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Leap of Faith (65 Years)

Leap of Faith is a Collaboration of 4 Dynamic Lightworkers, who have come together to spread Love, Light and Divine Healing in order to Help the Soul come into awareness of its Life Path and overcome the blocks in its path. Every problem presents its self as an opportunity to take a plunge - take a Leap of Faith.

Leap of Faith is a Divinely Guided Company With 4 Departments:

1.) Brainnistry - This department manages all forms of Diagnostics and Intelligence Testing. This is the first primary step in the direction of Healing Treatments

2.) Counselling and Consultations - We conduct Counselling and Consultations using over 25 varied modalities depending on Client requirement which includes Clinical Counselling, Group Counselling, Family Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Theta, Reiki, Child Counselling, Dream Awareness,  Crystal Healing, Angel Guidance, Pranic Healing... and the list goes on... Shortly we are launching support groups.

3.) Spiritual Healing Programs - This covers the learning and educational realm of modalities of healing, Counselling and Life Enhancing Skills Training

4.) Jiana - Jiana is a name that came to us as Divine Inspiration... It means "Coming to Life". For us whatever maybe the healing product it's primary purpose is to bring to life Love and Light in the area where there is lack and stagnancy. And so Jiana is our Healing Product Range. Each product is blessed, Divinely Inspired, exclusively and completely customised, as per client requirement. Each grid, kit, crystallised bowl and vase is customised for our clients and attuned for 48 hours to 72 hours, prior to delivery...

The Team:

Jyoti Gidwani: Jyoti is the youngest at heart and Leap of Faith's Guardian Angel Godmother, and so we all lovingly call her Ma. A Divine nurturer, a Channel of the Goddess Energies and Sai Baba, she uses modalities of Energy Healing and Therapeutic Counselling Words.

Kavita Toprani: She is our Natkhat Krishna always present in the spirit of innocence, fun, Joy and excitement.... She spreads her infectious happiness to spread Happinesso every client and seeker of healing and guidance.

Karishma Bajaj : She is God's child and a blessed soul. A magician who brings to light many lives and yet so humble that she never speaks of the breakthroughs. A Friend, a Blessing ,a Guide and a Guru to many.

Yashita Lalpuria: She is Leap of Faith's Divine Child with a passion to solve problems and off load burdens, with a speical talent for the child in all.

Leap of Faith Expert Panel:

1.) Ranjit Santa Bajaj : His middle name has been been given lovingly by many of his admirers. One thing for sure is that he is a King / Queen Maker. If you wish to attain the Zenith of Your life seek his Astro Guidance

2.) Harsh Singh : International Radio Jockey, Actor, Theatre Personality and in the Healing Realm Innovator of T3 - Therapeutic Theatre Technique

3.) Supriti Singh : Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Healer and Guide. Supriti also is Innovator and Creator of TDT - Therapeutic Dance Technique

4.) Payal Gidwani Tiwari : Payal is a renowned name in the field of Yoga - a Yoga Guru to most of Bollywood. She is also specialised in Nutrition Care. She is Our Brand Ambassador for our fitness program "Drop Your Weight"

5.) Alka Chaudhry : A compassionate Reki Healing Master and Channel

6.) Dr. Vandana : She is a Soulful Homeopath and a humble Access Bar Practitioner with lots of experience in the field of Healing.

Leap of Faith Collaborations:

Leap of Faith has so far collaborated with 2 Wellness Centres to conduct our programs and consultations :

1.) Sunburst Creative Wellness
2.) Cosmic Fusion

And Finally...

Leap of Faith Social Responsibility :

Leap of Faith contributes to a Social Organisation - Love Heals My World in terms of Service and Money to Gift Smiles and Talents amongst it's other activities...

We seek Blessings, Experts and Collaborations across cities to expand the Leap of Faith umbrella


MS. Psychotherpay and Counselling

MA Clinical Psychology

Certificates and Diplomas in all modalities of Healing and Guidance as awarded and achieved by each of the team members

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15 Sep 15


My session with Jyoti aunty was truly divine. The experience of her channeling was simply awesome. Thank you

29 Aug 15


I know Kavita since more than 15 years and she has been a source of inspiration for me always. She has instilled in me my lost faith in the super power above. Her daily motivational and inspirational messages make my day. Even though I stay far away in Australia, I know that I have a friend who is constantly praying for me which helps me go through this journey. Thank you dear....

