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13 Years

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Hindi, Marathi, English

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10am to 6pm

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Aditi Nirvaan

I am specialized in Nutritive Psychology, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Training from some of the world known institutes. With 12 years of extensive therapy and healing work under me, I support my clients and workshops participants in creating a deep transformation from the very core of their being. This allows them to create a life, body, career and relationships from a space of integrity, joy and well being. 

Balancing and harmonizing the physical body through nourishing foods, pleasurable experiences, and syncing it with a mind that is alert and aware, along with emotional inventory and release to allow the true spirit to emerge and play in this lifetime. 

I offer my wisdom and experience of the past 12 years in areas such as
Reversing effects of stress on mind-body-emotions, Weight Management, Body Image Issues, Eliminating Toxic Beliefs Systems, Chronic Dieting, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating, Chronic Fatigue, Nutritive Management, Mindfulness in areas of the Self, Money, Work, Relationships, Sex; Positive Goal Setting through one on one life coaching, Emotional Inventory and Release, Self Introspective Work, Shadow Work, Daily Mindfulness Tools to improve your life; Managing Relationships, the Joy of Sex, Raising Kids Differently and much more. 

With over 3000 clients around the world over the past 12 years combined with my own journey of breakthroughs and spiritual growth, I look forward to supporting you in your pursuit of what is in your highest benefit. 

I am also a painter, potter, writer, paragliding pilot and former classical dancer. I keep myself physically fit through various forms of movement such as Dance, Swimming, Running and Tabata. My mental and emotional fitness through mindfulness work and various emotional therapies I practice. I do believe that living from the best possible version of me can be the greatest gift I can be for another.  


Previous Experience

Prior to therapy and healing work, I spent 8 years in the corporate world in Marketing. I worked with companies like AIG, Star TV, Times of India, Oberoi, Accor Group of Hotels and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 

My spiritual journey spans over 14 years and includes various teachings of the Advaita path, Vipassana, Mindfulness and Active Meditation techniques. 


Professional Mind Body Eating Mentor and Coach

Nutritive and Eating Psychology

Mindfulness Training 

Positive Psychology 

Bach Flower Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression

Qi Gong

Tai Chi

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11 May 18

Anita sachdev

Aditi your session had content had Claire and focused in topics without overwhelming us.  Some of tips and dos and don't were excellent and good reminders. Keep going... Anita

11 May 18


Thanks Aditi for the insights on WhatsApp grouo.I did the breathing excercise & self love;mirror excercises.Found them interesting & also soothing for mind;body & soul.All the best for your journey & thanks once again

10 May 18

Dr Radha

She is a superb mind body healer.Her vibes are very infectious.Excellent healer.

03 May 18

Shilpa Nainani

Aditi is an extremely intuitive and a very helpful & supportive coach. I have approached her for most of my challenges and not once have I been disappointed. She is always willing to help and shows you a different and a pleasant persperctive to life. She is a listener and a healer par excellence. As I remain in gratitude to her for her immense contribution, I also wish that may many more benefit from her knowledge and wisdom 

02 May 18

Shalini Gaba

Aditi came into my life when I was on the verge of a breakdown,lest I realised that besides my first call of  holding my space with her effective listening skills I would also be getting engaged with a professional who would be helping and monitoring me closely too.

Slowly things started shifted and  swiftly with easy techniques and information snippets that she shared on choice meal plans,fitness routine and a structured daily discipline structure.Sooner I bounced back to feeling confident about myself,the brain fog that I suffered few days back vanished and my thinking became clearer at work and in all areas of my life.

I started viewing things objectively and more important have been able to stay hooked to consistent motivation and direction that I received on my progress.She is a coach but like a hawk,and that's what I need at this moment.A programme with a soul and big yes for me,thank U Aditi and best wishes onwards.

01 May 18


I am glad & grateful to have met Aditi at the right moment and for the clear and concise advise she had for me.

Aditi is nothing short of a magician when she manages to grasp your issue/problem in just a few minutes of talking with you and offers simple insights and solutions which you couldnt have figured out yourself.

You rock Aditi! Please continue your awesome work and shine always.

Lots of Love & Gratitude.......


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