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Dilpreet Kaur Bedi

I am Tarot Reader, a Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader. Even as a Child, I was fond of reading about Zodiac Signs and Mysticism. I was very intuitive even as a child and would share my intuitive understanding of things with friends, which somehow would always turn out to have truth centred in it. At a point in life, when I was going through major life lessons, I became very drawn to Tarot and started doing intuitive readings for family and friends. They were surprised with the accuracy of the reading and how I would look at things unsaid. My Cousin Brother-In-Law, inspired me to take this up as he saw my happiness every time I would do the readings. That was a turning point and I never really looked back. 

Heal Your Life Philosophy happened to me at another Turning point. I picked up the book You Can Heal Your Life at a Train Station in Kolkata and couldn't put the book down. I worked with the exercises in the book and did a lot of mirror work and more. It gave me a new perspective on my life experiences so far. I healed a lot in my life, my troubled relationship with my parents, my relationship with my partner who I eventually married. I have manifested so much good in my life. I am constantly in a space of Gratitude and that has allowed me to create miracles in my life. I now see the world differently. Every individual has the power to choose the experiences the want to create in their lives. But the place to begin is Self Love,  it is a catalyst for changes in all areas. When you Love yourself, you let go of all your limiting beliefs for you no longer need them to fill a hole. When you love yourself you choose to see yourself as a powerful being whose thoughts are creative, and that brings you in alignment with your Inner Being. Being in the vortex becomes more easy and life starts to flow. . 

I see a vision of all that you can be and become, for you already are Light Being, your essence is Love. I merely hold that vision for you and guide you on the path of self discovery and self love. 


Certification in Tarot (2007)

Reiki Master (2009)

Angel Healing Teacher (2013)

Heal Your Life Workshop Leader (2014)

Heal Your Life Coach (2018)

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06 Apr 19


My association with Dilpreet has been an extremely fulfilling and positive experience. It was almost like the universe sent me a guiding star in form of Dilpreet. Her Tarot readings have been absolutely to the point and helped me a lot in taking major life decisions. Meditation sessions led by her have also been very fulfilling. I would recommend her for anyone who is looking for some source of affirmations in life. 

20 Mar 19


shes a positive thinker and encourages everyone to think positive and appreciate life!

19 Mar 19

Geetu Talwar

Dilpreet is a great and inspiring self made girl...I really appreciate her counselling  and healing power..Her readings  are amazing. I Met her wid the help of my friend...Now she is my great friend...Healer ...she helped me alot during my bad days of life.....Thanks Dilpreet

19 Mar 19

Pallavi Prakash Kumar

Dilpreet has always been a guiding lamp in helping me live a holistic life, more on my spiritual growth. The two days workshop with her was awakening and life-changing. I worked on my inhibitions the two days workshop with her. She beautifully leads group book reading sessions, currently reading books You can heal your life, Law of Attraction (Hay House published books) in a group. I had read You Can Heal Your Life once but reading in the group with her is helping understand the book better and deeper.

She also conducts a group meditation session every day at twice a day which is free of cost. I thank her from the deepest centre of my heart. My warm regards always with her. I have seen exponential growth in every area of my life after meeting her and taking some courses from her.

19 Mar 19

Manisha Chaudhary

Dilpreet is a very beautiful soul. I came to know about her through Facebook. The first guided meditation session which I attended was a total bliss. Infact my 10 yrs old son also loves the meditation session which she conducts specially for kids. 

Her tarot reading are so accurate. My 30 min tarot session lasted for 1.5 hrs. She patiently listened and makes you totally relaxed. 

Now a days she is doing meditation sessions twice a day. After the session, one feels energised and positive.

She is like an angel for me who is there to give me solutions whenever I m in a fix .

19 Mar 19

Lakshay Shikhar

Dilpreet is a miraculous healer. I realised so much just after a one to one session. It's really important for us to understand that we are stuck and we do have beliefs running in our subconscious which we are not aware of. These beliefs might be pulling us back and hindering our progress. After Dilpreet's guidance,  I have been very positive and happy from the inside. And so for,  things are actually working out for me. 


Dilpreet also conducts two session on affirmations everyday. And this is helping me immensely. Saying good things to yourself everyday is the best thing you should do. And these sessions are extremely helpful. 

I would highly recommend her sessions. Try one session ,  you would know it yourself. 

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