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26 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Available for one on one sessions after inital contact. 

I am available between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

If I do not answer your call its only because I am otherwise occupied in a workshop or a session so rest assured I will revert asap.

Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed!!!

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Parizad Irani

Life had caught up with me. Career, travel, relationship, marriage and a job change later I realized my dream of working with the angels was still waiting for me! 

My encounter with the angels began while I was still overcoming the loss of my beloved grandmother, although at this time it was all very very subtle for me to realize. My close encounters with angelic guidance started during my graduation years when I was particularly struggling with accountancy then right through B school. I started seriously exploring the wolrd of angelology as a student in England and honestly from then on there was no looking back. 

Angels are now part and parcel of my life. I welcome you to come experience the world of angels. 


Although my biggest endorsement would be the angels themselves......

1. ACP - Angel Certification Program

2. Reiki Master - Tad Ekam


4. Pendulum Dowsing

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02 Aug 18

Chhaya Bheda

First to start with ......I am very very sorry dear....for posting a review so late. I had met Pari about 2 months back. A wonderfully bubbly and totally loveable person. One feels connected with her instantly. It was wonderful meeting her. I was really really satisfied with the reading.....and really connected with her views on all that we discussed. A good reading give you answers for all your questions......but a very very good reading leaves you with a lot of material to think and introspect about. ....and that's exactly what I took back. Thank you so much Pari. God and Angeles bless you.

10 Jul 18

Pooja P

Parizad has changed my life . I met her last year during the angel fest at her residence. The moment I met her she welcomed me with big hug.Trust me no pyschic reader has never done that with me . She’s someone who understand ones  problem without you telling her . One thing I must say that pari doesn’t do this for name fame or money she does this becoz she truly blessed and good at her work . I came from begin a  girl of   lack of confidence and self esteem . Today I feel full of confidence and positively . Thank you Pari ! It took time but I’m feeling the changes in me . 




11 May 18


My Dearest Pari,

Thank you ever so much for the personal session (some days ago) that I very much needed to have with you. Words are just inadequate to describe the warmth, love, compassion and acceptance that you exude. Everything that you said was on the dot - fully accurate. And the guidelines that you provided are helping me to find my way through each aspect that we discussed. Thank you for being there for us like a diya in a dark room - shining the light and guiding the way.Thank you also for being so generous with your time and resources and for sharing so much of your knowledge. This is a very rare trait for people in your line of work. Only the truly gifted are fearlessly generous. You have opened my mind and heart to so many things that I would have missed out on. God and Angels bless you for being this enormous blessing in our lives. What a privilege to have you as my friend, guide and teacher. Much love and gratitude always.

07 May 18

Zarine darukhanawalla

My dearest Pari,

Thank you ever so very much for the 1-2-1 session with me today. Life was a maze when I walked into your house this afternoon. Spending those few hours with you, has given me so much clarity. I can swear by your insights and genuine love for the work that you do. There are very few of your kind Pari. Thank you for giving me such a patient hearing... Where do we find people who give off so much of their time without considering financial implications! It shows your passion, your care, genuine love for people, for the work you do, my Pari. I am truly blessed to have you as my friend??? Thank you for being you...for embracing us the way we are. God bless you always???

27 Apr 18


Words can neither quantify not qualify how helpful your guidance n advice has been.thank you so much for helping me see things,motivating and giving valuable insight on how I can heal are truly gifted. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!lots of love!

25 Apr 18

Niloufer Taleyarkhan

Pari my dearest, thank you thank you so much for the time you gave me yesterday, I feel so much better and calm now having spent with you. Before I could bring up a few things I wanted to share with you, you miraculously broached on the queries I had in if you knew what my next problem was ????.

I'm very grateful to you for helping me iron out, ease my mind of all the worries I had for my husband and my 2 boys. Truly grateful. Stay blessed always. ????????????????????

11 Apr 18

Bhujbalbir Singh Sahni

It has been a very Beautiful Interactive session with Parizad, although it was on the Telephone.     V

All the Points of concern were thouroughly discussed, Observations of Parizad were on Dot. I feel that she is an Angel herself. May Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Bless Parizad & her family, & Mystic Lotus for connecting us to this wonderful Facilitator.

Warm Regards


10 Apr 18

Ajay Gyanchandani

Had a Telephonic session with Pari ji.
It was Superb to know that somebody can actually Make you aware of Your 'ONE BY ONE ISSUES RELATED TO CHAKRAS & CORRESPONDING BODIES & THEIR PERCENTAGE OF ACTIVATION ???? Amazing work.


