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Saturday only for Healing Services: 12noon to 8pm (India Time)

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Lynn Borundia

Hello all you wonderful Beings.

I am privileged to be a part of the Mystic Lotus and to be working with this beautiful group of souls. 

My name is Lynn Borundia, I am a Soul Life Practitioner; my healing comes to you from Melbourne, Australia.  

My gifts are Automatic writing, Channelling, Past/Current and In-between Life Regression, Soul Life Psychology which includes Soul Life card readings, western style Numerology.  I also do Metaphysical Healing, Reiki, Chakra balancing/healing.  

Love and light


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12 Sep 19


Hi Lynn, thank you so much for sorting out my confusion regarding the readons for what I am going through & the health insights.Look forward to past life sessions with you , hoping to meet you sometime in the future.Regards,


24 Aug 19

Yuga Dhepe

Hi Lynn thank you for your guidance.It gave me a lot of confidence

24 Aug 19

Sarita Gangwani

Dear Lynn

Very much thankful for being a part of my healing process 

24 Aug 19

Sarita Gangwani

Dear Lynn

Very much thankful for being a part of my healing process 

24 Aug 19

Dr. Mrs. Jaya Jain

Dear Lynn, 

It was a very nice experience to be with you. It was having a scientific base. But how to continue healing to the family members. I am confused. It will be very nice if you can guide me for the same. You are wonderful. Thank You. 

23 Aug 19

Renu sharan

Dear Lynn

what an amazing journey it has been with you, you are not only intuitive and intense but very intricate and accurate with your knowledge and healings.

thank you for being a part of my healing process 

23 Aug 19

Gauri kuchhal

Lynn is a beautiful soul .Her work is a pure reflection of devine consciousness and inner strengths. Her readings are so apt, it’s given me confidence that whatever I am doing, iis my purpose in life.Thanking you Lynn for all the positive energy flow in me .

23 Aug 19

Beenakshi Gogri

I am a healer myself . I had a cleansing effect when I received healing from Lynn Mam . She has done a wonderful healing session . I  thankyou Mam for your healing Gratitude .may universe bless you.

23 Aug 19


I'm a healer myself.  Had undergone surgery post two fractures.  Lynn's group healing has led to a considerable reduction in the muscle pain I was having. I'm also able to see clearly my need to undergo pain in the first place. Thanks Lynn.  

23 Aug 19


Received healings from Lynn and I must say felt very calm and energetic at the same time.

Thanku u Lynn 

23 Aug 19

Prathima Prabhu

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your time and patience. Your way of answering to the problem are really wonderful and appreciable. God bless u and give you more energy to heal the pains of people.

23 Aug 19

Simmi Katyal

She is superb helping unknown without any thing in return. 

God bless her. 


Heal me, my stress and depression 

Thank you so much 

Stay happy and blessed always 

23 Aug 19

Prity vichhivora

Thanku Lynn for wonderful experience of healing and your readings gave us more insight  .u are hardworking and patient for answering all of us .. .. Your explanation to each and every topic was too good...  As a healer u have deep intutive powers and your channelising was awesome on first day... .patiently u answered all of us which seems 100% true to me.. . Thanku for this wonderful experience ????????????????. 

23 Aug 19

Divya Menon

Thank you Lynn. That was a deep insight you offered. Thank you for the blessings as well. In gratitude always????????

23 Aug 19


Thank you very much for all the guidance n information u gave... Learnt a lot.. Thanks again.. 

20 Aug 19

Jayashree Shetty

I met Lynn recently at a sea healing workshop which was meant to focus more on balancing my mind and my soul. Sea healing workshop as the name suggests has a lot to do with sea water and I am aquaphobic( scared of open water). One of the reason why i chose this form was to get over my fear. Being an aquaphobic is something I have been struggling with since my childhood and haven't been able to discuss about it with a lot of people. That's the thing about fear... we don't know if it needs to be taken care of or ignored. We find ways to live with it. While on the other hand fixing it can make a huge difference!! Anyhow deep down I always knew this phobia of mine had nothing to do with me not trying hard to get over one of my fears. It is when I met Lynn that I understood it's got something to do with my past life. As a huge non believer of this entire concept I decided to give her a try and surprisingly  I could successfully complete the entire process of sea healing. I must say she has a lot of patience and knows exactly what she is doing. Cherry on the top is her golden heart that wants to heals everybody and doesn't mind investing time and effort to do so.all you need is an open mind. Glad to have met her.

19 Aug 19


Lynn has been a Wonderful and close friend for over 20yrs.  She is such a warm, caring, loving person and can put you at ease easily. 
It was but natural that she came into this field.   
She’s a Natural in it!  
She is my Earth Angel. 
I lost my Dear Brother 4 years ago & my Dearest Mum 6 months ago & got msgs from them through Auto Writing by Lynn that were of immense help.  
It has also given me the solace & strength to handle life no matter what. 
She has done Auto Writing for me on various other occasions & has been bang on! 
She has also done Soul Life Readings & been amazingly accurate! 
No matter what life throws at me I know for sure that Lynn is there to guide & support me!
Thanks to her I did the Sea Healing by Payal(Another Wonderful Earth Angel) in Pondy recently & benefitted immensely!                                            

I urge You to experience it Yourself????

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