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Revati Dighe (45 Years)

How would you like to be in your life? Happy, restored with a sense of well being and something to look forward to?This is the package deal life is meant to be. Sunny side up!

Are there any areas of your life where you would like to open up and bring in more sunshine? These areas could be physical, emotional, relationships, psychological, work related, goal achievement, addictions, enhancing personal effectiveness, manifesting. Don't settle for a life less than what its meant to be. Take charge to make the change.

Previous Experience

After 14 years of corporate experience in human resources and people development, life helped me delve deeper into itself. And that is exactly where I found the me waiting-to-be-discovered. I decided to delve deeper into people development to answer my heart's calling. I moved out of my HR job to facilitate people in their life's journey. I enjoy exploring new modalities and adapt them to suit the person's specific requirements.

I work extensively with family and structure constellations as this is a solution oriented approach. You are empowered to release yourself from the bondage of the past and craft many beautiful tomorrows with this process. Along with Family and Structure Constellations there's also a blend with the wisdom of Sound Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Empowerment Techniques and Access Bars to help people get aligned to their native energies.

And the personal journey to uncover new layers of life and learning continues allowing new shifts that transform me in the process. This helps me to be in the mode to constantly learn, experiment with new modalities and find newer and quicker ways to heal easily and peacefully.

I invite you to allow this change in yourself and in your life. Come, let's walk along through the sunny side; for that is where we belong.




Certified facilitator for family and structure constellations

Sound Therapist

Certififed Yoga Teacher

Hypnotherapy Ekaa Foundation

Reiki Practioner

Access Conciousness@Bars Course

Angel Practioner and Healer

Reviews & Testimonials

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19 May 18

Bindu Shah

I went through all the days' explanations and exercises at one go on the final day . It made so many things clearer for me, especially the part that parents play and the hierarchy of siblings. Also the 'taking your place in the family without taking another's burdens ' resonates so much with me. It also reassured me that I am on the right path .

Thank you Revati for your efforts and guidance. 

18 May 18

Mala Nair

Family constellations was something I had never heard about. When Revati explained it to us it brought a whole lot of clarity to what you experience with your family plus when you see others struggling with theirs.

It was an insight that will help us all to review many situations in life.


Thank You Revati 

15 May 18

Prerana Kotak

Revatiji beautifully explained the insights of relationship and techniques to deal with it.

Sometimes it's difficult to understand the depth of love/ hatred but doing the recommended exercises... It opens the perspective above the descriped emotions 

09 Mar 18

Namita Pasbola

My early interactions with Revati were when she was referred to me as a coach to stir transformations in key people within our organisation. The flair and ease with which she not only guided us but helped us realise the essence of 'Self Realisation' was amazing. She brings in with her beautiful blend of experience and youthfulness while she mentors you. She has a systematic approach to dealing with change both from the perspective of an organisation and the individual. 

Revati is an ideal change management catalyst for growth and development. Personally, she has been a confidence booster for me.

I am fortunate, to have learned from her tricks and tips of various HR modules and life overall. Without reservation, I can highly recommend Ms. Revati for an overall change management and personal development programme for self and group of any kind.

07 Feb 17

Gauri Kane

Was fortunate to participate in one individual n a group session on call with Revati.

Never met her, never knew what this experience would be like until I had an individual telephonic session with her..

She guides you smoothly, you don't need to calculate what is next, what is happening?

The process just happens n then u realise what exactly was it-amazing experience..Her energies are superb.

Hope to have a session with her in person.


Revati- yes, a lot has changed since your session..

Thank you .

28 Nov 16

Amrish Arjun

I have had the good fortune of having 2 sessions of Family Constellations with Revati. The 1st one was on Monies (during the AWESOME Money Telesummit) and the other one was on Family of Origin.

Family Constellation on Monies : Soon after the session on Monies started, I got this strange feeling of heaviness around my forehead and eyes. I was suddenly feeling tired and wanted to put my head down. However, within minutes, as the session progressed, the heaviness disappeared and I was feeling energetic and enthusiastic. I was fully awake and charged up and felt light. Nothing happened for the rest of the day, but soon after the session (in October), monies have started flowing into my life. For the first time in many many months, I have started receiving monies from multiple sources. And most of thes are unexpected sources. While the government has banned the (now) old 500 and 1000 rupee notes, it has been a cash (and bank) bonanza for me!

Family Constellation on Family of Origin : The session on Family of Origin was a relatively calm, uneventful, but a fun session. It cleared up a lot of things in my head with regards to my relationship with my family. There were some very useful insights. Although my relationship with my family members was already good, it has improved tremendously since after the session with Revati. Sometimes when things are going well, you dont realise they can still be improved and can get even better. It's been one of those things for me :-)  

Thank you Revati.

During both the sessions, I found Revati to be extremely skillful, mature, intelligent, calm, patient, intutive and fun. Loved being part of both the sessions. A million thanks to you, Revati. :-)

14 Oct 16

asha deshmukh

awesome.simply awesome.thank u so much for the distance healing thru fc.u rock.u r the best,i could sense an immense amount of compassion all the way!god bless.

11 Sep 16


Dear Revati,

Thank you very much for introducing me to the extraordinary world of Family Constellation. The insights I got from the sessions were surprisingly relevant. It helped reveal not just answers but aspects of unanswered questions themselves. I also found it special that you let me discover the answers for myself. The energy from the session also made me feel more blessed and supported by my ancestors and made me conscious of being open to receive gifts from them.

15 Jun 16

Aarti Ranadive

Revathi is absolutely awesome at what she does . For years I have been wanting to be a part of family constellation but I guess I just had to wait for the right time . And indeed when I attended it for the first time , facilitated by Revathi I was blown by the magic . Thank you immensely Revathi . It helped me look at my own life with a very different and new perspective .
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