27 Aug 15

Always (Jyoti)thank Aunty's Bacha

I have know Jyoti Aunty for 20+ yrs . Right through my childhood to adulthood she has always been my inspirtation and guiding light. Overflowing with love I am lucky to be blessed with her motherly presence in my life! Aunt has seen me through my good and my bad and her love for me has never changed. she never judged but continue to pray and be there for me. Help me. Even in times when i shut the world out she knew exactly hw I felt and would call me up to talk about it and thus help me clear my thoughts and guide me in the same way. Her name Jyoti is apt! I always call her my guiding light. A light that shines in my most darkest moments and celebrates in the happy ones. There is nothing that is hidden between us she just knows.. always.. I can feel her blessings and prayers around me always. I dont remember the first time I met but still remember the first time she randomly discussed a problem that had been bothering me for months about which I could not speak to anyone about. It felt soo good at the end of the convo even though I hadnt told her it was a topic of concern for me. from that day till today aunt just knows and has been there for me . helped . guided and above all loved me for me. They say we need love the most when we deserve it the least. She proves it to be true.It is easy said. not every1 acts on it. but not for her ,She loves u in ur high and low. the same way!! I have always felt like her baccha! and thank God for this angels presence in my life! love u loads aunty thank you for always being there. and even tom when i have my kids, i know i will still always be your loving baccha!! :*

25 Aug 15


I have been to Karishma for a counselling session and she is an angel who guided me to understanding my heart and my journey. Not only me but also as a family we have been going to her and her guidance has always been helpful. God bless you Karishma!!

25 Aug 15


Karishma, just like her name -a miracle. It just took one session with her to break down so many barriers I had built inside myself. Made me realise the true self that  I was and gave a great boost to my confidence to take on life from there. Miracles happen!!!

25 Aug 15


Kavita, one of the most jolliest person I have met, even before a session her embrace is enough to start your journey to clarity and a sure shot answer to many of your questions. Her tarot session oh so accurate and always leading to a better understanding of myself and giving me a better insight to manage my life. Her workshops very well explained and carried out making sure that all who are a part of it understand each and everything. I love her way of making everyone comfortable in her way of explaining in a language they are more familiar with.  Kavita, I couldn't have asked for a better friend-philosopher-guide. 

25 Aug 15


Some times life asks questions for which you have no answers. A chance meeting with Kavita gave me answers to questions which had been unanswered for quite some time.Her impeccable knowledge of the tarot combined with switch words set me on the right path giving me great emotional satisfaction and happiness.She has more than 3 years experience with Tarot and guiding and never goes wrong with her predictions.Amazing accuracy!!!

25 Aug 15


My name is Deep and I reside in USA. I had got a tarot card session done from Kavita. She is very good at her work n accurate with the readings. She makes me trust her as her words are to the point n simple. If u are looking for a tarot card reader , Kavita Toprani is the person to reach out for. 

24 Aug 15


I have meditated her. It has helped me immensely to reach a positive zenith in my mind and heart! She makes you feel very comfortable and has a positive vibe which is infectious and reaches out before you even know it. She is a warm person and makes sure that your mind and heart are clear of everything and anything negative. She leaves you as a new person everytime you meet her.


24 Aug 15


I have interacted with Kavita toprani for counselling sessions and she has helped me tremendously. Her positive personality itself is infectious and the patience with which she guides you to the right path is amazing....thanks Kavita 

24 Aug 15


Attended this Awesome workshop on " Healing The Inner Child " which deat with emotions, like anxiety, insecurity, fear,anger, guilt, procrastination etc. conducted by Karishma Bajaj and Harsh Singh. Beautiful Teachers and masters in their work!! The techniques they used to release unhappy emotions were superbly superb!!!  Such was the impact of this workshop that some self defeating beleifs were peeled away and with what fun and frolic..... I would like to say it was an emotional spa treatment, which cleansed out my mind of its useless clutter and made me feel so strong and empowered and energetic.

Karishma, Harsh , Supriti...U guys rock. So much of Wisdom & Knowledge yet so humble and down to earth. So much of love and care and understanding. Can't find thebest words to express , the relief I felt after attending this worshop !!!!! I pray and hope that millions like me get to know and avail of your wonderful, wonderful Services. Feeling so very blessed!!! A Million Thanks with Love....

24 Aug 15

Aarti Gulab Panjabi

It is my SAIBABA who keeps me alive through Divine channel's like Jyoti Maa.

I met Her in life when I was uncertain & a little afraid of my life mainly my Children.

I opened my Heart in Trust & Faith & Surrendered to hear what was coming as the Will of GOD.

I Truly Believe that Jyoti Maa has the Heart of the Intercessor.

She helped me to detatch from fear & worry energy . It is not possible for me to explain in words but to me She is a Gift from SAI very Dear & Precious.

Only when life is difficult we are challenged to become our greatest selves.

I THANK YOU Jyoti Maa for restoring me to my true nature of Love &. Happiness.

