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Joyita Sabharwal

In the last 25 years  I explored various  healing modalities  for exploring my true (spiritual) nature and my own personal evolution including being a Reiki Master for over two decades, Ho’oponopono, EFT, Shamanic journey, family constellation, Munay Ki Rites, energy downloads, cell regeneration, Access Bars and many others.

But huge  transformations and personal shifts began after my personal Reconnective Healing sessions in the year 2010. This eventually lead me to train under Dr. Eric Pearl to become a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner in 2016. These frequencies have made me more compassionate and still within which in turn enables me to offer a neutral, non-judgmental, secure, accepting  and comforting space to others in their healing process.

These frequencies re-vibe your life and change your frequency. There is no limit to the ways in which these frequencies can prove effective. I have witnessed healing of  Anxiety, Addictions,  Depression,  Digestive Disorders,  Eating Disorders, Epilepsy, Frozen Shoulder, Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation, Injury, Insomnia and many other afflictions  as well as faster recovery from  surgery, relief from fears, difficult life situations such as loss of a loved one or work-related issues, supplementing your current treatments, relationship problems, courage to make changes,  discovering your life purpose,   deepened intuition and clarity, discovery of hidden talents, greater ease to forgive and move on, evolutionary changes in career and personal relationships. So, the healing can manifest in many different forms, and not just the physical. You might become more peaceful within yourself, you might begin to relate differently to family members or friends, experiencing more love, forgiveness and acceptance; you might find that the disease that has challenged you transforms into restored balance or harmony in your life; your pain may ease and you might feel more joy.

I am in complete awe of every healing I witness in humans, animals, plants and spaces whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, when these potent  frequencies of energy, light  and information interact and integrate with the energy field of clients making them  reconnect with their inner self and achieve balance and harmony, expanding their consciousness, bringing more joy  and achieving well-being in many aspects of their lives.

I offer sessions in person as well as distance and recommend upto 3 Reconnective Healing sessions for any given life issue.

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Reiki and Healing Light from 2000 till 2016

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13 Aug 19

Archana Manelkar

Thank you!!! question mark was a mistakenly added..

13 Aug 19

Archana Manelkar

In September 2018 my husband suffered a severe heart attack... after a round of angioplasty & a bypass subsequently his heart function was found to be only 20% .While casually chatting with Joyita I found out that she does reconnective healing. She said she could give Reconnective healing sessions to my husband through distance healing. In 2 sessions itself my husband started feeling more energitic ,started sleeping well & his general health showed a lot of improvement .Today he drives to work himself & is leading a normal life except for  feeling a little fatigued  occasionally..

Soon after that I requested her give Reconnective healing sessions to my sister who is suffering from a rare nerve disease & was in the ICU then since a month with a lot of complications & breathlessness .After the first session itself my sister started feeling better. She slept well the same night .After the second session she was out of the ICU to the normal room .& after the third session she was out of the hospital..She is doing much much better now, even though she needs a walker she is managing without a nurse..She does all basic jobs by herself & is quite self sufficient. Where our family had almost given up hopes on her getting well..with Joyita's healing she is 90% better today  .I am  really thankful to Joyita for my husband's & sister's recovery and would strongly recommend her to others.. Thank you????

31 Jul 19

Preeti Chhabra

I got to know about Joyita’s reconnective healing sessions from a common friend and how it had done wonders in his fathers case.
My husband used to be a very lively and carefree person. 

Two years back due to disputes in family business and some wrong business decisions we lost a lot of money and he kind of went into depression.
He became very withdrawn, lacking in confidence and very short tempered.
I used to find him awake at 2-3 am just staring into space.
I spoke to Joyita about this and she explained the healing process and how it would benefit him lifelong.
After the first session itself we noticed a lot of change. He slept through out the night and looked calmer and relaxed. He too felt the change within himself and asked Joyita for the 2nd & 3rd sessions.
I won’t say that he is completely back to his earlier self because bad experiences do leave their scars but he has regained the confidence to face life. I feel he has become more matured in handling people and situations.
I’m so thankful to Joyita for bringing him out of his shell with her distant healing sessions.

I too experienced the power of RH.
I met with an accident a year back and suffered a head injury. I recovered from it physically but mentally it left an impact.
I started getting cold flashes, palpitations, choking feelings.
The doctors treated me for weakness and post accident trauma with vitamins & anti depressants.
It was Joyita who after hearing my symptoms first pointed out that these were of panic attacks. 
She had already given me a distant healing session while I was in the hospital. She gave me a second session so that I could overcome my fears and come out of the trauma. It really helped me in overcoming all negative thoughts and fears. Today I’m almost off medication and I have Joyita to thank for understanding my problem and bringing back positivity into my life.

30 Jul 19

Rajni Tandan

RH therapy is one of the best remedies. I recently came across  this method of reaching out and resolving major medical issues in my family. This remedy has changed the very life in our family. The beneficiary has been my brother and my dog Beatrice. My brother, who is a known journalist in Delhi , went into deep depression after losing his wife to cancer, he hit the bottle and smoked non stop…. And then a time came when his creatinine levels entered danger zone and he was going in for dialysis. just then I came across Joyita , who enlightened me about RH therapy, and I took it upon myself to have it done on my brother…believe me, he {my brother) who had the fistula ready on his wrist to undertake dialysis, began showing improvement in about a week’s time…Joyita did three sessions on him, and soon we realized that his creatinine began downward trend. Today, after nearly year and two months, my brother is totally out of kidney malfunction to the extent that he needs no dialysis. His depression connected to the loss of his spouse is also much better. I strongly recommend this therapy for people suffering from various ailments.


This not where it ends, RH has worked on my dog Beatrice as well, who had not taken kindly to our newly born baby girl, she would growl at her, we love our dog and didn’t want to part with her, again Joyita did distant RH on Beatrice (Bea) , and today with God’s grace things are much better. I can safely say that there is a big hope for those who feel they are not able to manage a lot of medical and emotional issues in their lives….one must undertake it with full faith and things will turn round, like it did in our case.

29 Jul 19

Seema bapna

Seema Bapna-June 2018

Ever since I got the healing sessions done from J in December of 2016, I've experienced a huge change in my perspective & outlook of life. My expectations  of things have reduced considerably, my relationships have become more loving & stronger. I feel that even without having a spiritual master or guru, I've been able to remain less impacted with life's issues.

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