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Natasha Advani (40 Years)

Natasha Advani Internationally certified Life coach trainer Certified Acess bar Facilitator shown on Care tv Channel and has come in the Asian Age newspaper. I speacialize in Access bars, Access body, Access facelift, Angel cards Meditations  .I have given workshops to Fortune 500 companies Chartered accountancy firms,Indian Oil Essar group and many more.

She has had years of experience in contributing to people lives make big changes, empower their lives, achieve peace of mind and success in their personal and professional lives as well as improve their relationships, finances and health.

From one-on-one sessions to large workshops, people from various walks of life have felt the magic touch – be they businessmen or housewives, professionals or entrepreneurs, executives or students, old or young.

One doesn’t need a problem to approach her – her services also help her clients get de-stressed and rejuvenated.

Previous Experience

Natasha Advani has worked in a Bank before.Natasha has also handled events of celebrities and has done high profile events.She has handled Corporate events to Weddings conference in India and Abroad .She has been giving Trainings to big fortune companies schools and colleges since 15 years.


Invited as a Chief Guest for Indo American Society .

I have got an award in year  2014 &2015 and Ishma Global Award 2016 shown on CareTV Channel for spiritual wellness and WOW Award 2017. She has won an Award in the year 2018 .

Featured in the Asian Age Newspaper. Featured in Bombay  times and Hindustan Times .



NLP Certifications By ICF Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Practitioner {Gary Douglas and Dain Heer} Certfied Access body Facilitator {Glenna and KASS Thomas} ,Access Facelift,Certified Reiki 1 and level 2  Paulo Horan, Vipassana Meditations courses, Various kinds of Meditation Vipassana,Dance, Natraj ,Gibbereishand, Crystal Healing,   Talk to Entities, Angel Card Reading . many more - has attented Anthony Robbins Workshop in Los Angeles - one of the best trainers in the World.Accupressure.

Certification on Emotional Intelligence .



Reviews & Testimonials

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17 Oct 18

CA Shardul Dilip Shah

Natasha is an amazing person. She has the ability to understand each person and analyze their behavior pattern, she would use her excellent expertise to dive deep into the root of the problem and solve it. Her inter personal skil is fantastic. 

15 Oct 18


I've known Natasha for a very long time. The amount of knowledge she has in her field is incredible. I did a few sessions of Access Bars and I could see a lot of positive results. Will definitely go back for more. Thank you Natasha and wish you all the best best. 

15 Oct 18

Neelam Malkani

I was fortunate to get an access bar session with Natasha which was very comforting. She is so good at that and has the perfect knack to relieve stress almost instantly. With her gentle touch this experience was amazingly relaxing.Highly recommend her sessions!

13 Oct 18

Rishi Gangoly

Natasha is an Angel and has been so sweet. I have a weak heart and she gave me remote healing when I was in the hospital. Thank you so much Natasha. May you and so many other healers be blessed and help all of us in need. Eternally grateful. 

13 Oct 18


It's been over a Decade that I have known Natasha, Such a Loving and Humble human she is.

Mind is where, ever day a zillion thoughts are  running and at some point mind gets drained  out and needs some servicing  and when You have an expert Life Coach  like  Natasha by Your side it becomes a Cake walk 

The Coaching andHealing session I had with Natasha is an experience to have , which will always fall short of words to express the experience that I had . Thanks a Ton Buddy for Being There and the Contributions that You have made with Your teaching is Priceless !

30 Aug 18


It was a great session...feels like all ur stress is gone and feel very ur head..




09 Aug 18

G R Sitaram

It's a amazing and wonderful experience with natasha as a life coach  and access  bars specialist.she has real expertise in her field and very systematic and structured.would like to recommend her therapy for stress management,goal setting and anxiety disorders.

18 Jul 18

Ani Mehta

I have received three sop sessions from natasha. Each session was a treat for my body and me. She was very kind, perceptive and offered the session with no judgement about me and the issues I wished to work with. She was very gentle, intuitive, caring and honouring of me and my body and nudged me to explore possibilities I had not considered myself for greater expansion. 

