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11 Years

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Hindi, English

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I take sessions and conduct classes on all days of the week.

Call me @ 9920397166 to book sessions. 

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Vasuda Arora

I am a change facilitator. If there is any area of your life you would like to change, book a session and we can work together using various tools and modalities, to bring about that change.

At times, change in itself, may seem impossible, overwhelming or uncomfortable, so we can work on your fear or resistance to change as well :)

Access Bars/ Access Body Processes and EFT sessions have helped clients overcome or bring ease in :

- Relationship issues 

- Financial troubles 

- Chronic conditions in the body like backpain, knee pain, heel pain, migraines, frozen shoulder and pains associated with accidents or injuries.

- Parenting challenges

- Confidence and self-image issues

-Sleep related issues like insomnia, nightmares and disturbed sleep

- Sexuality and intimacy issues 

- Suicidal thoughts and Depression

- Constant mind chatter

- Work challenges- inability to focus on work, feeling undervalued and being underpaid etc.

P.S. I also work with children. Access Consciousness and EFT are both very child-friendly modalities.

In addition to doing individual therapy sessions, I also conduct interactive sessions with parents, teachers and children on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. 

In case you wish to become an Internationally Certified Access Bars Practitioner and learn how to run Access Bars, you could contact me to conduct a one-day class for that as well.

To book a session :

Message me @ 9920397166 OR

Send a mail to



M.A. in Applied Psychology, University of Delhi

M.A. in Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified Counselor

Certified Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner

Certified Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator

Certified Access Body Process Practitioner and Facilitator

Certified NLP Practitioner 

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27 Jun 18

Rajender Gurnani

I entered into the session not knowing anything about this modality and thought that it would be just one of those.... Happening around.

Unexpectedly I had a wonderful session with her and she shifted my consciousness immediately with in first five minutes by the end of the session I was totally relaxed and at ease it took some time for me to come back to my normal being. Looking forward to have many more and learn a lot more about the Modality 

Thank you ? 

13 Jun 18

Anju Jindal

Vasuda through access sessions has enabled me to deal with the issues better. Sometimes I limit myself in lot of areas and amidst challenges feel overwhelmed. But getting into a session with Vasuda helps me to open the pandora box of possibilities in my life. 

A session of bars feels like

”Everything comes to me with ease,joy and glory”


11 Jun 17


What I actually thought was impossible or possible but not sustainable, Vasuda helped me make it possible. I can safely say I'm more than decently equipped to take on life without the dependency that one tends to develop with a therapist. Can't stop recommending access and Vasuda to everyone I know. 

30 Nov 16


Vasuda and her facilitation of access consciousness bars classes plus other modules have been one of the most joyful contributions to my life. I would gladly recommend any of her classes / workshop to others. 


Right from consideration to warmth to humour to linguistic ease; i would not be able to point one area which makes me recommend her course as a conductor. It's rather the results in my approach and mindset that I sense and utilise on daily basis which I am grateful for and acknowledge. 

14 Nov 16

Radha Raghuram

Wow! Was the expression and the experience I got from Vasudha, should I say indeed a change facilitator in the true sense for my little one who was going throughfears of rain and anything related to it.

I was just so worried about her mental state not knowing how to handle the situation. I got know about Vasudha from fb page. Thank God for it! After a session of Access bar therapy, I am so relieved now, my daughter doesn't even think about it and all her fears have subsided.

Thanks a lot Vasudha for such wonderful session that we had.



13 Nov 16


Was lucky to get access bars session for both my kids courtesy-Vasuda.

Being a mother herself, she built a great rapport with the kids, never was it boring and my elder one follows all the instructions Vasuda has given him for certain situations..

It was awesome to bond with her and her kid.

She is gentle,humble, amazing healer.

Looking forward for more of such awesome sessions with her.

Be blessed.


11 Sep 16



Thank you for the healing process that you gave me at the during the Mystic Lotus festival. I had been living with the plantar fasciitis heel pain for over a year accepting the general knowledge that it can only be alleviated by gel pads and lifestyle changes and not really treated. However, my brief session of the Access Body Processes with you has made the pain disappear. What started out as a tentative trial worked out very well.

