Zahera Fatima Singh

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14 Years

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Hyderabad (Hyderabad)

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Saturday : 10am to 6pm

For appointment please call between 11am to 2pm and 7pm to 10pm

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Zahera Fatima Singh

Fatima, was a clairvoyant as a child. She resisted her gifts for the longest of time till she developed a heart issue in 2009.  She resigned from her job at IBM as a Proccess Trainer and started searching for alternate healing modalities and her journey began as a Healer. Once she cured her heart, she started healing others.

In 2014 she came across Access Consciousness and she took to it like a fish takes to water. She found that she was good with Body work of Access and became a Body Process Facilitator within 6 months of Access Consciousness.

Her Access Body Process and Bars sessions have healed depression, cysts, breast cancer, Kidney stones patients and also helped children who have challenges with studies.

She also clears Money Blockages in a one on one sessions and finds it very rewarding when people change their financial reality.

Fatima has helped many people with clearing entities from Bodies, houses and land.

In 2016, she became Symphony of Possibilities(SOP) Practitioner and she started enjoying distant healing sessions using SOP.

Her desire to help anyone who approaches her led her to explore other healing modalities like Reiki, Star Magic, Switchwords and Merlin Trinity Healing System.

Her distant healing sessions became more potent when she added  Star Magic, Reiki and Merlin Trinity Healing Systems to her repotaire.

She loves facilitating and healing people and finds fulfillment in being the Catalyst who changes people's lives.

She loves working on people in person and through distant healing. 



Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness Body

Access Consciousness Talk to the Entities

Access Consciousness Energetic Synthesis of Being

Access Consciousness Symhony of Possibilities

Star Magic

Reiki Level 1 and 2

Merlin Trinity Healing Systems

Law of Attraction of Joe Vitale





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10 Jun 19

Rashmi Wishnu

Three years ago I came to Fatima in dire straits.....she helped me immediately when I was in an emergency situation. I went through many issues and she helped in saving my life. She did entity clearings for my house and my child  and It had a dark attachment. when you did your work, it left....and I watched the entire home feel different. when I reflect back, I am so very thankful your responded as fast as you did, as to this day I am not sure what would have happened to me had you not been there

I was searching for someone who could clear entities in my house and I stumbled by chance onto Fatima through Internet groups ; I followed my intuition, took a chance and approached her without knowing anything about her. It was the best decision. She is the real deal. Her clearings do work. She  is open to teaching people who want to learn on how to clear, and therefore teaching people to be independent and entity free. I know that his clearings work because I am sensitive to detecting entities, but at the time, had no successful way to clear them. The tools I learned from het are an invaluable source of information, and of which, I will always be eternally grateful to her !!!

10 Jun 19


I consulted Fatima for help in money issues. She suggested two switch word phrases which worked like magic. She is very helpful and offers excellent coaching too.

10 Jun 19

Manendra Singh

I had taken 10 session's of Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes from Fatima for my blood pressure. In 3 months time, I was totally healed. 

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