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Chetna Chakravarthy

When people say it’s all in the mind they aren’t kidding. As someone whose initial curiosity is now a very strong belief, tackling underlying metaphysical causes help in speeding up recovery and fighting chronic illnesses. Where and how did curiosity turn into faith? Some were my own experiences and some those of clients I have worked with.

Bio-Touch, my core practice is a healing modality that stimulates one’s inherent healing capabilities. Meditative Healing techniques such as a Chakra Cleansing and Psychic Healing are some of the other modalities I practice. But they all stem from my desire to empower people, nurture their inherent healing abilities and creation prowess.

My belief in the capabilities of the human heart and soul to change one’s life has also lead to the creation of the Circle Of Positivity Workshop. This 3 part workshop allows participants to break out of the rut of negativity they may be stuck in to create the life they truly desire.

Even when I turn to my Angel Oracle Decks, I lay emphasis on transforming oneself and one’s present rather than looking for answers about the future. I use the cards to determine the way forward for each client as well as my role in their lives as a facilitator of change. Working closely with each client over a period of time, I use various healing techniques as is appropriate to help them make the right changes to manifest the life they desire as is for their highest good.

Having completed Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop and Bio-Touch course I truly believe curiosity is the only spark one needs to keep the flame of faith burning bright. ‘Let go of your past, work on your present and manifest the future you dream of’ is the mantra that I live by and offer as the means for you to create the miracles you want in your life.

Previous Experience

13 years of experience in the Corporate space - Advertising, Publishing and Digital Media

3 years as an Entrepreneur - eBubbleWrapped (digital managazine for the social sector), The Basket Case (a foodie venture to promote Home Chefs) and Alternative Healing 



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21 Jun 16


I came across Chetna , during the mystic lotus festival and attended a workshop conducted by her. I love her orating skills - it's like you want to listen to her and believe her. A few Bio-Touch sessions and two chakra healing sessions old, I'm glad as to how far we have come. Chetna is full of perspectives when you feel you are blocked. Rational, constructive and approachable, indubitably a delight and someone who knows where they are coming from and what are they talking about. Just an overture this may be , one needs to meet her and feel the circle of positivity :) Love and hugs :)

10 Apr 16


I came to you with unbearable back pain and a great strain in my that time living with this pain and pain killers was a way of life for me until you said to me "are you stupid, how can living in pain be a way of life!"

Through our series of readings, talking , bio touch and chakra pain is practically gone. On some level I feel like I dealt with emotions that were stored within me for years. I value myself a little more and I have got a sense of patience to just be. Be myself, in good or bad, be myself and cry and deal with problems in the moment, be myself and smile when things are good and be sad when not- knowing that they will improve because they have to and i deserve the best.

I am still learning and acting upon a lot of things, I try and live more in my present and not worry so much about future...I try...I struggle ...but I'm more conscious.

Most definitely in a much better place.

20 Feb 16


The aura on the chat group when you appear is sooo strong that it becomes difficult to handle....positive energy and light flowing for that 1 continuous hour....thx u soo much. You helped me see a side I was unsure about abd your view point and positive healing really helped.  Thx u in gratitude. 

18 Feb 16

Anuradha Sharma

Thanks Chetna for your healing. It gave me the clarity that receiving is from the heart and not the mind. I was wondering all this why my receiving was still blocked,  inspite of all cognitive work. 

I am so grateful to you for this realization. God bless  you always. 

18 Feb 16


Thank you Chetna ,

i am very grateful to you for last nights reiki .

An opportunity just opened up for me after last nights healing . I still have to wait till July but the talks just started . 

It's not earning but like volunteer class where norminal charges but I'm so excited abt it.

I prefer to keep it quiet till I bask in this opportunity in July but could not stop myself from posting here to thank you for asking me to the faith .

Deeply grateful.

30 Dec 15


Sometimes, all I need is to simply hear Chetna's voice and somehow everything, immediately feels lighter...

I've been seeing Chetna for less than a year but already my interpretation of life, love, signs, the moon, me...the list is endless's all changed. She's patient and understanding and what I love about her the most, is her ability to make me laugh.

Thank you for allowing me to find you Chetna! 

