Miliind Sose

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Experience :

41 Years

Location :

Pune (Poona)

Languages :

Hindi, Marathi, English

Available :

Any day and time by prior appointment ( Emergencies can be addressed as required ). 

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Miliind Sose

Am an Engineer, M.B.A., and am the owner of a successful infrastructure business for the last 30+ years. Have been a guest lecturer at the MIT World Peace University at their various institutions, am on their think tank and have been taking lectures introducing the staff to spirituality (who in turn teach the students). Am a strategy and finance consultant to various businesses.  My area of specialisation would include counselling ( and hand holding if required ) children (3 yrs +) and their parents, students,  businessmen and executives,  individuals to help them find themselves, spiritual counselling as and when required, helping individuals get a life plan and a life direction and hand hold them towards it, Life Coaching ( for individuals, businessmen, executives, sports persons, film persons, politicians etc ), help people achieve their potential etc.

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22 Jun 18

Karan Dhar

Clear. Objective. Unbiased. Seedhi baat, no bakwas. Gets down to the root of the problem.

21 Jun 18

Deepali Pandya

I had a brief interaction with Mr Millind Sose and following one of his tips to address my concern, I discovered something much deeper.His approach is very friendly and open, that allows the client to open up and create a healthy space for well being.

Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours Mr.Millind

20 Jun 18

Mala Nair

Milind Sose was one of the few healers who was willing to talk one on one without any restrictions on time or questions. 

He took a keen interest in understanding our queries and figuring solutions for us.

Thank You for your immense patience and help with all our doubts.


30 Apr 18

Teja Koparde

Mr. Milind Sose, absolute calm  & balanced person, good listener, perfectly aligned with his ownself. Practices logical approach in daily life and provides practical solutions to the challenges encountered..Meeting & connecting with him definately provides a different outlook towards the situation.

08 Apr 18

Chandrasekhar Biday

We have been friends since 1978. I have deep faith in him since we were together for a long time and unknowingly he became my guide. He has certainly guided me in various problematic situations in my professional, personal and social life.He has excellent knowledge of psychology, social interactions, parenting and is a good analyser of one's personality traits.I do heavily depend on him for guidance on various occasions.

05 Apr 18


I have known Mr. Milind since 2013. Although we first met in connection with work and not his Life Coaching practice, I realised that he is a very brilliant and studied person with a wide knowledge base. He is passionate about his Life Coaching and consulting work and has the determination to take you till the end. He does not comment on topics he does not know about but whenever I needed help on such matters then he collected the information required by me. Good listener. Very straight forward and would point out your mistakes on your face but is very resourceful. I am in regular touch with him for matters which are beyond my understanding and to help me keep a broad focus.

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