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Dr Prakriti Poddar

Dr.Prakriti is known as the voice of Mental Wellness.

Focuses on raising awareness of mental health issues and creating preventive mental health programs for the Nation.

Dr. Prakriti from a motivational speaking, soft skill development, life coaching, succession planning to the more personalized therapies such as counseling, clinical hypnotherapy, Neurofeedback. She is amongst the first to add Neurofeedback in her clinic in India.


Dr. Prakriti Poddar has been awarded as the India?s Most Promising Woman Leader in Mental Health, Holistic Support & Wellness Model at the India Leadership Conclave 2017 in August 2017.


Prakriti became a doctor of alternate medicine in the system of Hypnotherapy in 2004. She is a certified counselor, a certified regression therapist and Member of earTH, a NLP practitioner.

She became a doctor of Alternative Therapy in 2004, with degrees in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, California and in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from the Tasso Institute. She’s a certified practitioner of Neurofeedback Therapy by the EEG Institute, California.

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16 Oct 18

sudhir suresh shedge


I went to Dr. Poddar to work on a highly depressing problem. I felt that no one can help me but she helped me find solutions within myself only- I find her understanding and skilled in treating people .

she is best psychologist .

16 Oct 18


My issue was resolved with 3 sessions, I recommend her to anyone struggling with unhappiness and stress

15 Oct 18

Benedicta Soares

I was going through a lot of stress, fear and anxiety. And needed help desperately. 

Indeed I found Dr. Prakriti Poddar as a healer in hypnosis, who helped me in overcoming these issues.

I totally recommend Dr. Prakriti Poddar as the best therapist.

08 Oct 18

Aditi Singh

I had undergone Sound Therapy with Prakriti, two weeks before my wedding. I was feeling blocked and overwhelmed with stress, along with a lot of panic about my married life. 

The session was an hour long and it calmed me down immensely. Through the sound therapy, Prakriti found a lot of blocks on my knees, stomach area and head. Since I have taken the session, my migraines frequency have gone down immensely- from a few times a week to once or twice a month. 

I recommend Prakriti for anyone who is feeling helpless and lost, or going through major life changes, she is a complete holsitic healer. 

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