I LoveYou,

I HonorYou,

I Appreciate You.

Keep Shining.





24 Aug 15

Pandharinath Rajeshirke

What do you say about someone who is perhaps the most extraordinary person you will ever meet in your life. Yashita Lalpuria is that  person and more. I have known Yashita for about 4 years on both a personal  and professional basis. On a personal level, she is a kind,  and positive person with amazing warmth, humor, friendship and empathy.On a professional level… I have seen her performing workshops and handling counselling cases with enthusiastically, highly energetic and impact full. On all levels, she never disappoints, always exceeding one’s expectations.

 Yashita Lalpuria is a uniquely-gifted, very-intelligent, compassionate individual. She has helped many children, colleagues , and many other familes, recover from serious problems. She has also provided me with truly amazing information during  my project and assignments. I am eternally grateful for her guidence and friendship.

Yashita Lalpuria is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. She is possessed of a knowledge, power and experience that few people have which permits her to work on many different levels to awaken and help the human race. She is an explorer who has had some truly amazing experiences. She has led and continues to lead an extraordinary life, and has much to teach  us through her unique view of the world. I know her through the many cases I have listened to and through personal correspondence. 

Yashita Lalpuria is a efficient and kind person, with a great thirst for knowledge , adventure  and wonderful light soaring spirit. Anyone would like to work and would highly recommend her services, skills and expertise.”

All the best to Yashita and her partners of Leap of faith.




22 Aug 15

Faizan Sahigara

I am a proud Indian living in France for work. It’s been several months now since I was first introduced to Kavita and let me tell you something, there had been not even a single day since then that I haven’t had a word with Kavita and seek her blessings. Let me tell you once more thing, I have never met Kavita in real… (at least not until today as I am miles and miles away) but she is like a family to me. I was introduced to Kavita during the most messed up period of my life; when all I could see in my dreams were nightmares, all I could hear were the bitter words from my loved ones; my professional life was about to collapse…..it felt like a never ending night of darkness. Kavita learnt about my situation and then we had the very first telephonic conversation we had where I introduced myself to her and then opened my never ending encyclopedia of problems, problems and more problems. I can never forget that conversation because it was then that everything changed for good. I have whole heartly followed Kavita’s guidance and as a result, everything just started to fall back in place slowly and steadily. Today I can dream about good times, still have my loved ones on my side and being praised by my employer……..and a huge credit goes to Kavita who could send her healing to someone who is miles and miles away! My prayers and best wishes are with Kavita and every founding member of Leap of Faith! Felicitations for your hard work and time spent to provide healing to so many heart-broken, miserable and needy people. And this is just the beginning………..way to go!!!

22 Aug 15


You guys give leaps and bounds of relief and positivity. Patiently hearing out and giving unbiased opinion for an individual's betterment is a tough job - which you do sincerely. Without overwhelming us! Thanks for building faith. My first experience with Yashita was so fulfilling purely bcoz of the time and energy she devoted with me. Kavita is a smooth soul who picks things very well. Experience counts. All the best!

22 Aug 15


karishma and kavita thank you , thank you , thank you ! a new journey for me made possible by you........am thoroughly enjoying it! :) :)


22 Aug 15

Vaishali Sabherwal

I have always depended on my strongest anchor Karishma Bajaj who over the years, has been my friend, philosopher, guide, psychologist, healer and now angel. 5 years ago, I collapsed due to a slipped disc and she was the one I called at midnight. She instantly sent me healing and guided me to visualise a white light healing my back. Not Surprisingly I was on my feet in no time. She has since then, healed me (mind and body) several times. As human as we are, we have recurrent problems that need intervention and she has always been there for me, like a beacon of strong light that helps me walk out of each one of them with ease and confidence. I wish angel Karishma and her team all the very best in their endeavour. May they touch many many more lives.

21 Aug 15

sammeer arora

Have done runes, autowriting n advanced tarot with my favorite angel Karishma Bajaj n have totally loved the workshops as they have transformed me n made me a better person. Cant thank Karishma enough for her invaluable contribution to my life. Looking forward to your presence with me in my ongoing spiritual journey.

21 Aug 15

Ravi Melwani


20 Aug 15


Kavita is such a compassionate soul! She is so good at her work of reading tarot! I have consulted her 5 times and each time she had her predictions right on target! Not only does she help read the future but also guide to live a positive n happy life! Her readings are accurate and authentic! I would recommend her as a genuine tarot card reader! 

20 Aug 15


Karishma Baja Oh my GOD what a amazing soul she helped me in guiding Chakra cleaning and what all Chakra meant , she made me lightnand flet in a white bubble who is shedding out pink light to ppl around .wow can't think enough


Thank you 

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