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24 Years

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Hindi, English

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Available through Appointment.

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Manav Sachdeva

Manav Sachdeva is an expert energy medicine healer for the past two decades! Known to be highly intuitive, Manav specialises in aura reading and the powerful ancient energy healing system derived from the Sun - Surya Vigyan.


Surya vigyan is a unique technique to enhance our physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual abilities and the levels of our energy system. It has been in practice from the times of saptarishis and higher gurus. After being initiated into this system by a saint in the Himalayas in 1998, Manav eventually became one of the experts in India qualified to teach this technique too. 


Manav credits the practice and sharing of surya vigyan for his tremendously increased clairvoyant capacities. He is known to see everybody’s energies very deeply. Manav has already guided 100s of people with his services and looks to help many more seeking upliftment and balance in life.


Previous Experience

My previous  experience in Surya Vigyan is very Magical. After the shakipath in this system i am able to see the energies in a very diffrent way,my clairvoyance increased immensly.

I had helped numerous people with this technique.This technique is very useful for those who are seeking spiritual, financial uplifment and balance in their life.

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15 May 22


My journey has been filled with challenges and road blocks. Manav Sir has helped me navigate a lot of these issues with ease. His clairvoyance and healing abilities are superb. God sends someone to help and this has been divine intervention for me. 

10 May 22


Hi , I recently got a rating from Manav and I feel he is naturally gifted spiritual leader who guides you and tells you as is.

I was happy with my reading, would surely recommend him to others too.



30 Jan 21


I consulted Mr Manav Sachdeva from past one an d half year ,he is always been supportive , concerned and available for help . Every time I faced a duality he was there ready to solve it for me , His reading is superb no words and nature was kind hearted.

23 Jan 21

mayank jain

Manav ji is an extraordinarily gifted spiritual healer who has the ability to identify the source of the problem and resolve it in totality. He is very balanced and would like the individual to face any issue by empowerment, right knowledge and mantra vidya.  He is blessed by the higher masters for high frequency healing.  He is a keen teacher and guides his students to right path and many techniques to gain spiritual awareness and development.  I really grateful for all his kindness and guidance.

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