REIKI master teacher

24 Mar 18


I got connected with Parizadji through Mystic group for a personal consultation i was not sure how to gogabout it, as it was my 1st time, the appointment got scheduled at 4.45 pm. The moment I picked the phone to call her I saw 4.44, which was a divine confirmation that it's going to be a wonderful Angelic experience. Indeed it was, she patiently and lovingly answered all my questions and gave me clarity on the best solutions for each of my problems, all her readings were very accurate as per my life situations. I am amazed by the accuracy of her predictions, she is a truly blessed Angel blessing us all with her wonderful knowledge, thankyou, lots of love????????????

16 Mar 18

Gunjan Amrit kocharr

Thank you so much mystic lotus for connecting me to Pari! It was indeed a wonderful session. I like the way she is very clear and precise with her readings. She taps into you and helps you flow through the session vey easily. Her knowledge and experience speaks through the sessions. Her wisdom with this work is deep and she trusts herself totally when she offers this work to others, which for me was just what I wanted. Thank you so much Pari!! Much love and blessings 

15 Mar 18

Pankaj Nijhawan

I got the opportunity to have one on one session with Parizad through Mystic Lotus. She is really master of her field and her readings about my questions is accurate and up to the mark. Pari answered all my queries patiently and I never felt at any moment that she is in hurry. I had done my readings from other tarot readers too but she is the best among all.

08 Mar 18


Angels are there when we need them, even if we can't see them. They are special messengers from God, sharing his Love for us. That's what Pari, is to me, A True God sent Angel, it's only through her God communicates his Love and guidance to me. Thank you Pari, for all your guidance when I needed it the most. :-) Lots of Love :) 

05 Mar 18


I met Pari thru my good friend – Sujata. I largely took decisions in life based on my gut feeling. The reason for which I approached Pari was an emotional sticky situation and I was clueless. Pari first grounded me and helped me accept life as it comes instead of crying over it. She is blunt, taught me to deal with troubles instead of running away and corrected me when wrong. I needed this balance in life and ONLY Pari provides me that. Today, the situation still continues, coming to me in various shades and shapes, but now I don’t get flustered. There are days, weeks and months when I don’t reach out to her, but I stay rest assured that Pari is there for me and just a phone call away. Pari, your intervention in my life is priceless helping me manage my relationships in a whole different way…I don’t want to thank you, because what you mean to me is beyond words. Pari, you rock and loads of blessings your way now and always...

28 Feb 18


I met Pari through my ex boss and amazing friend Sarai. When she first mentioned Pari to me I was like what would she be like weird or like a gypsy all these thoughts were driving me crazy. Finally I called Pari and said I’m going to meet you, post that day life changed I met this most calm, happy, full of life person. Yes Pari a great listener always there for me she is someone who listens and I mean itreally really listens. No judging she makes you so comfortable and yes she doesn’t judge you caste creed color no bar. She is someone who I can call my 3 am friend. There have been times when I have a hit a low she has been the one who has got me out of it. When she is in her elements God be ready for her bluntness and people like me need that. She is a saviour and guess what she makes you think andgets you to answer most of the things from within.

And hey sometimes when I’m sitting there and brooding it hits me hard cause Pari is someone who is always around no matter what and not that she doesn’t have her set of priorities or tensions but she is always always there for you.

Pari I don’t meet you everyday but you are very very special to me for someone to be so selfless and so thoughtful 24/7 hats off lady. You are my knight in shining armour.

You have changed me so much ( I know I am thick skinned ????) but yes luv u loads and no amount of thank you’s will substitute what you do for me and my friends too.

God bless you and yes this doesn’t mean I won’t hound you I always will even if it means to trouble you.

27 Feb 18

Sarosh Bhownagreeq

I cannot explain how this angel Pari helped me. Deep in problems and bad health. She gently helped me. She informed me what Angels told her how Angels wanted me to do to overcome impossible situations. Pari was always there A gentle soul. She prays for each person who approaches her for divine help and guidance.  She is a divine soul whose mission is to help all facing problems.  

27 Feb 18

Daksha daftary

M in spritual past 21yrs so many healing modalities I do.but after I meet pari my life change complitely.pari is really v knowledge n v great soul.she always guide me when ever I need.i don't have words to write .pari mere liye bhagwan Ka Diya huva ek sunder vardan he.

