaa many a times in the last few years when I have had to make crucial decisions and it's amazing how she is always able to connect common knowledge to spirituality and brings out the best in me. I am glad to have met her and known her for long now, she constantly continues to inspire and empower us through very simple spiritual hacks that not many get to understand or practice in their entire lifetime! Grateful for all her work with me this far ! ????????

19 Mar 22

Mayank Jain

Before talking to Nehaa I was reall skeptikal about astrology, but she has really given me an insight about myself which no one has given me yet. The remedies thats he gave really got me thinking and has helped me become a better version of myself. Nehaa really understood me throught my birth charts and focused on making me my healer.. I was really confused about my career choices but now I feel I am on the right path

07 Jan 22


Nehaa is an amazing person, her readings are deep and insightful. You can tell that she loves what she does and it shows in her work. I benefited a lot from knowing her and from her readings. Great person

04 Jan 22

Leah Abraham

Nehaa has so much wisdom around all things spiritual, she can read your birth chart, channel messages through Tarot, quote and connect scriptures but above all, Nehaa encourages us to be our own greatest healer! Nehaa is an amazing and brilliant healing guide and she is a loving friend to the human race, consistently working to aid in the healing of the collective! Grateful for her guidance! ~ Leah

04 Jan 22


NEHAA has a friendly and honest approach to readings. I would recommend her because she was honest and interpretations were explained in understandable ways. Make sure to have your questions ready going into your reading with her.

03 Jan 22

Manisha Sharma

Whenever I use to feel impossible, she would show me how it can be made possible. I did a big favour on myself  by taking various workshops ( forgiveness, manifestation, dna astrology for my entire family )which helped me look at the better picture and made me believe how I can transform. No one explains it better than Nehaa ji. 

03 Jan 22

Manisha Sharma

Whenever I use to feel impossible, she would show me how it can be made possible. I did a big favour on myself  by taking various workshops ( forgiveness, manifestation, dna astrology for my entire family )which helped me look at the better picture and made me believe how I can transform. No one explains it better than Nehaa ji. 

03 Jan 22


Neha is a professional and an extremely optimistic individual. She works hard to understand the energetic feild around you and her sessions are filled with knowledge and backed with the esoteric and mental science.

she has been helpful during my session. Compassion, active listening and intuitive guidance are few of her qualities.

02 Jan 22

Parizad Variava

I had taken a DNA astrology consultation from Nehaaji last Oct. She is a beautiful soul very enthusiastic learned  knowledgeable.

Patient, a good listener & a great spiritual guide. Inspiring  motivating us to keep going inspite of all difficulties & obstacles. 

Thank you Nehaaji.

02 Jan 22

Vinita A

An empowerment coach that does her job well. She helped me break my barriers and heal my inner child to make me stand tall in my power. Her shadow side reading helped me look at the unknowingly created self-sabotages that I did not even know about.

02 Jan 22

Priyanka Sirohi

Neha mam is a very amazing soul. I always look forward to her guidance. The best thing is the way she explained everything. Simple but powerful and in a positive way. 

02 Jan 22

Lekha Nair

If ever I need Guidance, Nehaa is my go to person. Her guidance is crisp and clear. Her every video has so many wonderful take aways. Her personal coaching is very focused and effective. I am always so much in awe of her. Her manifestation tips by using simple and not so complicating things is so easy to follow. Her knowledge about astrology and their remedies is my favourite topic. She is simply amazing

02 Jan 22

Mehak Khanna

In your Spiritual  journey its always imperative to have someone show u light time and again,and Neha has done that for me always! Her readings are precise,accurate,and for me personally i always felt it was a direct message coming from the Universe!! Her readings always gave me a clearance towards the next level in my journey!Highly Recommended!!!

02 Jan 22

Srishti Singh

So Neha is an amazing soul!!

Indeed she has helped me a lot in different aspects to understand the nuances of life!

Enhancing my understanding of life and different perspective towards shaping this journey.

