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Ashna Ddhannak

Ashna Ddhannak is the MD & CEO -  " ENLIGHTENING LIFESTYLE " ( Miind Wellness Boutiique ) . 

She is also a Holistic Life Coach, Intutive Guide and a Metaphysical Philosopher with more than 15 + years of experience in Hospitality, Wellness & Spas, Holistic Mentoring & Coaching, Enterpreneurship.

On her journey of self discovery and personal growth, Ashna has evolved spiritually and transformed herself with amazing courage, strength and conviction through the healing art of reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

She has Coached / Mentored several Individuals & Families around the world.

Her Mind Wellness Boutique offers various Holistic Lifestyle Solutions, Remedies & Services along with Retail Products of own Brand, including Holistic Lifestyle Perfumes, Aromatic Oils, Bath Salts, Incense Sticks, Fire Space clearing Rituals & lots more…

She is also a  Writer with the REPORTHER WOMEN’S MAGAZINE ( India’s First all Women’s Newspaper) & a  PANELIST with the BE ATTRACTIVE MAGAZINE & Former Writer with the Bliss Equity Magazine.

LIFE COACH CONSULTANT with the LINEOLOGY – Clairvoyant Readers - On Line App…

LICENCED COACH For  Conducting Louise Hay’s Workshops in India & Dubai

Speaker For SHUBH VAASTU at Light Workers Lifestyle Festival - 2015

Co – Authored in the Book – DEAR DAD ( Only Author from India for Letters to Dad ) 2013

She has won several awards & accolades in her work sphere & have work has been featured & covered under various International Magazines . 

She also has her own YOU TUBE Channel  -   Enlightening Lifestyle – Business Profile Video Link Attached -


 Business Profile – Enlightening Lifestyle - 

Valentine Talk Show – 2017                         

Women’s Day Special – 2017 -

New Year Inspirational Talk – 2017 -

Personal Blog sites -                                                                                   

Website :

Previous Experience

Worked with International Hotels in the Wellness Sector as the Head Of The Department in India & Dubai UAE for more than 15 years....

Featured in – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2010

Featured Interview with SPA GENIE DUBAI  - SPA TALK With ASHNA DDHANNAK 2011

Featured in SAUDI GAZETTE – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2012

Featured in GULFNEWS – STYLE & GLAMOUR – Wellness & Spa Feature - 2012

Featured in ZEE T.V. Shoot – Hospitality Show 2013

Featured in Curiosity MIDDLE EAST – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013 - 

Featured in TRAV – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013

Featured in Digital TTG – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013

Featured in Dubai City Info – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013

Featured in E- Global Travel Media – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013

Features in Marketing PRO JUNCTION DUBAI – Wellness & Spa Feature – 2013

Featured in GO – Wellness & Spa Feature - 2013

Featured in HOTELIER MIDDLE – Spa Experts comment on Industry Trends  2014

Featured in ARABIAN – Industry Trends on Holistic therapies - 2014    


" NAARI SHAKTI AWARD " October 2017 by The Stree Astitva Event in collabration with All Ladies  League India

WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARDS  - April 2017 by Young  Environmentalists Programme for the BEST WOMAN  ENTERPRENUER OF THE YEAR AWARD

THE WRITEher AWARD @ THE REPORTHER AWARD SHOW 2017 for consistent support of Articles

WOW - Personality Award - December 2016 by the Bliss Equity Lifestyle Magazine

WOW - ( Winners Of Worth ) Life Time Achievement Award MAY 2016 by the BLISS EQUITY LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 

STYLE DIVA PLATINUM AWARD Winner 2016 for Color Therapy at the 3rd ISHMA Spiritual & Wellness Leadership awards 

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Winner at the Astroo World Awards 2015 

Wellness Guru Award 2015 for Vaastu  

Gold Award winner 2nd annual ISHMA Spiritual Wellness & Leadership awards as a Master Trainer in Qosmic Readings

Gold Award Winner 2nd annual ISHMA Spiritual Wellness & Leadership awards as a Master in Numerology

Gold Award Winner 2nd annual ISHMA Spiritual Wellness & Leadership awards as a Master in Shubh Vaastu  

BEST SPA MANAGER / DIRECTOR AWARD – MEDSPA Middle East SPA AWARDS 2011 at the Hotel Show – The World Trade Centre 



Being a certified professional in the below mentioned new age healing modalities, Ashna has continuously been supportive and passionate to help people to tap into their highest potential and to live life each day with joy and fulfilment through her spiritual guidance and holistic solutions.  

Vastu Shastra consultant
Spiritual Life coaching
Bach Flower Remedies
Crystal and Chakra Healing
Colour Therapy


Bach Flower Therapy

Sound Healing

Emotional Empowerment Technique

Spiritual Tarot Cards

Angel Guidances

Workshop leader for "Heal Your Life" workshops - Louise Hay philosophy

Train the Trainer for Personality Development


Reviews & Testimonials

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04 Jan 18

Shalu Shah

Have come across Ashna Dhannak, who is a very genuine personality and who is honest upto the level of beyond imagination....

Her company makes me calm and serene and I feel her prescence as a divine feel in my space...

When I was surrounded with many questions from life...she entered into my life and answered and solved most of my concerns in the most simplest way...

My life after meeting her, has become a easy go ride ...and I fallen in deep love with myself...

Her Holistic modalities and products which includes aromatic perfumes, oils, crystals, Incenses, Bath Salts and various other Majical tools have transformed my life on a 360 degree turn...

Her Readings and Predictions are accurate like a bull's eye ....which helped me to balance every walk of my life...

