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Specifications :

100% Natural and Eco friendly

Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation Very helpful for Yoga Mediation and Natural therapies

Release Negative Ions Enhances Vitality and Wellness

Purifies and Deodorize the Air

Improves Sleeping Reduces Stress Boost Health and Wellness

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : Dinesh Suvagiya

Category : Decorative Lighting & Lamps, Table lamp

MRP : INR 2900

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1) Very useful for Reiki Pranic Healing Vastu correction and Light Therapies 2) Very Good Natural Product for Wellness Interior 3) Protects from Electromagnetic Radiations 4) Naturally Charged for Millions of Years 5) Inducing Super Positive Energy and Absorbs Negative Energy 6) Removes Energy Blocks and help in Chakra Cleaning. BUDIVAM Original Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp are 250 million year old, Hand mined, Handcrafted from selected Rare and Premium Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Crystals. BUDIVAM come with 84 Natural Minerals and produces negative Ions which are very helpful for reducing ill effect of pollution, viruses, mold, bacteria and provide Positive Energy, Health, Vitality, Harmony and Wellness. These Lamps have unique Divine appearance and the glow. BUDIVAM is best Natural Wellness Interior product for all type of spaces. When BUDIVAM Salt Crystal Lamp are lit, create warm, natural and blissful ambience and same health benefits as Air Ionizer. These Lamps may placed in Living Room, Children Rooms, Bedroom, Offices, Near Television set, Computer Screen, Yoga-Meditation Room, Spa, Waiting areas, Showroom ,Factories etc to neutralize the ill effect of pollutions and create healthy relax atmosphere around. BUDIVAM Original Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are best for Gifting to Family, Friends, Staff and Customers. BUDIVAM Original Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp are very helpful for Natural Therapies including 3HW, Speleo Therapy, Light Therapy etc.


Sold by: Dinesh Suvagiya (KDM Wellness)

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