Body Alignment

Description :

Body alignment technique uses vibrational energy to heal others and ourselves. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level and become part of our biological systems. This unique technique clears these subconscious memory pathways. Our body is like a computer, storing memories of past trauma, environmental stress, toxicity and suppressed emotions. Through Body Alignment Technique, this knowledge of past memories is accessed, pinpointing these emotional experiences in a very quick and direct way, getting to the heart of the matter. These experiences are brought back into the body, to its deepest cellular level, and from that place of deepest feelings, released. The experience is taken out of the head, and back into the body and felt exactly as it was at the time of it happening. This helps shift the energy, as it is no longer an intellectual experience, but a body experience. As the body stores memory at this level, it is released from this level. To bring about healing, layer upon layer is released.

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