Punam Kalra

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12 Years

Location :

Pune (Poona)

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English, Hindi, Punjabi

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Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7pm

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Punam Kalra

Why do we have conflict with some family members?  

 Why do some of us have social anxiety or fears or lack of confidence?   

Why do some of us have unexplained pains or phobia or OCD?

Why do some of us suffer rigid pattern of failures or bad relationships? ............................................where or what is the cause?

We ARE what our mind tells us and we cannot think or act beyond our wisdom.  Our mind and wisdom is a mirror of what is manifesting in our subconscious which controls 95% of our thoughts, action and that’s us.

 I work as Therapist and Healer with a strong understanding of nature of mind and its connection with mental, physical and health problems. I have been able to work with thousands of distressed souls healing them at subconscious level with different modalities.  I practices and am trained in Psychotherapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Life between life, Inner Child, Womb regression, Entity clearing from aura, Family Constellation, Akashic Records, EMDR, NLP, Chakra healing, Mindfulness, Reiki, Personality Development, Yoga Therapy and more.

I have been associated with an NGO for many years, trained to handle the calls on a toll-free helpline for distressed and suicidal individuals from all over India. This huge exposure helped to understand human mind conflicts, deep stress behavior patterns and techniques to manage non-progressive emotion, depression, stress, anxiety etc. I was also training and worked under another program PEP ( peer education program), which was responsible to conduct open workshops with school children to manage their stresses, anger, jealousy, anxiety, pressures etc.

Issues which I have successfully treated are Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Phobia, Allergies, OCD,  Migraine, Menstrual pain, Backache, Spondylitis, early Arthritis, efficiency in Sports, Golf mental and physical training, Insomnia, Social Anxiety, Abundance, hurdles in Growth, Unwanted Thoughts, Emotional turmoil, Bad relationships, Financial issues, Confidence & Self-esteem, Porn and Masturbation Addictions, unexplainable Pain Illness & Diseases, soul healing, trauma healing, healing suicidal individuals and survivors, Cancer- accepting and supporting healing (diluting anxiety and fear & connecting to its cause),..........and more.

Both mental and psychosomatic issues can be treated. These therapies enhances inner peace, forgiveness, clearer thinking, better perspective, heals relationships, deeper understanding of challenges in your life, removes the barrier for growth and inner peace, positive shift in perspective, values, aligns priorities & wisdom.

I am keen sports person which teaches me life lessons constantly. Presently play amateur Golf. I have played badminton and basketball at district and state level. This also helps me to work with the players.

I also take workshops with corporate and institutes in the area of emotional intelligence, relationship, time management, anxiety, stress, yoga at work place (office space) for physical fitness etc.

My website link is: www.explorethyself.in

Previous Experience

Have worked in real estate and with finance company which helped to understand the stress and pressures associated with its working environment. I am spouse of senior army officer. Lived in a multicultural environment for almost three decades. Experienced and learnt overcoming many stressful challenges.

Worked for almost five years on a helpline to be present and giving support to distress and suicidal individuals which brought a huge insight into behavior patterns. Also developed outreaching events in the locals to increase awareness of the causes and effects of anxiety and stress.



Rational Emotive and Behavioral Therapy

Past Regression Therapy

Emotional Delayering

Family Constellation




Womb regression

Holistic Practitioner (Akasha healing )

Yoga ( Iyengar)

Personality Development


Reviews & Testimonials

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10 Feb 20


The session with Punam was just amazing. It helped resolve a lot of issues that have been affecting my present condition. She is very patient and understanding and has a deep and genuine desire to help those of us in need of this spiritual guidance. I'm indebted to her. ????

03 Feb 20


It has been a life changing experience getting hypnotherapy done by Ms. Punam Kalra. It was calming and a soothing spiritual experience for me. Punam ma'am has helped me come out of my fears. Made me feel positive about situations in life and about life in general. 
I will recommend this anyone who's suffering from physical and/ or mental pain and any sort of fear in life. Very pleased to have met punam maam and got this therapy done. 

26 Jan 20



25 Jan 20

Tejal P

Just one session with Punam mam has worked wonders in my life. Her charm and aura is such that it soothes our soul to an extent that one instantly feel calm and composed.

There was a time when I faced tons of problems in my life. To name a few - tough time at my job,relationship issue ,had zero clarity,only confusion and chaos around me.

Soon nothing seem to interest me.I was lost,depressed,nothing made sense to me. Which is when luckily I came across Punam mam profile on the internet and decided to heal myself. If you are one among those who suffer from emotional trauma,relationship issues,anger,panic attacks or be it any other physical as well as mental health issue,please I would recommend you all to take atleast one session with Punam mam..

I owe her incredibly for enlightening me and I am extremely thankful to the almighty that I chose her to help me heal.

I still have a long way to go in my spiritual journey.However I am atleast proud of myself for the drastic changes life has rewarded me and the way I have evolved after meeting her.


25 Jan 20

Supriya Tiwari

Hello everyone, this is for everyone who is pain any kind of pain Physical, mental or social .

I had suffered a pain in my stomach for two . years. I visited so many doctors gynaecologist, gastroenterologist, urologist and so many.Everyone said i am normal. All tests were normal. I was in a condition that i couldn't make people understand what was happening to me. I became  hypochondric. It was then God mercied on me and I met Punam kalra ma'am.

In a single session i was relieved and was completely healed in my third session . 

This changed my life... I am so thankful to her that i can't express it in words. Anyone who is in the same condition please Meet her so that you live because I understand how it feels  

Thank-you dear Ma'am. Lots of love  

24 Jan 20


Punam is amazing. I have suffered from claustrophobia for many years but with Punam's help I went back into my last life and figured out why I had the fear. Now I don't feel claustrophobic anymore  She is kind, gentle and understanding and a wonderful human being. I am indebted to her.

24 Jan 20


With Poonam Ma'am's Theraphy I could heal my past life issues which i was carrying since in womb state (which i remember), ma'am took be back to many lives and helped me to heal all these, i am highly grateful to ma'am; now i have started my English classes and Pyramid Vaastu Consultation. By God's grace and Ma'am wishes I am confident that i shall be fully evolved soul one day.



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