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10 Years

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Navi Mumbai

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Bengali, Hindi, English

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Monday to Saturday

10 AM to 8 PM

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I am a professional distance healer. Also provide hands on healing. I am into Various methods of Reiki, Merlin Trinity Healing System, Magnified Healing, NLP, Vaastu etc. Believe in a total holistic healing. I have noticed that many a times a patient hearing and then counselling does half the work. Being available to the clients even after working hours also instils a sense o confidence in them. I also believe in empowering the clients so that they can take charge of the vagaries of  their life .














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07 Jan 22

Roman Reighns

Lipi seemed to me like a feminist type or womens-rights activist type of woman from the inside as per my 1.5 month unnecessarily long communication. All her reviews are by women LoL, obviously she was nice to you coz you are a woman, while she was not even attending to my issue. I was so polite and nice to her right from day one yet I had to call her up or send e-mails after 4 or 5 days of no response and she simply seemed so so busy & tired !!, once she even told me she doesnt remember my details and would check and get back to me, thats irresponsible behaviour on her part. 

So you must be her student or beneficiary. No wonder your reviews here look like PAID REVIEWS on Amazon or Flipkart etc. XD

She must have been good to you coz you are "Maam Maam you are great" types. Ho tumcha sarkha chaatnari loka astat manun ashi baika nachat firtey, Damn you PAID REVIEWERS! XD

Lipi is a business woman and I have seeen a million of her types. A business person is mostly a cunning fox. I should have recorded my conversations and showed you how casually lipi was behaving, not professional at all, for no reason whatsoever. I know bong women very well, the educated among them have social-activist & feminist bugs inside them and the uneducated bong women all go to kalibaari to do Jaadu Tona on their neighbors. Its an old saying there so I know. Yeah keep worshipping her maybe she will give you Certificate. She might be good at her work but all I'm saying is she was not good with me. I'm not going to post reviews here as I already know what she is, PAID REVIEWS DONT MATTER!

06 Jan 22

Rakhi Goswami

Lipiie Banerjee is a name to reckon with when it come to Numerology. She is expert in her field. I had gotten my review done about a year back and when I call her even today, she remembers exactly what my number chart reads - line by line. If this is not customer centricity, I am not sure what is. As a customer, I felt so good to be remembered, while I am aware that she must be dealing with lot of chart reading. 

She had referred minor changes in my name and that worked pretty well for me. She had told me right at the onset that she does not believe in a complete overhaul of name. When a name is give to a child, usually it is thought of and usually that is what the Universe would like an individual to have. Now, if the name is such that any amount of minor changes would not work - then is the time when she recommeds a complete name change. I understood this concept and proceeded. It did take a while to come up with the complete chart. And when it did and when she explained my number chart, it was simply amazing. She even went ahead and looked at my horoscope (and of course that was not required) and also guided me on some aspect of Vastu regarding my home depending on my number. Who does that.

Overall a wonderful experience and I keep going back to her for any guidance. I would say - you get what you deserve. I have been flexible as a client who needed the guidance that she was providing and in return I was treated like someone own (as if her family who she can openly discuss with). 

I would like to thank Lipiie for her continued guidance on Numerology and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a long-term relationship with their Numerologist. 

06 Jan 22

Roman Reighns

Lipi Waanerjee draged my name change thing for more than one and half months even then she didnt tell me anything about Vedic Kundali predictions as a numerologist. After 1.5 months she tells me she has training classes for her students and that when she returns after 2 weeks she will ask me probing questions about my kundali only after that she can predict. Lol even my family vedic astrologer can predict just by looking at Janma Lagana, mahadasha Antardasha etc immediately. 

She treated me like I was not a client but some domestic help raju, If she is so busy as if like some Indra Nooyi or Chanda Kochhar then how is she going to help normal clients. [ Ullu Banane Ka Dhanda Sab Chal Ra Hei! ]

06 Jan 22

Roman Reighns (not real name)

Worst experience with Lipi Waanerjee!! 

