Description :

Bio-Touch is a complete system of healing using very light touch, sometimes called Butterfly Touch, in specific point patterns on areas of the body. It is a system of therapy with the capacity to stimulate the body towards healing itself and restoring its harmony. This Touch Healing has been used with great success for people suffering from Liver Cirrhosis, Multiple Sclerosis, effects of Chemo Therapy, Hunchback caused by an accident as well as for headaches, cold, sore throat, shoulder pains or muscle aches. This therapy works very well in conjunction with Allopathy and regular medical treatments.
This modality has been practiced since 1973 when a miner in Colorado named Norman Cochran first discovered it. For about 20 years he practiced this from his home helping millions. It is taught through the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, an educational and charitable foundation in Arizona set up by one of his first students and someone who was cured through this therapy, Paul Bucky. Bio-Touch only requires an intention to help and it allows the body to heal itself at a pace that's appropriate for it. And it can be learned and practiced by anyone on themselves or to help others.