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Candles for Meditation and Manifestation

Benefits :

Focused Meditation and Manifestations.

Specifications :

Enhance your meditation and manifestation attempts with these carefully crafted Color Therapy and Angel Manifestation Candles.

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : Antara Iyer

Category : Candles, Organic and Homemade, meditation products

MRP : INR 300

Stock Available :







Color Therapy Candles and Angel Manifestation Candles are made of pure paraffin wax with environment safe colours and essential oils. Available in various colors eg, Yellow, Green, Gray, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink and for various purposes like Manifestation of Creativity, Love, Money Magnet, Wisdom, Tranquility, Strength, Removal of Negativity Etc.

Angel Manifestation Candles are available for the 7 Archangels and to invoke them to help us with specific purposes. Available individual jar candles or in set of 7.

* prices vary according to jar sizes and content also sets are available at competitive prices. Delivery and Courier charges are as applicable.

-brought to you by Its Magik by Antara Iyer

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