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An engineer with an engineering career spanning 18 years with an ability to connect with people on a personal and inner level is what defines me. 

I used to counsel friends, family and relatives using conversational hypnosis, which helped them improve their lives to a great extent. 

My fascination to access the deeper level of consciousness and ways to tap into it encouraged me to learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. With this additional knowledge, I was able to successfully tap into the other problem areas of people's lives and resolve them through suggestions placed in their subconscious minds.

It was during this time that friends and relatives suggested me to look into practising hypnotherapy as an alternate career option. Moreover, helping people resolve their personal issues through touching their inner minds made me happy too; and thus I started practising alternative therapies.

My areas of specialization includes but not limited to working on anxiety, phobia, addictions, negative emotions, sleep disorders, regression, stress management, relationship management and Life Coaching.

I work with clients from Mumbai, Palghar, Thane and Kerala

Previous Experience

- Worked with leading airlines of India & abroad as engineer

- Sales & Business Development in the engineering sector.

But what really matters is experience in

- Removal of anxiety

- Negative emotions

- Stammering

- Sleep disorders

- Addictions

- Weight loss & Motivation

- Relationship issues

- Life goals


1) Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

2) Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

3) NLP

4) Regression

Reviews & Testimonials

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09 Apr 19

Dilip R

Altering the subconscious mind and healing through suggestions placed there, were a bit far fetched for me. I had a stammering problem since childhood and had been to various therapies in the past with little or no help.

Recently, on a friend's recommendation, I visited Dilip who explained to me how the whole process works. Although it was difficult for me to grasp the science behind this therapy, the very first session saw great improvements, which encouraged me to continue further.

Future sessions with Dilip saw a marked improvement in me. I am now a more confident person and do not mind mingling with any group of people and speaking out. I speak clearly and without any problems. 

Would like to say that whatever suggestions were placed in "that" area of the mind, is actually working and giving results :)

Thank you Dilip!

08 Apr 19

Reshma Fernandes

To open about oneself to an outsider especially personal matters like when marriage seems to be 'On The Rocks', it is not so easy. But after I was in an interrogation by Dilip who was so skillful and understanding to the situation I was going through, he got me engaged into a deeper conversation to build my trust and confidence that I was relieved of my awkwardness to share my problems with him only to find that I was looking for the solution that others may call it Hypnosis or not.

It was a meaningful Suggestion Therapy by Dilip that helped me take the right decision. 

I wish you Dilip success in your future endeavors to encourage many others to lead life with its true purpose by your holistic approach.

06 Apr 19


I am a 70 plus man who has had sleeping difficulties since the past several years. I could sleep only for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours every night and at times, I even used to have sleepless nights. Every 3 days, I started popping sleeping pills to get adequate rest. Coupled by this, I used to have frequent bathroom breaks in the night. Had attributed this to my diabetes problem. That is when I came to know of Dilip and approached him with very little anticipation as this was related to my diabetes and age related problems (at least I thought so).

Dilip gave a patient hearing to my problems and even explained to me the factors that might be affecting the sleep. On second thoughts, yes. it might have been those other issues due to which I was losing my sleep.

In just 3 sessions with Dilip, not only was I able to sleep 6 hours a night (which was good enough for me), but I also never had a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

I would strongly recommend Dilip as his techniques and modalities are quite different from what I have known; and he goes to the root of the problem to remove it permanently.

Thank you Dilip and all the best!

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