24 Dec 15

Apurva agnihotri

I have had chetna guide me through her readings on couple of occasions and each time her positivity and her belief in the power of manifestation has only lead me closer to a positive outcome in life!!! She is truely an angel at heart n I wish her all the happiness n success in the world, n I hope she can touch as many lives as possible n heal as many as she is born to do just that!!! Cartons of love n luck chetu!!

23 Dec 15

shilpa agnihotri

My journey with chetna began as a friend about 8 years ago..  All these years i've known her to be the nicest sweetest n the most clean hearted friend ever!! N then 2 - 2 1/2 years ago began her journey of tarot n i was blessed enough to be guided by her angelic guidance!! In this course of time whenever i have needed her help, her guidance has only eased things out n made life way easier for me!! n it always especially works out for me, because my belief in her being a reallyyyy pure soul always comes out in her readings!! For all of those looking out to know what god has in store for u, chetna is most certainly the one for u!!! This angel named chetna holding your hand and helping you through, will possibely be the best decision you could have ever made!!!

22 Dec 15


I know Chetna since july and I met her at probably one of the most emotionally difficult times of my life. I had tried all kinds of psychiatrists and psychologists to manage the anxiety and on and off depression and nothing seemed to be working. From the day I met Chetna I felt I could completely trust her and she has really helped me cope with the last 6 months so much so that I feel like I have battled the worst point and I feel so lucky that I met her when I did. She is a wonderful person and the chakra cleansing  tri om  healing and Angel card readings really opened my mind to let positivity into my life. Thanks Chetna and I would highly recommended her to help deal with rough patches in life both mentally and physically. And this is a real testimonial not something ppl just write on the Internet. I'm a real person with real struggles and I rarely if ever write online testimonials but I'm very happy to write one for Chetna :) 

22 Dec 15


I have known Chetna for almost 6 years now. Initially, at a professional level and now as someone who gave me light when I was engulfed and drowning in darkness. I started consulting Chetna almost a year back for her readings and Chakra sessions and what I loved then (and still do) is that she didnt promise any miracles. She always gives one a reality check and encourages you to see a silver lining in every situation. Extremly patient and persistent, she helps you take baby steps in the direction that you think is the best for you. I am not someone who is too much into meditation and was always a little hesitant of getting into the spiritual side of things but post doing chakra sessions with Chetna, I can definitely say that these sessions are something I look forward to all the time. Thank you Chetna for everything and may you keep shining more and more. Lots of love and power to you. :)

22 Dec 15


I went through such a wierd phase nt too long ago... And my sessions with chetna jus kinda un- wierded it😁 she helped me breathe through the tough parts and was always there for me. No matter wat the time was!! Chetna is lik an instant relief pill😊 i know she will always be there for me. No matter where she is or what time it is. Thank u chetna for helping me breathe whn i could nt😘😘😘😘

21 Dec 15


They say the most challenging & significant relationship of all is the one that you have with yourself- The sessions with Chetna taught me just that, it taught me to connect with myself! While I had everything going for me I often felt that hollow and emptiness inside. The classes helped me reconnect with myself and it has been nothing but only magical ever since! If you have often heard the word Magic and never experienced it for yourself try out Chetna and unleash the magic within :)

21 Dec 15


I did a couple of chakra healing and counselling sessions with Chetna. She sincerely helped me make peace with my past, identify patterns from my childhood to heal then, a very unpleasant present and propelled me to move forward. I would totally recommend her to all.

21 Dec 15

Avinash Shetty

I went to Chetna based on a recommendation from a close family friend. We did chakra cleansing sessions and week after week I could see the difference it was making to my outlook on life.

Chetna is both very gentle and at the same time will not sugarcoat anything and I am truly grateful that I got to meet her :)

Thank you for everything! :)

21 Dec 15

Anjali Kanwar

Chetna is truly a godsend. She has not only helped heal me but many of my close friends and family.

She is very easy to talk to and confide in. I would recommend her 100% to anyone who needs help 

Once I met her my life has changed and become happier and more positive.  She knows exactly what to say and make everything ok :) 

Thank you Chetna for everything 




Just meeting her makes me feel better :) 


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