So many mistake I do but she never angry on me

Big big big thank you for change my life and also come to my life

Thank you.thank you.thank you

23 Feb 18

Meher Patel

Pari...your name truly justifies who you are on this planet...a generous and kind soul on a mission to help others...what better role could you play! You have not only befriended so many but also been a guide in times of need...the most helpful act anyone can do. May God and the Angels bless you in all your future endeavours. Love and luck!

22 Feb 18

Ferozie Wadia

Pari has a beautiful aura and presence. She is extremely patient and willing to explain things. I have not done any of her workshops but I feel very connected to her as so many others do. She is truly an angel in human form. I’m so glad I met her in this lifetime.  Bless you dear!!!

21 Feb 18

Khushnum Stevens



Pari!! I just can’t seem to call her by that name, rather I address her as my darling aunty. I still remember my mum saying this name ever so frequently and I’d wonder what was so special about her and the work she did and when I did learn about it, I thought to myself, boy, an angel has come straight from heaven to spread some sunshine, ray of hope, light at the end of the dark tunnel and along the way some sparkle. Did I say she is an angel?

In urgent need of advice I was once again reminded of her presence but thought residing in Sweden, this isn’t going to work. I was so so wrong. 

The calm in her voice, the peace on her face just makes you reassured and although I would worry so often about disturbing her, there wasn’t a moment she’d ever make me feel I was a nuisance. On the contrary, to respect her space, I’d stay quiet and she would diligently follow up with me and ask after me. Did I say she is an angel? 

For all the kindness, time and selflessness I so wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart. I asked her what I could send her, the response brought tears to my eyes - ‘I do for you what I would do for my child.’ Did I say she is an angel? 

Just when I thought the world is a place filled with takers, she reminded me what it is to give and give unconditionally for the universe has it’s way of returning it all back to you. Did I say she is an angel?

I believed I was spiritual enough for my age but speaking to her, my desire to grow and be better, stronger, calmer in the face of adversity just grew a million fold and the layers that were just filled with nonsense began to unpeel. Did I say she is an angel? 

For her critics- here’s something for you, you’ll absolutely make no difference to her life because being the angel she is, she’s only going to tell you - ‘I wish you well on your journey, it’s people like you that make me work harder and to those who copy my work or style, I say thank you, I must be doing something right.’ Did I say she is an angel?

To any one of you that needs a ray of light, my darling aunty is the go to person. She’ll send you the love and light. 

Believe me, if you want an angel in human form, she’s your go to angel. 

Love, happiness and my deepest gratitude, please do spread the sunshine wherever you go !!


19 Feb 18


" PARI "as her name suggests means Angel.

When I was at the lowest and surrounded by situations where I felt restless ,God sent me an answer and that was Pari.

A soft gentle human being was there to comfort me, guide me and most of  all ready to listen patiently to that discomfort and fear which I had within me. Through her immense knowledge of spirituality  and her kind ways I today stand confident and nothing bothers me. Her workshops are as if an Earth Angel is sitting in front of you and parting knowledge with immese care. Today she is my priceless treasure which I hold with care & utmost affection for the years ahead. May Angellia rise up and touch the stars. God Bless you Pari with your loved ones.

19 Feb 18

Sonia Santos

What can I say about Pari? Well even though I haven’t been with her personally she has been a really good friend and has helped me through my toughest times. She is very empathetic and kind. I truly appreciate her guidance and wisdom. If anyone needs help and a mentor Pari is your girl! Thank you Pari once again for your support and love!

Blessings ????????

19 Feb 18

Yasmin Vatcha

Words NO WAY CAN EXPRESS how we feel about Pari.

Simplistically just has to meet her to experience how drop dead gorgeous she is !!  By way of being humane /professional nurturing/ empathetic  and above All a super soul

Excellent with what she does, I strongly recommend her to one and ALL 

19 Feb 18

Jitendra belani

i met Pari through a common frind when she has hosted Angles at her residence 2yrs back.... the 3day program at her place were very nice & I could experience goosebumps while doing the cord cutting secession with her.... she is just amazing & the energy at her place is just out of the world.... she is a true Angel guiding so manny people on her what’s app group & never I have heard a NO from her end.... she is always ready to help! Found my self very fortunate to have met this Angel in my life journey.... may god bless u Pari & give u immense amount of happiness & More strength to keep helping the needy soul like me who have lost there way!

