Rudra Spiritual Pursuits by Jagriti Kajaria

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20 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Monday to Thursday

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Rudra Spiritual Pursuits by Jagriti Kajaria

Jagriti Kajaria began her spiritual education, at a very early age, with the study of various scriptures and ancient texts. Although born in a small village, she went on to widen her horizons with guidance from various spiritual stalwarts. With decades of learning, practicing and teaching, today Jagriti Kajaria is one of the finest modern age spiritual mentors and founder of Spiritual Pursuits.

Having accomplished success across different aspects of life - be it food technology, trained classical dance or a professional jeweler, she truly lives by the philosophy of living life 200%  i.e. 100% spiritual 100% material.

RUDRA, founded in 2002, is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose to reach out to people who want to live in the material world simultaneously having a quest to deeper essences of life. At Rudra, we strongly believe that we must live life 200%, 100% spiritual 100% material where the effect of one definitely weaves into the other. We believe in not only imparting knowledge but enabling the transformation of the individual into becoming a more empowered being

At Rudra independent existence is always encouraged rather than dependant followers – this is the main motto at Rudra because how to fish is better than giving anybody a fish

Our main emphasis of teaching is derived from Vedanta which is explained and encouraged to become the way of life after completely understanding its application in the modern world

Other sciences like tarot, runes, angel cards, crystals, etc. help enhance the very same purpose for we strongly believe that each one has a path that will resonate with them and yet each path leads to one point which is an enlightened zone of existence.

Previous Experience

Has been instrumental in Establishing  an old age home, orphanage and children’s home for over a decade which are now run by other NGOs. 

She at a renowned foundation has been instrumental in helping hundreds of addicts to recognize self-worth, self-power, self-dependency and rebuild a transformed life. Many of these people feel empowered and confident after having benefitted from these sessions and found success and happiness in life

Guided people with suicidal tendencies to regain and retouch the purpose of their life.
Helped many to recognize their latent talent and establish startups in various fields of work.


She has been awarded in various aspects of her career such as All India Winter carnival at Manali , food technology, swimming, sports & dance.


Jagriti Kajaria is a renowned Spiritual Coach, trained and Certified in many modalities not limited to Reiki, Pranic, Theta, Karmic, Crystal, Meta, Magnified, Melchizedek, Lemurian crystal Healing , etc 

She is a very well known trainer and counsel for Runes, Spiritual Tarot, Vastu/ Feng-shui & Vedanta studies 

A student of Vedanta, gemologist and a qualified Food Technologist

She is also certified in Bharatnatyam and Kathakali dance forms


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28 Jul 19


Very informative. Enjoyed the week with Jagriti. Innovative way of giving information. Very inspiring and interactive sessions throughout the week. Thank you Jagriti

24 Apr 19

Sangeeta Modi

I have attended the Shambhavi level 1 and the Science of Breath class With Rudra - Spiritual Pursuits m. Along with that I attend Jagritis monday meditation classes. I have had an awesome experience in each of them.The energy exchange is very powerful and life changing. Jagriti inspite of being the teacher or guru makes you feel like shes a more of a friend. The other thing which is very good is that she is open to discussions and is always ready to answer your queries. The whole spiritual journey is made into a fun and joyous one by Rudra - Spiritual Pursuits.

23 Apr 19

Shivani Chopra

As a beginner in Spirituality , the journey of a year or so has been so full filling and rewarding. Jagriti is my relief point .

23 Apr 19

Capt. Sunil Chopra

A year or more is the period that our family is associated with Jagriti , and if it was not for her, I would be in a different world all together. What more do I say  a stage comes when the “Spritual Innings” ( the end)Pursue you , but at that time to get a Person like Jagriti 
Is one big luck , and for that I am thankful to the Almighty and Renu who introduced me to her .

22 Apr 19

Meena Pandit

Jagriti Kajaria.... I call her Jagriti Miss... for me and my family she is a saviour . Whenever our family is going through any kind of crisis whether it’s physical , emotional or personal the first person I reach out to is Jagriti aunty and ask her to start healing . And she immediately responds and starts her magic ..I call her healing as magic because the minute she starts after a couple of days you start seeing results .. I never question her what is she going to do , what kind of healing will she give .. with full faith I only tell her my problem and then leave it to her .. with so much stress and ups and downs in one’s life trust me having Jagriti miss in our lives is a blessing .. there have been times when I felt that this problem has no solution but once I ask her to heal my problem .. I start seeing positive results .. have also done some meditation sessions with her  too... no words can describe  the peaceful feeling one gets after the session ... also my children who are teenagers call her when they are going through  some emotional stress and she is always there to guide them , heal them ... We are blessed to have Jagriti Kajaria in our lives ????????????????

Today I take this opportunity and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the healing, love and care that you have showered upon me and my family . Thank you thank you thank you ...

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