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Varsha Singh

Mysterious Box, since inception, has been guided by the Divine Power. Being an Experienced Manager with more than 9 years in Business Planning, Strategy Building, Business Budgeting, Education Management and Training, it was high time for me to step-in into materialising the long-cherished dream of making a difference in the society by contributing in my unique way and fulfil my mission of life. My experience in People Dealing, Training and Youth Management has been a great source of inspiration for me to start something which is TRUE to me. I strongly believe in life's inherent potential and thus I chose to be a Change-Maker and a Path-Shower to many who want to LIVE their lives rather than just pass their life. I am honoured to have been chosen as a medium by the Creator to bring positive transformation in other's lives.

Dear EarthMates, I invite you to read my blogs, the link for which is:-

Previous Experience

I have 10 years experience of working in education sector when in 2016 finally I left everything to follow my spiritual calling. Moreover, I have 15 years experience of counseling youth (male & female both) and women from all walks of life which stirred up the while process of finding my purpose of birth. 


I am a Psychic-Tarot Reader & MindPower Trainer. I also do Lenormancy Reading. I am honoured to have launched my very first Oracle Card named "Symbol Augury Card" based on ancient symbols used as language to communicate before words came into existence. I am a certified GrandMaster in Usui Reiki Healing along with Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Aura Reading & Healing, Tantra Yoga, Mantra Siddhi. I have Introduced AsTarotscope Reading To Read Life Purpose, Karmic Path For This Lifetime, The Do's & Don'ts To Follow And To Know Past Life's Debts. I Have Introduced Lenormand Card Course And Perform Lenormand Reading Which Are The Most Practical Tools To Know Your Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Events In Advance.

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11 May 20

Poonam Paryanee

Varsha with all your suggestions I am feeling very good and positive. I am doing meditation suggested by you. I am feeling very supportive and peaceful. Thank you for all your suggestions which was much needed. Thanks for the guidance Varsh. Stay blessed. ????????????‍??

02 May 20


Thank you varshaji for your psychic reading it was bang on!!and also your meditation for 5 elements of life are beautiful...your soothing voice and instructions are easy to follow and being a short meditation its easy for beginners too.thank you so much

01 May 20

Mamta Rawlani RAJPUT

She did reading for me on mystic lotus. And shared few meditations with was just awesome. I hope that I am able to come out of situations and I will follow what she has told me to do.  Thank u .

01 May 20

Darsshan Udani

Greetings, I thank Varsha Ji for the quick reading on ML GLoden White Ligth 6 Group & YES it was very much in line as to my blockages stated by her and I am glad to receive guidance for doing the Fire & Earth Meditation to remove blockages. As for Fire I like doing candles & diyas occassionally & for Earth I enjoy forests & mountains, so thank you once for clearing my doubt which I had about myself, but was not sure as the meditation recommended gave me the path and an indication as to why I am drawn towards the element. A great help, Thank you once again.




28 Apr 20

Vanee Jaising

Cant thank u enough fot your reading. Was bang on. Very kind of you to help out like this.

06 Mar 20

Shrridevi A Patil

Thank you Varsha for the guidance on mystic lotus group. I could relate to the reading. 

06 Mar 20

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Varsha for your guidance on the ML group this week. 

06 Mar 20

Sudhriti Mukerjee

Varsha helped me determine n bring to surface what I was feeling/thinking in the deep recesses of my mind and form the future course of action in the areas that were confusing for me. I appreciate and was amazed at how accurate her group readings were and how much fun her methods of sharing this information with the group was. Eternal gratitude to her for her intuitive & pyschic powers n may her light spread throughout the world. Thank you so much for sharing your time and gifts with us ???????? Varsha. 

06 Mar 20


It was a wonderful week with u Varshaji..Ur readings were in a lot of resonance with me..It was a peaceful and blissful experience..will be in gratitude.????

06 Mar 20

Dr Radha

I had a group healing session and Tarot reading done for health,wealth and career by Varsha Singh.

The guidance was to the point and the meditations were also calm and soothing.
I'd whileheartedly recommend Varsha for any guidance related to life.

Best Wishes

21 Feb 20

Madhu Bala

Bahut hi aacha laga baat kre ke.vani m somyata or  sahi marg darsha dena .thank you beta or god bless you.????

14 Feb 20


She is really good support with solution.. nice talking with her, punctual, she motivates me and the cards vohi aaye jo maine expect kiya tha and i feel happy bcoz after spoke with her i am sure i am on right track

01 Feb 20

Ravi Chaudhary

In short experience was awsome.

31 Jan 20


I usually don't write reviews but I felt I should here because I feel good things should happen to all. 

Basically, I had some issues going on in my personal and professional life and I'm sure everyone's does  because of the kind of lifestyle we lead now a day's. 

So,  I was actually searching for some good healer to get relax and come out of the mess then I got to know about Mysterious Box sometime back through some channel, which is being lead by Varsha Singh.

After I googled, searched and got good reviews and feedback about it from those who took classes there, as u can't just believe every healer around the corner, to be true. 

So, I pursued Angel Therapy, Reiki and Meditation courses from Varsha Singh and I really felt major shift in the way I approach life, people around and the world actually. 

During this healing process, I always felt that there is someone as a companion in our journey are those invisible positive energies around, whatever one calls them.... they are with us always there for you, you just need to believe and realise these hidden energies around and you will see wonders I'm sure. 

Loved the courses which introduced me to the energy structure both inside & outside my being..

Thank you Varsha Singh.

And I wish you best, I hope everyone gets benefited with your healing process. 

31 Jan 20

Divya misty

I did mind your mind program. It was just awesome. The excersises were amazing. I felt lot of peace and energised after doing excersises. Above all this course gave me chance to be with myself for sometime during the day.

Also I took tarot guidance twice. It really helped me in planning my future things. Helped in concentrating on specific field.the remedies also that she gave was really helpful. 

I would highly recommend people to take services from mysterious box. 

31 Jan 20

Manisha Pandey

Mysterious box is amazing. It has transformed my life completely. Whenever i stuck in my life, it's courses and tarot reading helps me a lot. I am so grateful to Varsha didi, founder of mysterious box, to give us opportunity to move forward and be victorious in our life..

Thank you so much :)

31 Jan 20


Very authentic and accurate predictions. Helps in clearing the clutter in our minds and provides much needed direction. 

Would recommend to everyone!!! 



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Varsha Singh 19 Feb 2020 09:14 AM

Learn to Muse at your soul center and stay at your unique space.

Get answers from the Shunya inside you..

Let the empty space guide you through on your soul journey.. 

Varsha Singh 19 Mar 2020 04:52 PM

Cut Ethereal Cords, Perform Karmic Cleansing, Space And Aura Cleansing To Free Yourself From All Energy Blockages In Your Way To Success & Prosperity.

Cleanse And Balance Your Chakras To Sustain Continual Flow Of Divine Energy And Guidances So That You Can Take Right Decisions, Stay Protected & Blessed.

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