19 Feb 18

Farah Vatcha

I met Pari as a colleague but little did i know that she would land up being one of my best friends. She introduced me to Angellia and i shall be eternally grateful to her for that. Pari is someone who does her angel work with so much sincerity and honesty it’s just beautiful to watch. Being in her presence is literally like being in the presence of the angels. She is a beautiful human being and has been there for me in my worst times and i could have asked for someone better to call my soul sister. Angellia is Pari and Pari is Angellia!! ????

16 Feb 18


I met Pari about a year back.I had no idea what to expect at that time but the moment I met her I felt so much at ease and comfort just talking to her as if I have known her since ages.She has always been there when I was at my worst and I have literally vented out all my emotions to her which I wouldn't otherwise with anyone.At time of need she has always been there sending me healing when in physical pain or texting me when I have needed some peace of mind.The amount of knowledge I have gained through her beautiful chat groups is incredible.I still wish to learn a lot from her and I hope that happens soon.Love You Pari..keep the good great and healing work of your going..

15 Feb 18

Shernaz Mistry

Dear Pari ! This is with immense gratitude that i would like to say to you that You were just there for me when i needed you the most !!! Pari,You have guided me,healed me,uplifted my spirit with encouraging words and have heard me out patiently without judging and have accepted me and loved me the way i am.You have not just healed me but You have healed my family too!!!

Thank You for being selfless and being You!!! The Angellia Healing Hands Group has taught me a lot !!!

May God Almighty and his lovely Angels be with you for eternity and Bless You and your loved ones immensely in every area of your life !!!

12 Feb 18


Difficult circumstances bring Angels into our lives. And if you need proof that Angels walk among us, look no further than this page filled with testimonials for Pari.


A beloved family member was in anguish due to health issues and we were bouncing from one doctor to another to find some relief. A common friend guided us to Pari and there began the healing process. A year and a half later, so many positive changes have affected our lives – all thanks to Pari’s healing and patient, dedicated guidance. Just being around her has a soothing, calming effect. She is compassion and generosity personified. Never judging, always listening, caring, gently guiding; openly sharing her knowledge and helping others to learn and progress in their craft, under her mentorship. Attending her workshops feels like someone opened up a door to the source of Light. You will never be the same. Transformation begins.


It is a privilege and a blessing to have you in our lives, Pari. We must have done something right to have YOU as our healer, teacher and friend. Grateful thanks for all that you have done, are doing and will be doing. May God and the Angels shower you with the highest and purest of blessings and may you always be surrounded by love! Gratitude and love to Pari and Angellia.

12 Feb 18

Nainaz Tengra

Pari came into my life at the moment I was at my lowest, she is a God's sent gift to me. While for everyone where they got to know Pari through someone or the other, for me she came as a neighbour, just next to me. It was like Angels way of saying I am going to be right besides you holding your hand all through out. Till then I was not aware of Angels at all. I did my first reading with Pari and she told me I have to start doing healing work, U absolutely had no clue what she was saying and if something like this can be in my scope. Except for just reading Past Life Regression therapies I had no other clue in the healing space and she mentioned, just be in a receptive mode and everything will come to you at the right time. From there on my journey began and I got immense knowledge from her not only in the Angels space but for overall to me becoming a better person.  Again there was a time in my life where I had no clue of what I need to do and once again she guided me, why don't I learn about Crystal Healing. After that there was no looking back, today people recognize me by my Crystal Healing work. I found my purpose of life and I am so glad that it's all turned out in such good shape for me and it's only because of this one person Pari who never fails to be there whenever I need her or even for anyone else. I can write loads here for her but I will stop here and express my wholehearted gratitude to her for being what she is and being a part of my life and for being so helpful to me and my family, specially for my ailing mother in law and making me the person I am today. God bless my dear Pari with all her heart's desires. 

12 Feb 18

Subhasri Prasad

i was guided to Pari by a friend, & since last 3 years i have been associated with her. A couple of my friends also met her to take guidance. It is through pari that i got to know about the angelic world & you have to experience it to believe the beauty & simplicity of the same.

thank you Pari for being the friend, philosopher & guide. Thank u for always being there when we need u????

11 Feb 18

Anihita Ginwalla

I have been associated with Pari & Angellia since 3 years. Pari has been my teacher, guide,  mentor and a very dear friend. She has always been patient, kind, and genuine and helpful in her dealings with others. Her very deep knowledge on Angels, and Spirituality is way beyond anyone I have encountered. Her knowledge is authentic and what I like about it is that whatever Pari has taught us in her workshops has been tried and tested by her so my trust and faith in her knows no bounds. She has always been there for her students answering our queries patiently and always pushing us further to rely on ourselves . She takes immense care to see that we have all understood what is taught and carry home with us genuine and authentic knowledge. Pari is none other than an incarnated Angel for me. May you always be Blessed Protected Loved & Revered by one and all you encounter. I wish you Love Light Abundance & Blessings from the Angels. 

