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18 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Morning : 10 AM - 12 PM
Evening : 6 PM - 9 PM

Thursday To Saturday : 10 AM - 8 PM

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Tripti Raikwar






Qualifications Portfolio-

Bachelors degree in Management (Mumbai University)

Masters degree in Management (Mumbai University)

Bachelors degree in Education (IGNOU University)

Masters Degree in Education (Mumbai University- Pursuing)

Waldorf Teacher Training Program (Basic)

Waldorf Teacher Training Program (Advance)

Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership Management (IGNOU)

Qualified Waldorf Teacher Trainer.

Experience Portfolio


• Taught mainstream grades 1 to 10 (10 years) and Alternative schools (9.5years)

• India : State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE

• Healing Arts Therapist (SolsArc - Kandivali)

• Worked at Tridha, an alternative education based school that follows Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy at Andheri (E).Designation- art-coordinator primary for grade 1-6 (as well as class teacher), teacher trainer and parent enrichment workshop facilitator from June 2006 to Jan 2015.

Specialist Portfolio

• Completed 3 weeks, training and teaching in Healing Art Education at the prestigious 75 years old Edinburgh Steine School at Scotland.

Trained in Advance Transformation Through Arts (Wet-On-Wet painting, form-drawing, board drawing and other art forms)


Attended- 8 days Asia-Pacific Waldorf Training Conference held at Philippines  in 2009.

Attended- 8 days Asia-Pacific Waldorf Training Conference held at Hyderabad  in 2011.

Attended 3 weeks training at Edinburgh Waldorf School for mentoring primary teachers and curriculum development.


Conducted several Teacher Training And Enrichment Programs all over India.

Successfully Set Up Curriculum for an underprivileged School  and Conducted The Enrichment Program for their Teachers and Parents at 'The Vidyananda School' run by 'The Lotus Petal Foundation' (New Delhi).

Changed the program successfully in planning for mixed ability mainstream classrooms at OLHS Andheri East

Successfully started The Parent Orientation and Enrichment Program at a leading Alternative School in Mumbai running now once a year.

Created an interactive and fun-based Mathematics curriculum for Primary Schools.

Successfully Set Up Curriculum and Conducted The Teacher Training Program for the Teachers and Parents of Aarambh Waldorf School (Gurgaon, New Delhi).

Conducts Healing Arts Workshops for Adults and Children to enhance their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient.

Founder of Trishti: Healing Arts and Educational Solutions - Center of Healing, Andheri East.

HEART©- Healing and Expressive Art Redefined Therapy.

The Healing Center Facilitates

Self Healing by Experiential Arts, helps people to look within themselves and release stress and blocked emotions.

Healing Arts and Counselling sessions for Parents and differently-abled Children.

Creative LifeCoaching through one to one, group and online sessions.


It's a program developed to cater to the holistic needs of all (12+years).
She works on one to one basis (with prior appointment only) with Autistic- On the Spectrum, differently abled/ learning Disabled and Behavioural disorder Children and Counsel parents too.

Her recently conducted Art Programmes and work with children, teens and adults can be seen on her FB page :

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04 May 16

Geetu Thakur

Tripti is an amazing teacher and healer. Her kids simply love her. She has the magic to bring out what's hiding so deep within the child.

Thank you so much. We are coming back again, Tripti. 

09 Dec 15

Alpa Momaya

Hey,  this is to mention a very special thanks to dearest Tripti.  The way you have guided me during your class about Metatron's Cube and The Flower of Life. I never knew I was good at painting  ever, after I left school. Your whatsapp course on DIY HEALING ARTS was also too good.  It led me connect with the colours at my own pace and now I also understand a little bit more on why certain people connect to certain colours in a certain way.  Thank you dear for reconnecting me with the artist in me!! 

29 Aug 15

Deepaa Nawany

Sorry for the delay just wanted to tell you A warm thank you for the warm ,colourful & very differnt kind of healimg session.Never knew I had some art streak in me &that it could be so capitavationg how the two hours flew by i think we both ie my hubby &me didnt realize

22 Aug 15

Harshal S. Mistry.

I attanded Life of Tree workshop. It really helped me to rise on my higher chakras, better conscious level, changed my perception, expands wisdom and increased patience. Tripti is blessed good teching skill by god. She explained each and everything in detial and give personal attention to students so he/she easily get the intentions of workshop.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

19 Aug 15

Bharat Bhai

Thank you so much for inspiring me to stay optimistic and motivated throughout the session. It has been a lovely experience having got a chance to know my inner self in a better way under your guidance. 

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Tripti Raikwar 04 Sep 2015 12:03 PM

An Inner Mandala contains elements that exist interdependently, and that interdependent existence of things happens in the fashion of orderly chaos. Making ones own Consciousness Mandala is like revisiting your own INNER PATTERN and restructuring it all over again.

Tripti Raikwar 06 Sep 2015 01:29 PM

It's okay to detach and take care of yourself . . . in fact, it's necessary. And in the long run, taking care of your needs helps your loved ones, too.

Tripti Raikwar 07 Sep 2015 10:23 AM

Attitude determines the lifestyle of a person and it develops when perception is followed by projection. Positive and negative attitude are acquired by an individual over a period of time and according to their development. A positive attitude affirms life.

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