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Manko Aura Cleansing bath salts

Location : Delhi

Retailer : Anuja Puri

Category : Beauty, Bath

MRP : INR 500

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Producy name: Manko's aura cleansing bath salts.

Ingredients: Himalayan, Epsom and Rock salts with natural dried flowers and herbs, added essential oils for stronger fragrance and to add more healing benefits to your bath.

Usage: Fill tub/ bucket with Luke warm water. Add our Aura cleansing bath salt and let dissolve. Soak or Take regular bath as you like. Make sure you set your intention that this salt bath will cleanse your aura and remove all negative and disharmonius energies.

Benefits: regular usage will clean aura and remove negative/ disharmonius emotions. 

*This will Guaranteed change your bath experience. For better results use with our chakra healing salt bath bar.

Price: ?500 for every 1000grams.

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