11 Feb 18

Anihita Ginwalla

I have been associated with Pari & Angellia since 3 years. Pari has been my teacher, guide,  mentor and a very dear friend. She has always been patient, kind, and genuine and helpful in her dealings with others. Her very deep knowledge on Angels, and Spirituality is way beyond anyone I have encountered. Her knowledge is authentic and what I like about it is that whatever Pari has taught us in her workshops has been tried and tested by her so my trust and faith in her knows no bounds. She has always been there for her students answering our queries patiently and always pushing us further to rely on ourselves . She takes immense care to see that we have all understood what is taught and carry home with us genuine and authentic knowledge. Pari is none other than an incarnated Angel for me. May you always be Blessed Protected Loved & Revered by one and all you encounter. I wish you Love Light Abundance & Blessings from the Angels. 

11 Feb 18

Anahita Dhabhar

Pari as your name means Angel u r truly an Angel in my life. My life has changed so much aftee meeting u .Thanks for introducing me to the world of Angels nd other modalities like pendulun dowsing.Thanks for being there for me nd my family when we really needed it. God bless u with all the Happiness Success nd Prosperity. Luv u always .Ul always hv a special place in my hearr.

11 Feb 18

Jasmine Nargolwala

While I have yet to meet Pari, I am indebted to her for her guidance and for imparting her knowledge to others with a no holds barred attitude, despite the physical distance that separates us. She is ever willing to listen, help, and just talking to her makes you feel better. She is the embodiment of grace and virtue and a truly angelic soul resides in her body. Thank you dear Pari for being who you are. I can’t wait to meet you and hug you in person. Until then, you are my earth guide and I hold you in thought and prayer for your continued progress and advancement in the Angelic world !!

11 Feb 18

Jasmine Vatcha

Dearest Pari,                                           

Thank  you for being you .Thank you for always being there for those who have been under the weather and needed guidance.  Thank you for always sharing your wisdom and patiently answering questions that just don’t seem to click .

You are a friend one can always rely on . Pari thank you for being a part of our lives.God bless  you loads of success.

09 Feb 18

Zarine darukhanawalla

Dear Pari aka our Earth Angel....

All I can say is thank you for helping us find you! For guiding us to our soul purpose. For always sharing your wisdom. For patiently answering our endless questions....and the list goes on...

Continue to be YOU, dear Pari. The world needs more 'Paris'. Wish you loads of success & lots of love always??

09 Feb 18


My exexperien with Pari and her reading is bang on perfect ????. Sometimes it is unbeunbeliev and surprising.  I have always felt wonderful  just speaking to Pari. She is very knowledgeable and loves to impart the same with other people. I feel blessed to have kknow such a lovely person. 

28 Dec 15

Zeenat Lakdwalla

Pari as your name suggest you are an angel. I visited Pari's residence for the the angel hosting and right that moment I have been totally amazed by the way Pari interacts with the angels I am so fascinated with it. In the few days time I was guided to be part of the pendulum dowsing class conducted by Pari. It was such a wonderful experince to see the angels at work with Pari. I have been frequently been interacting with her when stuck with the dowsing and her guidance is so satisfying that you do not need to look any further.

I am so glad to have met you and YES to more angel workshops with you. 

Angel blessing to you dearest Pari

24 Oct 15

Anahita Dhabhar

Pari u r truly an earth angel. Always been there for me when I needed your guidance.All your workshops including the pendulum dowsing workshop conducted by u were awesome. The knowledge u shared was super.The materials provided were truly professional.Thank you Pari for everything I'm really grateful to God almighty nd angels for bringing u into my life.God bless u. Luv u.

27 Sep 15


I just attended Angellia's Pendulum Dowsing with Angels workshop and was pleasantly surprised  with the wealth of knowledge gained within these hours. It was conducted with utmost professionalism and a heart centered approach which is a trademark of Parizad's being. She has blended the two topics of Dowsing and Angels ingeniously, creatively and in an interesting manner.  I was also impressed with the high quality products and materials provided. It was such a well thought out,  planned and useful workshop that we all had a lot of fun and learnt so much. I am looking forward to many more workshops from her Centre for Advancement of Angelic Knowledge and congratulate her and Angellia for this progression. 