30 Aug 16

Amrish Arjun

I had the fabulous opportunity of getting an Access Bars session with Vasuda. We spoke about it in Aug 2015 and finally managed to make it happen in Aug 2016.

Before the session, she asked if I wanted to focus on something or keep it generic. I requested a general clearing session but told her about this pain in my lower back.

During the session, we spoke about various things from books to Bollywood, from growing up to children (her son Nikhil), a lot of generic stuff and a lot of laughs. The session was fun.

But the best parts of the session were (a) a feeling of lightness - like the stress from my life has vanished; (b) the pain in the back disappeared the moment I got up after the session - Thank you so much for that Vasuda; (c) new opportunities have opened up - converted some clients and got a couple of job offers; (d) overall sense of well-being and clarity and new energies to take my work to the next level.

Thank you for all the wonderful things Vasuda. Can't wait for another session - soon. 

27 Jul 16

Shubha Karra

I met Vasuda last year when i was going through one of my most difficult phases of life. She is very patient and a wonderful therapist who helped me overcome my emotional troubles and helped me realise so many things about myself. She helped me discover myself and helped me get clarity on so many of my emotional issues. 

She has a lovely smile. She is very energetic and wonderful. Vasuda is an amazing person. She is simple and down to earth, which really helped me in building trust and faith on her. 

She is a wonderful therapist and her methods worked wonders for me. Thank you Vasuda for being my guru, guide and healer and helping me in my most difficult times last year. 



24 Jul 16

Neha Jain

For someone to be your therapist, you need to have complete trust on that person. Vasudha is truly that therapist, whom I can trust upon and share my dilemmas and things that are bothering me. I have taken sessions of EFT and access bars. It was great experience and i felt improvements/shifts in my deep rooted disbeliefs.  

Thanks a lot Vasudha!!!!!

08 Jul 16


When you consult a therapist all you really need is someone extremely patient, calm, non judgemental and just seeing them/ talking to them makes you calmer and happier. Vasuda is just that! I have had many one of one sessions with her and every time it's an all new session using different tools and modalities as per my comfort and mood for the day - that's the flexibility and comfort she offers to her clients. I have also attended the Access Bars class and Money Workbook class with Vasuda which were great fun along with immense learning. From answering every query with examples you can totally relate with, to making everything so very simple and fun, to diligently following up on your having done the self work/ home work, to coming up with clearing statements that just hit the nail spot on every time - Vasuda is a fantastic healer, therapist and facilitator. Thank you for Being You! 

08 Jul 16

Nandini Arora

I have been fortunate to experience several modalities with Vasuda. Most notably Access, EFT and Hypnotherapy. I have seen tremendous changes in me in health, finances and relationship issues

. I like Vasuda because she is very clear headed and with firm compassion guides you to the core of the issue. She really sees you through the remedy till the very end. 

Her objectivity and eye on the issue on hand was particularly helpful to me in hypnotherapy. I also saw immense release and ease plus complete healing in a few relationship and health concerns.

I have also repeated a Bars class and attended a Money Workbook workshop with her and many many personal sessions through which I was able to use many many effective verbal clearings to see unstuckness in financial issues. I have also had my bars run by her and they were deeply healing. 

02 Apr 16

Kavita V Erady

I was blessed to be a participant at Vasudha's Access Consciousness Healing Sessions in association with Mystic Lotus.  And I must say that she has been a wonderful facilitator throughout! She has been responsive to each  and everyone's Questions and problems humbly. She relentlessly provided us with Clearing Statements! She waz tireless, patient, calm, considerate, compassionate,  polite, and kind all at the same time. God bless her with the strength,  wisdom,  and healing powers to help those who are in need!  I look forward to be doing a few sessions with her with God's grace. Thank you a godzillion times! (something I learned from you eh ;-))

And Mystic Lotus especially Zeenat thank you for arranging and coordinating such variety of modalities on the remarkable platform of Mystic Lotus!  It has been a wonderful journey with all of you! Wishing you infinite success and prospeity! God bless you all! 

02 Apr 16


Thanks for guidance 

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