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Bhairavi Mehta

I am an Environmental Engineer by my Academic Profession. Have studiestudied various Healing Modalities like Chakra Healing, Thetha Healing, IIntegrated Healing, EFT etc. God has gifted a very strong Intutiton and Pyschic Abillities which I use for Chanelled Mediation, Mediumship, Intuitive Reading. Since 2010 I specialise in Reconnective Healing / The Reconnection. I have been working with Dr. Eric Pearl and his Team as a Teaching Assistant and have travelled with them to many parts of the world. It's my passion to take this work throughout the globe.Reconnective Healing has provided millions around the world the opportunity to reconnect and achieve a more optimal state of health, balance, wholeness and Vitality in all areas of their life. Now you can become a leader in conscious energy healthcare and learn about a new dynamic level of healing you can easily do for yourself and for others- no matter what your background.


Chakra Healing

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Integrated Healing

Foreign Energy Dynamics

Pyshic Channelling

Thetha Healing Basic

Thetha Healing Advance

Thetha Healing Manifesting Abundance 

Thetha Healing Intuitive Anatomy 

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner 

The Reconnection Certified Practitioner 

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03 Jul 20

Hiteksha Tulsiani

Very good analysis. Thank you very much.

03 Jul 20

Shakti Kumar Chaubay

 to the point prediction excellent healer

Thank you very much Bhairavi

03 Jul 20

Ketna Engineer

Thank you so much Bhairavi ...perfect reading 

03 Jul 20

Bhavesh Shah

Awesome. Reading. Clear and to the point. Giving the possibilities I was looking for.

03 Jul 20

mohana krishna

Exact situation was given by Bhairavi mam, thank you so much for explaining situation and suggestions ????????????

03 Jul 20

Vandana Mansukhani

Thank you the for the reading , it was totally right .

Waiting for the change to happen . Thank you . 

03 Jul 20

Vandana Mansukhani

Thank you the for the reading , it was totally right .

Waiting for the change to happen . Thank you . 

02 Jul 20

Sonal parekh

Thanks Bhairavi for the reading.You were bang on,will definitely try to work on it. Thanks again.

02 Jul 20


I find Bhairavi to be very positive and gentle as she sends out her readings or healings. I had a good experience and will keep a watch out for what she asked me to. In gratitude

02 Jul 20

padmasri soni

I had an excellent experience with Bhairavi and her healing 


02 Jul 20

Alda Pereira




02 Jul 20

Anita Barretto

Gratitude Bhairavi Ma'am for the acurate reading done for me at ML group.. definitely want to connect to get deeper guidance...Thank you so much.

02 Jul 20

Manya Sacheendra Narayan

A 100 percent accurate reading for my daughter. Thank you maam for the readings. ????

02 Jul 20

Sacheendra Narayan

Thank you Bhairavi madam for the reading. Its a accurate reading and i can work upon the weak areas. Lots of gratitude ????

02 Jul 20

Cchhaya V Bheda

Thank you Bhairavi for your reading. It was very accurate. It also made me realise which area needs to be worked upon. 

02 Jul 20

Vannee Jaising

just wanted to say thank u to one helluva lady n healer!!! u r bang on and absolutely amazing

02 Jul 20

Babita Narayan

Gratitude Bhairavi Maam  for the reading which is 100 percent accurate .You are truly blessed .

02 Jul 20


I had taken session on ML and it was awesome. 

Post this experience I had booked the personal session with Ms. Bhairavi which was peaceful.

Thank you Mystic lotus and Ms. Bhairavi for the awesome and peaceful experiences. 

02 Jul 20

Meher P. Pavri

Bhairav did an Intuitive reading for me on the ML group.. Amazed at her accuracy of her reading. 

Hope she can help me going ahead

06 Apr 20

neha rani

Had a very transforming reconnection healing with Bhairavi. Saw divine white light and all my pains, sufferings from birth were healed and loved. Felt so new and divine after her session. Flying freely ????

22 Nov 19

Meher P. Pavri

Bhairavi, u were so generous with yr sharing of Reconnective healing during d week on ML. We lnt so much. Want to learn more. Will connect with u. 

Deep gratitude! God bless

22 Nov 19

Mohana krishna

I can feel the energies during session, it's really great to have a chance to know about reconnective healing, thank you Bhairavi jiii 

11 Jul 19


I could join in only for today and missed the previous three days, even so, it was a beautiful experience. 

Reconnective healing is very new and it's intrigued me to explore more about it. 

Thank you Bhairavi for the experience and explaining it all about the frequency and play with it.

10 Jul 19


Amazing experience. Loved being part of the group. Felt very peaceful. Something totally new yet felt calm and relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing. 

10 Jul 19


Something very new.... I had a great experience in experiencing frequencies and techniques.  Glad that i was the part of group. I wish to go forward and learn and experience such wonderful thing! 

Thank you dear for the Time and Experience :)

09 Jul 19

Lajja Parikh

Excellent experience in the r h session and a life changing process also experienced mental peace and the time for self acceptance and self value looking forward for more experience for more betterment for self 

09 Jul 19

Preeti Madkaikar

It was a wonderful feeling..could feel tingling in my feet n if something pulling me towards d frequencies..had a terrible pain in my feet from last 3months which has vanished almost 50%..will b in gratitude????

08 Jul 19

Prof. Vimal Sharma

your Introduction to RH on whatsapp was very effective. The energy feel was there.

Am confident it has potentials to yeild miraclous results

Looking forward to more insight 

Thank you Thank you Thank you

29 May 18

Meher P. Pavri

Enjoying d session. Learning something new. Bhairavi is explaining the theory well


09 Feb 18

Divya Dayal

I had a wonderful experience at mystic lotus group session by Bhairavi on reconnecting healing



06 Jul 16

Samrat Bhogle

I am Samrat Bhogle, Principal Architect at Etablir Designs – a Mumbai based Architectural Firm offering services in Building Design, Facade Design & Technical Drawings of Megastructures. We are Consultants to some of Mumbai’s leading Builders & Construction Fitout Companies of the World.

I have taken Reconnective Healing Session of Dr. Bhairavi Mehta of the The Reconnection to cope up with stress management. I had previously been practising meditation & Yoga techniques, however the process used to take almost 30 minutes everyday & required to be done regularly. The Reconnective Healing done by Dr. Bhairavi is just a one time process & usually does not require more than 2 sessions. It also does not require the person to get involved in any form of mental, physical or breathing exercise unlike most methods.

Reconnective Healing has an intelligence which identifies the area of improvement & heals on its own.

We, at Etablir Designs would strongly recommend Dr. Bhairavi & the Reconnection for the Best Healing experience. We wish her best success.

05 Jul 16


I had been to bhairavi around 8 years back jst for counselling and with her positive wibes i decided to get myself recconected.... i did recconective healing from her and suddenly within a year my full life changed.  I so happy to hve met her as my life has fully transformed from a housewife to a well known makeup artist. I am also a very confident person now. Thanks alot dear for alwys being there.

05 Jul 16

Nilesh mehta

I have done theta healing and reconnection from Bhairavi mehta. She is very supportive n understand all your problems. The way my thinking was before n in present time it's totally different. My attitude towards life is more positive now after meeting her.. I'm thankful to her .. 

05 Jul 16

Shabnam Contractor

Bhairavi is a dedicated and very effective Reconnective  Healing Practitioner. She has done The Reconnection for me and it was indeed a life changing experience. 

As a colleague she works in the true spirit of co operation and collaboration. True to the teachings of Dr Eric Pearl. 

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