I have become completely positive and I am full of Gratitude to the universe for gifting me Ashna Ddhannak in my life and her Divine Majical world of Enlightening Lifestyle...

I will strongly recommend to personally experience her Divine world, which will help you to easily overcome the challenges of life and lead you towards the world that you always dreamt of...

Regards - Shalu Shah





26 Dec 17

Sonal Arora

Hello Everyone....

I wanna thank Ashna Ji to give me the KUBERAKSSHI MAA LAKSHMI Incence Sticks... It has really proved beneficial for me as I have been receiving abundance in different ways....Its Fragrance just fills my mind & house with great positivity... I just cant wait to get other fragrances toooo....

TYSM Ashna ..... !!!!!!

26 Dec 17

Alka Shah

Today is Merry Christmas !!!

And Santa has given me the best ever gift in my life that's a Friend & Life Coach named -  Ashna Ddhannak

Ashna give me today a price less ANMOL gift in my life to come out from my inner guilt & my lack of confidence to make a decision which is always right for my future life & to leave in present life..... It's Mind Blowing , Powerful , Amazing Energy & it refreshed my complete life & gave a 360 degree turn to it.. 

I'm so thankful to her for such a wonderful experience in my life to attend her workshop for Inner Child called - " ENLIGHTENING MAJIICAL CHAMBERRS"

I'm so thankful to you dear God, Santa & Ashna for a such a wonderful day in my life

12 Dec 17

Devv Chandra

My name is Devv Chandra and I am an Author of the Book Called – “NEELA AAKASH” and also a Rudraksha Therapist. I have known Ms. Ashna Ddhannak since last three to four years now in her capacity as a Spiritual Coach & Healer. We came into contact due to our respective professions.

My experience with Ashna can be termed as Ashna the healer, Ashna, the therapist, Ashna, the Spiritual guide, Ashna, the Tarot & Angel Card reader & Ashna, the Bach Flower Therapist. Recently, I consulted her as a Bach Flower Therapist. Due to my profession, I have come across quite a few Bach Flower Therapists. But, my experience with Ashna in this regard was something that I had never come across. Her approach to the client is unmatched. It would not be an exaggeration if I may say that the methodology is unparallel. As a client, initially I was made to feel at home and then was encouraged to answer a bunch of questions put across by her with utmost ease. I appreciate her patience in getting to the depth of my problems. She seemed in absolutely no hurry to wrap-up the session with me even though she had to attend to her other clients who were waiting outside her cabin. That is what I call professionalism.  Surely, this is the result of her expertise, experience and mastery over the subject.

It was only after getting to the root of my problems, that she suggested the required mix of Flower extracts based on Bach Flower Therapy. She has devised her own set of questions and Journal for the feedback and ultimate effects of the Therapy.

I wish her all the very best and a thumbs-up for the well established norms of self-less service !!!

Devv Chandra

09 Dec 17

Seema Panjwani

Dear Ashna


I want to thank personally today u have changed my world.Im stànding as an independent woman.Yes I have made my dreams come true.


Ashna I remember when i came to you two years back i was struggling with my life personal problems financially career was not stable i was changing jobs constantly in 6 months.I was emotionally disturbed with my family problems.


Ashna, you came as an Angel in my life. I want to tell that I have struggled in the Real Estate Industry for 3 years in Marketing Sector & as u predicted ,it came true,  finally I am  now stable with my job with better package as u so accurately predicted. I have booked my dream home and as u suggested the healing crystals, they have really helped me alot in terms of becoming Fearless, Confident & gaining the power of decision making. After using your Aromatherapy Fragrances I got a complete shift in a positive direction and a lovely feeling towards starting life over again.

Your predictions has changed my life & very accurately the things have happened & you taught me to live in a positive attitude.

Last but not the least, I have found love & am planning to settle in US by March 2018 again as u predicted.

Genuinenly Heartly Thanks to your investment and your kind predictions.

God Bless U ...Be there with me Always ...Your Encourgement, Motivation and Predictions is my Innovation today.



Seema Panjwani

Transcon Developers 

Sales and Marketing Manager 

+ 91 9833746380

09 Dec 17

Kketan Amarnath Waghmare

I wasn’t fascinated or intrigued with tarot as a long as I remember, until a few years back, when a colleague of mine told me that she is a Tarot Reader herself.And that was my very 1st brush with Tarot & with Ashna not just as a colleague but as a Tarot Reader.

I had not told her anything about myself beforehand, and yet with every spread of cards she explained to me perfectly described all aspects of my life and my plans for the next year. I was honestly skeptical as I took in the reading until it actually unfolded as Ashna had predicted. What I liked about her is her calming aura & the soothing approach during the reading which puts you at complete ease. Ashna’s readings are not only about sugar coated rosy future happening’s, but also about a few cautious steps & the remedial action to be taken therein as a preventive measure.

Having experienced her readings in almost over a 2 year time frame and post self-introspection on the same did I actually pause & realise the accuracy of it as predicted by Ashna. More open to Tarot now myself, my readings by Ashna were again accurate & provided me an insight into my immediate future with timelines provided. Having surpassed the given time frame, was once again amazed by the sheer accuracy of her reading and the meticulous insight that she has in the art of Tarot reading. I can strongly recommend her ;as between over a period of years & my 1st ever Tarot reading with her in 2008 I have also utilized services of several other Tart readers, however it would be grossly unfair if I compare Ashna’s bang-on accurate readings to the other so called readers.

I know without a doubt that Ashna is a rare gem. Her loving yet tongue-in-cheek approach made for an awesome experience.

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