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Shweta Chadha

My name is Shweta Chadha and I'm happy you are here. It means you're looking at changing something in your life, and that's such a cool beginning. :)

"What's holding me back?"

"How do I get out of this situation?"

These are questions that we ask ourselves at different points in time. It could be something small that we're unable to resolve ourselves, or it could be something that has bothered us repeatedly throughout our life.

Often we think that it will take immense hard work and effort, or something magical to see a breakthrough. But I believe, it's not hard work but the right tools that unblock barriers and bring transformation.

I'd like to share with you an exceptionally powerful practice, that I've found, has the ability to transform not only our circumstances, but us. It's called Access Consciousness® and it has shown me and my clients very real and amazing results. I'm an Internationally Certified Facilitator in this practice, and I can share with you some remarkable stories of change it's brought to my life, and to many others.


My Journey

Although an architect by profession, I have studied over a dozen healing practices since my teen years. However, it was not until 2013, when I learnt The Bars®, took the Foundation and the advanced classes (now called the "Choice of Possibilities") with the founders of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, that I saw true changes in my life.


So much shifted with these classes that I chose to become a certified facilitator. Now I travel all over the world and conduct classes live and online on topics like money, body, business and abuse. I'm overjoyed when so many attendees report about all the changes they experience across the mental, physical and financial aspects of life.


Try For Free
I truly believe if you're reading this, you have already taken a great step. And if you are curious to see how Access Consciousness can transform situations in your life, or simply want to upgrade a certain aspect of your life, I'm offering some amazing tools you can learn by simply joining for Free:

Facebook Group, "Showing Up As You" :

Money Exercise on Soundcloud :

Clearings to remove self judgement and doubt : (Listen to these for 30 Days to change and shift doubt from your universe)

To join the Free Business WhatsApp group with daily inspiration, send me a personal message @9765390664



Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Access Abuse Hold Practitioner

Access Energetic Body Process Practitioner


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30 Jun 19

Renu Soni

Shweta Chadha is an awesome Facilitator and an amazing person. Her firmness to get you to the root cause of your issue is what sets her apart. She is kindness itself, as she out does herself in her efforts to facilitate you.

I have had personal experiences with her that have helped me address many of my core issues.

Be it a Bars Class, A foundation class or be it a special personal session with is lways an enriching experience.


Renu Soni

26 Jun 19


Shweta is an amazing facilitator who would waste no time in getting to the root of the issue and taking you from there. And snap!!!  Her awareness is really empowering,  having done a couple of personal sessions with her helped me see beyond the situations that seemed challenging,  to a space of possibilities. What a contribution have you been love!!  Thank you for being as awesome and magical!! 

Loads of love and gratitude

27 May 19


hey shweta, my biggie is - SHOWING up each day! i learnt many tools and atteneded classes ... however just to showup in life. to face each and every thing, from household chores to business decisions to dating and relationship, i think just the SHOWING UP everyday- so i saw the exot doors, the escaping the running and learnt to LET go wjat was not nurturing . Also the daily business wedgies, so like i showed you i printed them and put them on the wall of my office just as a reminder that these are my blinkers/ walls... and how it helped me move... THANKyou for being there .much lite and love for your journey ahead

24 May 19


I chance to take facilitations with Shweta and also I am part of her groups. So I know her and whatever I know her is what I can admire her for. She is electrical, she is a flow, she is spark, she can light you and she can twist & turn & change your being completely. I just love her spirit & overall the being she is. All the best Shweta.....

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