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Dadima s Godpapdi

Benefits :

Power packed with energy and iron from jaggery proves to be a good snack for pregnant moms to be.

This is an excellent energy bar to be packed for kids tiffin or snack for their extra hobby classes.

A Must Have in winters too.


Specifications :


Whole Wheat Flour, Jaggery, Pure Cow's Ghee ,Elaichi (cardomom) & Soonth (Dry Ginger)

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : Ananya A Save

Category : Snack, Kids Snack, Winter Foods

MRP : INR 1000

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Godpapdi or Sukhadi is a native of Maharashtra and Gujrat. This is a dry snack similar to a cookie/ barfi. 

Very healthy snack for growing kids as well as pregant mothers. One can pack it for their travel too. This is a anytime snack that keeps your satiated for a longer time.

Can be used as a return gift for occassions like weddings or any festivals.

The shelf life of this snack is for 2 months without refrigeration


Product retailed by Ananya Save 

Product retailed by Felicita Foods

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