Her understanding of mythology and relating it to the real instances has given me a to be able to understand in depth

02 Jan 22

Mohit Aggarwal

She is an amazing person. Very knowledgeable and experienced. With her in depth knowlege she guides her client with utmost patience and care. I took DNA Astrology reading from Nehaa and life training. She guided me step by step which has helped me transformed my life . Thanks Nehaa

01 Jan 22

Karen Pascal

Neeha is an amazing soul who is here to help other souls on their spiritual journey. I met Neeha two years ago and was amazed with her on point guidance. She is very attuned and in dept with her readings which helps and guides you . She told me in 2019 that I will achieve something major in my life in 2021  and I did in 2021 . I will recommend Neeha to anyone because of her experience and the light that she shares with the world . I thank you for all that you do beautiful soul . 
karen Pascal 


01 Jan 22

Sana Sameer

Neha has a deep understanding and is very professional. She suggests the best ways to deal with positive thinking. Her knowledge and experience makes her a commendable person to go to. 

01 Jan 22

Harshita Goel

Nehaa is extremely well versed at what she does and very dedicated towards helping her clients. She is a great listener and will offer advise based on what's best for you!  I would highly recommend her for any personal empowerment coaching needs.

01 Jan 22

Bhavya Goel

Nehaa is wonderful at her art. She gives deep insights and meticulously gives recommendations and suggestions. She is very knowledgeable. I keep going back to her with my life issues. She is like my personal coach. I highly recommend. Thanks for all the supper Nehaa

01 Jan 22

Neti Khandelwal

I took sessions like DNA Astrology ,womb healing and taro session with Neha & I would like to say that she is amazing .Very friendly and all her remedies/rituals are so easy to perform .she provides with so many good examples to make us understand her point .thanks Nehaa!


01 Jan 22


M following Nehaji from almost 3 yrs

Excellent experinnce in tarot session

She suggest easy remedy for d issue wat we facing

N her post has deep meaning

Even from her reels we get gd knowledg n 1 can perform remedy / rituals


01 Jan 22

Tvishaa Gupta

I took the inner child healing sessions from Nehaa. I had been feeling stuck in some patterns and not able to scale in my work and unable to get the recognition I felt I deserved. Through the sessions which I found gentle yet firm and deeply insightful, I was able to learn so many new ways of interacting with my inner child and learning my childhood traumas and where and how I had to heal and continue with those tools she gave till now. Thank you so much!

01 Jan 22

Anjali Wadhawan

I know Neha since last 2 years, and whenever I contact her for any reading, all my doubts and confusions are cleared. She has encouraged me to ponder upon why things are happening In pattern and also for introspection which hardly anyone tells. She is brutally honest with her clients. Always happy to contact her as she shakes me to the roots and root cause. I wish her all the very best for future endeavours. Be Blessed Always and keep up the good work.

01 Jan 22

Deepti Gupta

In my experience with Nehaa's Tarot sessions and Empowerment coaching, what I found most magical was how deep and intense I felt the shift to be. From feeling helpless, to feeling in control of my choices.. in her wisdom and true compassion Nehaa proved to be the most helpful guide in my journey towards finding a path for myself when I was completely lost. Thank you so much.

01 Jan 22

shweta dhyani

Neha is genuine in her approach and takes efforts to goes deep into the intricacies of human mind and emotions. And how our emotions control our action and truely guides us on how to get over the complex situations we face in our lives. 

01 Jan 22

Nikita sangroula

I have followed Neha since more than a year and have done a dna astrology with her. I have follwing tips given by her. Not only that her Instagram and YouTube has been a one good guidance for so many beautiful things. She has added more wisdom and light in my life . Thank you Neha.

01 Jan 22

Malathi Bhat

From last three years I am taking consultation from Nehaa Goyal. Its excellent. Whether it is DNA Astrology or tarot Numerology or Soul desire reading, her readings were accurate and showed me my inner truth and strength. It gave me lot of clarity to take next step my life.....

01 Jan 22


I have been in touch Nehaa over 3 years now and do intend to do so as my experience through various workshops facilitatedt by Nehaa has changed my course in life. 

Be it forgiveness workshop, Chakra workshop, Manifestation Workshop, Inner child Healing, Empowerment Coaching, Numerology Readings, Soul Purposes Reading, Yearly Reading, Shadow side Reading, you will find yourself at ease and open to receive guidance flowing through her. She knows whats she is talking by experience. Guidance that i have received through her is well explained, so there is no room left for doubt.

To the one who is reading is review, reach out to her without second guessing as i i know the time I felt broken, I felt lost, Nehaa showed me the light, but you have to do your bit.

THANKS Nehaa!!!


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