20 Sep 15

yasmin vatcha

Angelia is NOT JUST about following mainstream spirtual practices BUT an entire journey.

Knowing Pari not as a healer but a person...AN INDIVIDUAL as MY BEST BUDDY.... I realised that the key to this entire cycle IS NOT about giving tools and imparting knoweldge for our natural awakening but LIVING / EMPATHISING  & NURTURING the feeling with you to achieve optimum results

This is how I would de-code Pari's healing.  This is how I would de-code my hypnotic experience of Angellia !!!

May Angellia grow from strength to strength...May Angellia's next step towards ascension phase unfold rapidly

Superbly grateful for this platform in sharing my experience





16 Sep 15

Mansi Dharia

Pari is a true Earth angel. Her knowledge about angels is extensive but more so is her readiness to share that knowledge. She has a way with words that instantly relaxes you and makes all your problems seem small. Her angel hostings are treat not just to be close to angels but also the knowledge sharing that happens there. Yet to experience a reading with her... whatever she has shared with me has been spot on. Thank you Pari for opening up the world of Angels for me.

05 Sep 15


One of the most helpful person I have ever come across who offers herself from her heart, and wants nothing in return, is Parizad. Her creation, Angellia, portrays her soft, loving, giving and angelic quality to all those who come in contact with it, and her. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge she has about Angels, and it's application in this physical world. One of the most divine, celestial and magnificent times are her Angel Hosting days where just entering her home fills you with a sacred energy. 

Pari is also a gifted healer and taps on her intuitive abilities to give powerful healings and astonishingly accurate Angel readings. I have always come away from her readings impressed with her deep and perceptive insight.  An evolved soul, Pari radiates love and is an Angel blessing for all of us who know her.  Bless you. 

05 Sep 15


Parizad you truly are the daughter of an angel. I met you at a time when I was trying to cope with the loss of a good job and complete financial break. You transformed my life. Life throws challenges at me but with your advice and guidance I'm sailing through with ease. Your analysing power is simply outstanding. Your angel hosting events are like experiencing magic,miracles and mingling with the angels from the divine universe. Your angel Sessions bring about a sense of fulfillment and experiencing a whole new perspective to the drama called life and also understanding the divine ways of the angelic realms. Heartfelt gratitude for being mine and my family's earth angel.

No one understands angels and their mystical working ways better than you. 

We are blessed and we wish you pinnacle of success in your divine endeavours. 

Love and light to Angellia!!!


05 Sep 15

Anahita Dhabhar

Pari my darling u r one of the most amazing person I have met nd my earth angel.Meeting u was divinely guided by angels which I realised later.It was u who introduced me to the world of angels nd my life has changed for the better since then.U r my friend philosopher nd guide Love u nd may god angels bless u

04 Sep 15

Rashmi Panchal

Pari is a darling angel. She has helped me with so many issues. Her angel reading & guidance is awesome. She's done wonderful face reading of my daughter & helped me to understand her better. God bless u Pari...may u be successful in showing light n love to people always.

04 Sep 15

Spinaz pai

It's Pari who introduced me to the world of angels. I met pari 3 years back  during the angel hostings which she holds twice a year... What an experience!my entire family is in love with this earth angel .. Her angel card readings are bang on.. The way she explains everything is simple and easy to follow. I really thank god and my friend Yasmin for introducing me to Parizad Irani.. God bless  u 😘

02 Sep 15

Monesha Chaudhary Aversare

Pari... Truly an Earth Angel, one of the most amazing loving person I have met. Just meeting and speaking with her can make you forget all the life challenges. You go back into your real world with renewed energy and saying "Bring it on... I am ready". Her understanding of Angels is superb... I thought that Pari would help me connect with Angels however after meeting her I realised that Angels have always been with me. Thanks Pari for all the love, understanding and time that you give everyone... Love you... May God bless you always...

13 Aug 15


Hey Parizad...

Beautiful and energetic logo...

Simple and straight forward profile...

Life caught up with me has scope for improvisation...see again, you surely would be able to better it further...

God bless you with grand success and a wonderful journey...

Love and Light...

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Parizad Irani 05 Sep 2015 10:53 PM

This is a guided auto drawn pencil image of Angel Zephyrine, the governing angel of the ancient angelic language called Zibu. She holds a sphere with all the zibu symbols in it. 

Please do call upon this angel for help when working with Zibu symbols.

Loads of love and angel blessings,

Parz and Angellia.

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