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13 Years

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Hindi, Punjabi, English

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Available all days between 10:00 a.m. and 07:00 p.m.

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Malvika Kapoor

Malvika Kapoor is a transformational specialist, a miraculous therapist of bodies and a catalyst of super change with years of experience as a healer and using the universal energies to expand holistically. As an Access Consciousness facilitator, and Star Magic Healing facilitator, Malvika has the tools that create permanent change by adding joy and ease in people's lives. 

For nearly a decade, Malvika has been creating magic by empowering people to manifest a struggle free life, and connect with their own infinite blossoming selves. Malvika has transformed precious lives by actualizing jubilant relationships, healthy bodies, torrential money flows, and stress-free positive work environments. 


Certified facilitator for Access Consciousness 

Certified facilitator for Star Magic Healing

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01 Nov 18

Ruchika Handa

 Malvika opened up a space of so much strength and being that I had never dreamt possible! All with a gentle smile, acknowledging the gift that I be, which I had not seen myself as!! She has this amazing qulaity of lighting up your world, empowering YOU, and taking you beyond the limits, definitions and judgements. My Access Bars and Foundation classes with her are such an awesome space of learning and finding who I truly be, that tears come to my eyes, as I write this. 

I always knew that there was more to life out there but did not beleive in Me!!  Her classes set me on to a road where I see Me and create from there. She simply smiled me through the starting, rough and tough times, when I would fall off this path to the poor old me! Malvika you create that space where your energy reaches out with an it's ok if you're hurting, but the true you won't give would you like to take one different step and see how that turns out?

So so grateful to you Malvika. The universe has a gift called Malvika, and you share it with us with such generosity and selflesness!!

Muchhhhhhh Love



27 Oct 18

Ruchi miglani


The magic one has been waiting for. Compassionate caring aware and empathetic are the words I would use for malvika. An inspiration to the magic that is possible for all. I met malvika a few years ago at a bar swap and after having done foundation class with her she has now become a friend and a facilitator for me. As a facilitator she always has an insight on what is best and most required by a person at a point of time. Clear instructions and always ready to support a person are her qualities as a guru healer and teacher. I admire her commitment to self 

25 Oct 18

Sakshi Patel

I haven't ever met this woman in person, the very first thing that pulled me to her was her sheer generosity, brilliance & loving presence with everyone around. I've taken several facilitation & symphony sessions from her before. The amount of gratitude I have for her for the change & contribution she brings into my life is far beyond words can describe. She catches the energy quickly and transforms them effortlessly. She is absolutely phenomenal with bodies. I had a history of neck & shoulder sprain. No matter what, nothing helped it kept coming back. Just one session from her & the pain had nearly gone. And I haven't had one ever since.

24 Oct 18

Sunanda Basu

Really thanks to Malvika madam for healing of my father who is patient of parkinson from last 22 years. My father got tremendous relief by healing of Malvika madam & acts as blessings for him. Now, his mental condition is very strong and doing his works independantly. We have taken treatment from many specialists doctors but still there was not that much improvement is his health but the healing of Malvika madam done the sudden magic in his life. Our family is very much happy by seeing him in good mental condition and having good physical health. Madam has also healed me due to which my self love improved by which I am living life very happily.

Thanks to Malvika madam for healing my father & me...God bless you forever.

24 Oct 18

Santosh Kaware

First of all, I am very much thankful to Malvika madam from the bottom of my heart for very powerful healing during my painful period. Before some days I was going through very painful period of my life due to some family issues causing huge burden and in this period I was going through very low mental energy profile. One of my relative suggested me to go for healing of Malvika madam and accordingly I was healed through some of sessions and I observed the tremendous change in my life and my mental energy profile improved too much. Now, I am very happy and feeling very free.

    Infinitum thanks to Malvika madam & you are really topmost Healer. 


Santosh Kaware

23 Oct 18

Parneet dhillon

Got the opportunity of coming  in touch with Malvika through a relative . Her magic touch helped me get rid of so much of pain that I had been going through physically as well as emotionally. She has taught me the power of perspectives. Afterall its just how you perceive that matters . Whenever there is any doubt about self and about any event i know where to go and suddenly everything starts looking so light and easy. THANKYOU Malvika for always being there . 

23 Oct 18

Ranjit Puri

I had disturbed health and have been having nervousness while doing my work . Had frequent heart sinking. Then a friend suggested to take distance sessions from Malvika . 

I took 4 sessions and found amazing difference to my health. I never thought that someone can be so magical and could transform my thoughts and life. Thanks Malvika for your excellent sessions. Continue to help people in need.

23 Oct 18

Shiva Kumra

I have taken several sessions from Malvika including distance healing, body processes, and sessions for career, relationship and financial situation in my life. Each and every session has brought a significant and beautiful change in my life creating more and more fun, joy and ease in my everyday. 

It has helped me adopt a more healthy, balanced, dynamic life and am ever so grateful to Malvika for always being there to help and guide. She is a wonderful healer who genuinely cares for all her clients and gives her best in every session or interaction.

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