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10 Years

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English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati

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Sheetal Patel

I am into healing modalities since 2015 and have a special connect with children. Knowing that they are our future, I believe in empowering them so that they can evolve better .Realizing that they are sensitive, I specialized into Bach Flower Remedies which work very subtly on them. It helps them identify their capabilities and gifts each of them posses .Being Flower Extracts they are extrelmy safe for consumption and have shown wonderful results in plants, animals, children and even adults.



Magnified Healing - Master Teacher

Bach Flower Remedy - Practioner

Rewriting of Soul Records - Practioner

Merlin Trinity Systems - Practioner

Usui Shiki Reiki - Healer

Karuna Reiki (William Lee Rand) - Healer

Certified in Vedanata Foundation by Chinmaya Mission   


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20 Jun 18

Rashmi khemka

I have been consulting Sheetal for this beautiful remedy called Bach flower for myself and my daughter . And I must say My experience has been simply fantastic! Bach has helped us deal with some core emotional issues in a beautiful way .It truly helps one to discover their true inner self and evolve as a person . It’s amazing how it goes deep into your emotional layers , strengthens your inner self and allows you to express oneself . 

I can’t praise Sheetal enough for the dedicated and understanding person she is .Her knowledge of the subject is intense . She connects beautifully with kids . She makes one feel very comfortable which makes it easy for one to talk to her without inhibitions. A modest and warm hearted person , she excels in her subject . 

I would say , the duo of Bach and Sheetal is magical ! 


18 Jun 18

Anu Khurana

it was an amazing experience when I joined Magnified Healing class from Sheetal patel.She explained with so much compassion and patience that it creates lots of desire to learn more about it.She is a wonderful teacher with immense knowledge and understanding about her subject


16 Jun 18

Ritu Dhir

Meeting Sheetal for the meditation sessions WAS AN AMAZING AND AWESOME EXPERIENCE . Felt like never before. I think she is most sincere and gentle in her sessions.God Bless her manifolds as she makes you feel calm, happy and connected instantly.

16 Jun 18

seema sharma

I have been taking this very gentle and soft  healing modality since three months n m feeling really very calm n in harmony,  this was my first time to get introduced to such a new dimension of healing.....

I have met Sheetal for the first time for this remedy and I never felt for once that we were meeting for first time , she made me that comfortable and she is very soft spoken and humble person , it feels nice when there is someone who will listen to you so calmly and answers to our questions so that we can reflect our inner self.... I am so ... so ... grateful to Sheetal for being there completely for me she is a lovely person. And the Bach flower remedy is doing wonders for me I have become much more calmer and lots of other emotional issues have also been reduced a lot . Thank you Sheetal lots of gratitude n love ????




15 Jun 18

Dimple Singhania

I am really thankful to SHEETAL for introducting BACH  such devin thing to us. Because of her learned strong background the session gose very light. Her understanding of subject makes it very very easy to pinpoint the core issue and handling it becomes easy.  

She is great with kids. Me and my son have been taking BACH since past 10 months under Sheetal's guidance. It's giving us great results. There were some core issues which I could deal with within a very short span.  

Sheetal is a very committed and trusted healer.  Very genuine person and easy to go with.  

Thanks you once again for opening up such wonderful path for us. 

We wish you great luck for a bright future as a healer. 

14 Jun 18

Madhuri kapur

I’ve had very nice experience.

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