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30 Years

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Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, English

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Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 5:00

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About 25 years ago I was going thru many challenges in my life and started looking for answers.  This led me into Pranic healing . I learned Crystal healing thru Pranic healing and also detailed knowledge of chakras and how they affect our well being. How to balance them etc.
I really can't remember what led me into tarot reading. But I bought myself a deck and went in search of a teacher. After that Tarot has become my life's passion. I am continuously collecting decks and books on tarot. 
Tarot led me to Angel cards , Oracle cards and Lenormand cards. 
I learned candle magic and Wicca so that I could give my clients a way to work thru their issues . I love working with Herb's . They are a form of nature's magic.
I also work with affirmations, energy circles, gg numbers which I give my clients to resolve many issues.
Healing and helping people gives me joy and satisfaction and is my life purpose.

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05 Jul 19

Priya Gurnani

She is a great reader. Very patient and accommodating. She listened to me patiently, was very in-depth with all the answers and clarified all the doubts I had. Her reading resonated with me fully. She started with my general energy reading and then went into my individual concerns. She gave her full time and attention. Would definitely recommend her.

05 Jul 19


I have consulted Jovita for over 5 years. Her predictions from Tarot and Crystal Readings have been uncannily accurate on all counts. So has her advice on dealing with situations and on self improvement. Unlike other readers, her advice is never lofty. It is warm, patient and stems from life experience. She herself asks pertinent questions to aid the reading in the sincerest way. I recommend her to family and friends for timely help on coping with difficult situations or making decisions at crossroads. She's such a huge help.

05 Jul 19


I have had multiple tarot sessions with jovita. She is a wonderful tarot card reader. She also does crystal healing and has really helped me over the years. Each time I have had a session I always leave feeling peaceful. The readings have helped me understand myself, my circumstances and gives me faith that all will resolve itself with time.

Jovita is also a fun and kind person, which makes one comfortable while asking personal questions. She is extremely trustworthy. I always recommend her to my friends and family.

05 Jul 19

Kunti DSouza

Jovita's tarot reading and healing are effective as she works with you peeling off each and every issue that was forming a pattern of negative thought process caused by hurts, humiliations, insults, negative thinking, helplessness and depression. I have been regularly finding answers to my challenges and based on her precision tarot readings, I've been assisted in making sound decisions in resolving my issues. She is knowledgeable, adept, sincere and accurate in her readings and healing whether in person or even at distant. I found her empathetic and a thorough professional.

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