Reasons -

1) Call opening - I told her I am bengali so Lipiji says "so you have called me because I am Bengali? I charge 3k rupees! is it ok ? [I find it hilarious bcoz it seemed as if bengalis shouldnt call her]

2) Each time I spoke or wrote in Bengali she seemed very reluctant to communicate at all. [Strange behavior]

3) She told me initially she preferes e-mail correspondence but later moved to mobile phone chat messeges XD

4) She answered to chat msgs once in every 4 days, very short responses, not much detials, SEEMED VERY VERY RELUCTANT as if I was forcing her to communicate. 

5) I had to be EXTRA polite to her bcoz she seemed so reluctant that i thought she would just abandon my case as she had alrready charged me 3k rupees in advance.

6) When I told her I wanted to change my entire name she sounded as if she was ridiculing my choice.

7) At the slightest instance she goes gaga about how she manages her 3 companies and 100 students and so so busy. What do clients have to do with how many companies she is handling? XD [Clients pey dhyan dijiye! nei toh kaam chhor dijiye!]

8) At the beginning she asks for Vedic kundali and DOB TOB for background check XD [Arrey mei khud astrologer hu! numerologist hei to numerology kijiye na?]

9) All the reports she sent me on e-mail seemed like Regular Numeroly Template generated by software. XD

10) She seemed very reluctant to check the names I had suggested rather she was just busy coreecting a few letters in lastname each time as if My name doesnt matter much to her.

11) Please be careful of such Money Minded Divinity Arts practitioners!!. Dont pay them before [Naam Bare aur Darshan Chhote XD] nIn

04 Nov 20

Usha Verma

Lipi ma'am is the gem of a person.  She guides do well and it is indeed a blessing to learn so many things from her.  Thank you so much ma'am.  Gratitude for everything learnt from you each day. 

18 Jun 18

Kavita Sharma

I have taken attunments from Lipi ma'am. I really feel happy and relaxed. I feel much  positivity  in my physical & mental status... Every day  many more experiences.

   Thank you Lipi ma'am for giving me happy and peaceful life.

With regards_ Kavita Sharma


15 Jun 18


I have taken courses and attunments from lipi  and I really felt very peaceful & calm mentally & physically. I  feel very relaxed the whole day. I am feeling as if I am in a state of perpetual meditation even when I am at work. Every day is a different  experience while meditation...not able to express in words....thank you LIPI ????




13 Jun 18

Anurag Tayde

My name is Anurag, I have received powerful attunement from Lipi ji & which brings with it an intense healing energy, raising my vibrations and spiritual development, and enhanced my self healing in level 2 attunment, when we attuned to reiki level 2 we became more aware of the importance for our wholeness on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.... 


Thanks Lipi G.

13 Jun 18

Sagarika Roychaudhuri

Lipi ji is amazingly  knowledgeable and well  versed in all healing modalities. I have no words to praise her talent more than a friend she is sister to me getting me out of my troubles.I am very thankful that she' s with me.God bless her.

12 Jun 18

Nirvana Healing Centre

Lipi ji is associated with Nirvana Healing Centre for more than a year now and it has been absolutely rewarding relationship for us. Lipi ji comes with astounding knowledge of multiple advanced healing therapies along with profound experience in numerology, vastu and many other mystic sciences. With Nirvana, she is a senior most healer and has been delivering surprises one after the other. Her understanding of human psychology makes patients feel at ease at once and the they just take off on the energy of energetic transformation. This period has been of immense enrichment and fulfillment for all of us at Nirvana. We wish Lipi ji Super Luck Today & Always !!!

12 Jun 18

Ms. Adarshdeep Kaur

Thanks Mam for the change- you have helped me ACHIEVE.

Your open heart ,pure intuition and fine tuned skills of listening , deep understanding and finally GENUINELY . addressing  the problem to  find a solution. .

I trust you and thank you for making remarkable changes and creating awareness of each and every thought in  my life at such a critical stage of all  ups and downs one after the other.

These 56 days , I have relived and revived  my 28 years and now I am ready  to redefine rest of my life.

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