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Dr.Suniti Sharma

Dr Suniti Sharma is a professionally qualified Gynecologist, a Spiritual scientist and a Holistic healer. She is blessed with a pleasant and vivacious personality and supported by her family and children. She had innumerable spiritual experiences since childhood, but experienced powerful spiritual awakening in 1996 by the grace of Sai Baba who directed her to Guru Brahamshri Patriji for initiation into meditation

Continuing the journey led her to explore beyond the physical body, into the root causes of diseases – why do we fall sick and how to restore complete health – the quantum way! She firmly believes that the solution to every problem is in the consciousness itself & connecting back to the source to regain our birthright of joy, peace, abundance and perfect health.

Having an expertize as a facilitator as well a healer in more than 20 different modalities like-

Meditation Preacher , Age-reversal and ani-ageing  and regenerational therapy, Past Life Regression Therapist , Rebithing Brethwork Facilitator , Body Work , Meta-Health , Energy Healing Modalities –(Reiki Grandmaster , Pranic Healing Teacher ,Quantum Touch , Karuna Reiki , Divine Reiki) , Nlp & Hypnotherapy , Eft & Matrix Reimprinting , Aura Reading & Chakra Balancing,Acupuncture , Geopathic Stress Consultant , Crystal Healing and Grids, Tarrot Reader, Psych-K Facilitater,Reconnection and Axiatonal alignment, Sound healing , Life Style & Stress Management.Masters in cell Regeneration 

She seeks to integrate the branches of  Medicine, Medical Qigong and other healing modalities, alongside each patient's conventional western medical treatments, assisting them in reaching their highest potential for optimal health through Meditation, For her in the pursuit of perfect health and to fill the lacuna in modern medicine, led her to explore into all possible alternate systems of healing!

Integrating wisdom of Indian Vedic wisdom, Yoga & Pranayama, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, the various Energy Healing techniques and finding the root causes of diseases, and integrating to develop a holistic healing of Mind, Body and Spirit!

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social, spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~World Health Organization, 1948

Divinesparkfoundation is system for inner transformation, to remove root cause of illness with the Vibrational Medicine and psycho-spiritual councilling for bringing the vibrational balance!

Previous Experience

Here aresome of the testimonials from clients--

Suniti aunty is one of the most wiserst, sweetest kindest, benevalent healer and a divinel soul that I have ever met in my entire life , I was one of the blessed one who got guided to suniti aunty sometime back when I was full of fear, anxiety , stress , emotionally unbalanced , lots of physical body pain and I was carrying a huge baggage of painful karma  .My sessions with aunty are blessings they are full of divine love , light and divine magic and divine protection they are actually sessions with actual "GOD" only the blessed ones get it , my experience with aunty is mind blowing full of surprises and divine love , she is the embodiment of love and with her love and devotion she erased all my karmas , she consistently healed me   like mother with unconditional love , patience and she balanced my mental state and made me emotionally stable and strong and healed all my emotional wounds , it's only because of her I am alive today,she is my saviour, with her loving selfless nature she modified me into divine angel !she modified my  rough and tough destiny into an beautiful divine destiny by introducing me to my divine life purpose . With time all my pain and problems got vanished by her magic ,my divine channels got opened and now I am with my cute angel friends and my sweet Sai Baba, she introduced me to this beautiful divinely beings  she actually opened the gateway of heaven for me on earth I am sooooooooooooooo much blessed to have all this in my life just because of suniti aunty's grace and of her motherly  affection towards me, her advises leads to huge shift of consciousness , removes all blocks from your life journey and leads one to divine light - I am the living example of her magic, her presence in my life is result of my past good deeds ,she not just healed my problems but she made me wiser, broadened my consciousness and eventually  i was introduced to energy medicine by her she made the entire process very easy and flexible to use , she taught me how to play with energy and heal  my self ,as a teacher she is very liberal with no rules and regulations , open to new ideas , a very good listener and a very intimate friend, she opened the treasure of hidden divinity within me which would have otherwise taken many lifetimes for it open but with her blessing everything is possible. she is an embodiment of divine mother full of light, love and hope for all souls , her purity,beaitiful warm welcoming face, down to earth nature , her divinity and her motherly love made me open to her healing  and given me safer space to open myself and release anything ,her presence itself is enough to heals everyone and everything .I am very grateful to Sai Baba for bring this precious priceless suniti mother gem into my life , her contribution in my soul journey is priceless I am infinitely grateful to her throughout my soul journey,what I am today it's all because of her thank you my divine mother for all of your selfless contribution , unconditional love and protection and pillar like support in my life love you and thank you ????????????????????????





Ever since l started my healing sessions with Dr. Suniti Sharma,  the transformations in my life and within myself are incredible.like am a completely different person today.So sorted and positive.l am so grateful to her for all the loving,caring and hand holding support of hers that I  genuinely feel so graced and blessed to have her in my life.My life shifted in every area of my life like I had huge issues of physical, psychological, and emotional issues , but today I am able to enjoy life and she also pushed me to know my life's higher calling! Truely.Words cannot define this absolutel miracle in my life.Thank you so so much. I truely feel blessed!







I have all the certificates of the relevent modalities

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