11 Jul 18

Deepak Jiwani

I had an amazing, crystal healing session with Natasha at the Mystic Lotus mini Fest a few weeks back.

Experienced an instant , deep peace. The hair on my head, with all the static suddenly was smooth. ( Now don't use this just to have a good hair day...???? ) 

What happened in the coming few days was magical. Synchronicity at peak levels and instant ... Thought creates reality... Collaboration with people in business... ......

God bless Natasha for the contribution she is to humanity..

09 Jul 18

Rajinder Kumar Mody

When Natasha suggested ‘access bars’ as a panacea for anxiety and stress, I was quite sceptical and dismissed it as ‘Hocus Pocus’. However, I reluctantly agreed to participate in a session. Surprisingly the experience was quite an amazing transcendental journey which left me with a feeling of calm and peace. I felt very relaxed after the session with cobwebs cleared. She is dedicated to her craft.Highly recommended.

08 Jun 18

Jahan Silverman

Before Natasha's session I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress, especially surrounding family issues. After her session, I felt a strong sense of relaxation and peace of mind that lasted a very long time. She helped me handle my problems smoothly and made me a more relaxed person overall. She is very caring and thorough - I highly recommend Natasha!

03 Jun 18


Natasha has an awesome energy around her. Apart from being an expert on the various Access tools and processes, she is a great listener and offers amazing insights and out-of-the-box solutions to the most pressing or difficult issues that one is facing.

Need I say more? Or should I say more? Actually you have to meet her once to know more!!!!




28 Apr 18

Altaf Karimi

Dear Natasha thank you for teaching me Access Bars. Your session was extremely good and helped me achieve lots of success. I am thankful to you the way you explained everything and extended your support post session. Thank you and all the best

27 Apr 18

Altaf Karimi

Dear Natasha thank you for teaching me Access Bars. Your session was extremely good and helped me achieve lots of success. I am thankful to you the way you explained everything and extended your support poat session. Thank you and all the best

17 Apr 18


Fantastic session! It helped me sleep far better than I had for weeks. I felt at peace after the conversation and the effect lasted for several days. Highly recommend Natasha! I’d definitely go back for more sessions.

13 Apr 18

Mehernosh Randeria

I had an awesome experience with the Access Bars session conducted by Natasha Advani. The after effects of the session were not only immediate but also long lasting. Peace of mind, a sense of calm and a sense of enhanced awareness are just some of the wonderful experiences from the session. Highly recommended. 

12 Apr 18

Pooja R

After having an Access Bar session with Natasha I experienced a sensation of deep relaxation and harmony .It was like someone was re-arranging my energy field, the cells in my body.

Thank you Natasha 


06 Apr 18


This was a lovely training as well as session offered by Natasha, in Access Bars. She is very detail oriented and ensures that you understand all aspects of the training. She is also very gentle and makes sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Additionally, she does have you demonstrate your learning, and so ensures that you have picked up all of the details. I would strongly recommend Natasha for sessions as well as trainings in Access Bars, as well as other therapies. ??

04 Apr 18

A. Mansukhani

I was experiencing restless sleep and decided to try a bar session The session with Natasha brought a calm relaxation and I easily managed to fall asleep. Definitely recommended.

03 Apr 18

Aarti aggarwal

I met Natasha when I was going through I rather rough patch in my life ...I was extremely disturbed and stressed -hence decided to a session with her 

I must say it was the best thing I did for myself after the one hour session I felt rather light and ten kgs less as I was carrying so much emotional baggage with me .

Your life will start opening up in ways you can’t imagine -but for that we must have faith and patience too -Natasha is extremely sensitive to your needs and very understanding -her dedication is 100percent .

thank you universe ,????



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Natasha Advani 03 Jul 2018 09:22 AM

Few  Awesome clearing when you are faced with a Difficulty in life or even if your life is going smoothly.

All of life comes to me with ease Joy and glory .

How does it get even better than this.


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